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  1. Maths

    A man walks at a steady course bearing 122 degrees from A to B. If A is 86 m further west than B, find (to the nearest metre) how far the man has walked.
  2. Maths

    If sin x = 2/3 and cos y = 3/4, find the exact value of sin ( x + y ).
  3. Maths

    5x / x^2+1 less then or equal to x. Please someone help help been stuck on it for a while and I have an exam tommorrow. Any help is greatly appreciated
  4. Maths

    On a clear day, you can see 11.5 km in any direction from a particular lookout. If a straight road is 6.9 km from the lookout, what length of the road can be seen from the lookout?
  5. Maths

    Factorise x^4-x^2y-6y^2 Thanks to whoever solves it
  6. Maths

    The length and width of a rectangular projector screen in a small theatre is 200% more than the length and width of a television screen in the same room. How much bigger is the area of the screen than that of the television? Give your answer as a percentage.
  7. Maths

    When I was not a king, he was subject to me. Now I am a king I am in jubject to him. Who am I?
  8. Maths

    How do you factorise x^4-x^2y-6y^2
  9. Maths

    Factorise 8x^2 - 1/8
  10. Maths

    If both the hour hand and the minute hand start at the same position at 12 o'clock, when is the first time, correct to a fraction of a minute, that the two hands will be together again?
  11. Chemistry

    Okay. PV = nRT ATM * 2.3L = n (0.08205)(282k) How do I do “n”?
  12. Chemistry

    Help please???
  13. Chemistry

    Calculate the number of molecules in a deep breath of air whose volume is 2.25L at body temperature, 37 Celsius, and a pressure of 735 torr. Answer is 5.15 x 10^22 molecules. Help me!
  14. Trig

    a ship leaves port at 12:00 noon sailing at a bearing 193° measured clockwise from north. if the ship sails 20 knots, how many nautical miles south and how many nautical miles west will the ship have traveled by 6:00pm?
  15. Maths

  16. Maths

    How much do you need to subtract from 43/10 to make 4?
  17. Math

    2x^3 + x^2 - 5= 0 x=? What is the process I must do in order to get the answer?
  18. Math

    Thank you, but how you made that? What was the process?
  19. Math

    2x^3 + x^2 - 5= 0 x=? Is this possible to solve?
  20. Math

    Find the rule for these ordered pair: (1,4) (2,6) (3,9) and (4,13)
  21. chemistry

  22. physical science

    an object has 2.0x 10^19 more electrons than protons. What is the net electric charge of this object in coulomb?
  23. physical science

    a cars radio draws 0.25 A of current in the autos 12 volt electrical system. How much power in watts does the radio use?
  24. Physics

    There is a rectangle of length 1.40 cm and width 6.10 cm in the xy-plane. If the electric field can be expressed by (100.[^(i)] +234 [^(k)]) N/C, what is the flux through the rectangle?
  25. Science

    Electric circuit with three cells each of emf 2v and negligible internal resistances are connected in series with an ammeter two resistors of resistance 2 and 6 and a key. 1. Draw a diagram for the above information 2.calculate the current in the circuit when the key is closed
  26. Math

    Paul is standing at the bottom of a hill that is 150 meters high. He measures the angle of the elevation of the top of the hill to be 32 degrees. If the slope of the hill is constant, how far will his walk to the top of the hill be
  27. Math

    A pair of pants costs twice as much as a shirt. The total cost of 1 1 pair of pants and 1 1 shirt is $18 $18 . If s represents the cost of 1 1 shirt, which equation could you use to find the cost of 1 1 shirt?
  28. Math

    The grade 5 class sold cheese for a fundraiser. What fraction of the orders did each of the four students take
  29. Science

    It takes a force of 22 N to push a 10 kg box horizontally with a constant velocity over concrete. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the concrete? My guess is 10 kg/22 N = 0.4545 but I'm not sure if you have to take in account vertical forces ...
  30. Finite Math Help Please!!!

    Finite Math Help Please!!! Can someone help me ? I am confused about this Problem? Median Quartile 1 (Q1) Quartile 3 (Q3) for boxplot 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Data
  31. Physics

    The radial line is in line with the string on the diagram and is going out from the block. The angle is in between the radial line and the block.
  32. Physics

    A 0.630 kg wooden block is spun around on a wooden table. The wooden block is being spun around on a 2.00 m long massless wire. The wooden block has air being pushed out behind it causing a thrust force of 3.30 N. The air is being pushed out at 70.0° from the radial line ...
  33. Math

    A 2 digit even number is divided by 5. The quotient is a 1 digit even number. What are all the 2 digit numbers that fit this description ?
  34. Physics

    You are on a new planet and want to know the acceleration due to gravity. You take a ball and kick it at an angle of 26.0° at a speed of 21.0 m/s. If the ball is in the air for 7.30 s, what is the magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity?
  35. Math

    Write and solve a real- world problem that can be solved using the expression 3/4 divided by 1/6?
  36. Physics

    Sam and Terry find a 30.0 m deep wishing well and decide to make a wish. Terry throws a penny down the well at 3.00 m/s and Sam throws a penny up in the air at the same speed. If they threw them at the same time, how much time would there be between splashes?
  37. math

    in a grain bin 90' in diameter 130'tall how many bushel of grain at 1.2445 cubic feet per bushel will the bin hold?
  38. Physical science

    flammability is a material’s ability to burn in the presence of? A)hydrogen B)nitrogen C)oxygen D)carbon dioxide I think the answer is A am i right?
  39. Government

    which of the following is an example of the principle of checks and balances? A)President can veto an act of congress. B)Members of congress have the power to raise their own salaries C)Federal courts have the power to hear cases involving federal law D)President can appoint ...
  40. Social Studies

    I got a 100% on this 1 D 2.A 3 B 4 B 5 C 6 C 7 B 8 C 9 C 10 A
  41. chemistry

    ?Fe(2+)+?NO3(-)+H(+)==》No+Fe(3+)+H2O What's the balanced equation?
  42. Chemistry

    A 25g piece of an unknown metal alloy at 150 degrees Celsius is dropped into an insulated container with 200 g of ice. Calculate the specific heat capacity of the metal, given that 9.0 g of ice melted. How would you work this out?
  43. Spanish

    Can someone who is good at Spanish (or fluent) please proofread these short stories I'm writing for my Spanish class? I am at a borderline grade right now, and if I can get a good grade on this assignment I can get pushed up to an "A". Thank you so much to ...
  44. LA

    2. Read the passage. What technique is the author using to develop point of view? "Though zoos are meant to be a joy to viewers and teach lessons about our earth, the zoo jails its inhabitants and passes on faulty knowledge." a. state a claim b. persuasive language c...
  45. Language Arts, can anyone check?

    OMG, plz?
  46. Language Arts, can anyone check?

    1. Which statement is shared by both "Zoos: Joys or Jails?" and "Why Do We Need Zoos?" a. clearly stated claim b. humorous introduction c. unsupported facts d. one-sided argument 23 Read the passage. What technique is the author using to develop point of ...
  47. Math

    Help Please. A wireless phone company offers two plans. In one plan, there is a monthly fee of $40 and a charge of $0.25 per minute. In the other plan, there is monthly fee of $25 and a charge of $0.40 per minute. For what number of minutes are the costs equal?
  48. Social Studies

  49. Calculus

    Linear Approximation Function is y=x2 . Take three points, x=2, x=3, x=4. Approximate this function at these three points for a deviation Δx =0.1. Which of the three points does the approximation works best? Which point does it works worst?
  50. ELA

    This presentation should consist of 5 Gerund sentences (subject, subject complement, direct object, indirect object, and object of the preposition) 2 participles - (1 with an auxiliary verb and 1 as an adjective) 4 infinitives (subject, direct object, adjective, adverb) - with...
  51. Science

  52. Math

    Is this the answer to 3/4% of 75: 0.5625
  53. Math

    Oh sorry. That was my answer to my math problem: Name a fraction between 1/4 and 5/16. So was it right
  54. Math

    For this question 3/4% of 75 would I change 3/4 to a decimal and put it over 100?
  55. Calculus

    Which of the following integrals represents the volume of the solid formed by revolving the region bounded by y=x^3, y=1, and x=2 about the line y=10? a) pi*∫from (8-1) of (10-y)(2-y^(1/3))dy b) pi*∫ from (1-2) of (81-(10-x^3)^2)dx c)2pi*∫from (1-8) of y(2-y...
  56. Math

    A football is punted. Its height, H metres is given by the quadratic relation with equation: H = -5t2 + 21t, where t is the time in seconds after the punt. I tried to do this question on a test but I just ran out of time How is the easiest and quickest way to do this? ...
  57. Physics

    Beam supported by a rope that can rotate about a hinge. The beam is supported by a rope attached 1.00 meter from the end of the beam. The beam has a mass of 10.0 kg and is 6.00 meters long. The rope makes a 60degree angle. What is the tension in the rope? What is the magnitude...
  58. Pre-calculus

    A surveyor standing 62 meters from the base of a building measures the angle to the top of the building and finds it to be 38°. The surveyor then measures the angle to the top of the radio tower on the building and finds that it is 45°. How tall is the tadio tower?
  59. algebra

    sket the graph of each linear inequality y<-7/3x+4
  60. Calculus - Rate of Change

    Can someone explain how to solve this problem? Sand is being dumped on a conveyor belt onto a pile in such a way that the pile forms in the shape of a cone whose radius is always equal to its height. Assuming that the sand is being dumped at a rate of 10 cubic feet per minute...
  61. Calculus

    How do the constants 5, 4, and 12 in f(x) = 5x^2 - 4x + 12, affect the derivative? Thanks!
  62. Computer Architecture/Assembly Question - Amdahl's

    Can someone show me how to solve this problem? For a program that is 70% parallelizable, what will be the speedup relative to a uniprocessor from running it on a 4,8, and 16 way multiprocessor assuming perfect load balancing. Thanks!
  63. Literacy 2

    which of the following questions should you ask to help determine suitability of a source? A. why was the source not in a database B. Are there any images C. How many pages does the source have D. Who authored the source
  64. English

    Select the letter of the term that identifies the function of the phrase in parentheses in the following sentence: One goal is (to see potato-starch food boxes rather than Styrofoam ones). a. adjective e. object of a preposition b. adverb f. direct object c. subject g. ...
  65. Algebra 2

    a company plans to sell embroidered hats for $15. the company's financial planner estimates that the cost, y, of manufacturing the hats is a quadratic function with a y-intercept of 7,920 and a vertex of (150, 9,000). what is the minimum number of hats the company must ...
  66. Calculus

    Given h(x)=(6x^2+x)/x , find h'(0)
  67. Calculus - Derivative

    The curve is given by x^2+2r(sqrt(y))=xy What is dx/dy when r is constant?
  68. college precalculus

    thank you
  69. college precalculus

    find the sum of the infinite geometric series 1/3^6+1/3^8+1/3^10+1/3^12........ -100/9+10/3-1+3/10
  70. physics

    I don't know the answer
  71. Algebra 1

  72. basic programming principles

    Select case marCode case “S” display “Single” case “D” display “Divorced” case “M” display “Married” case “W” display “Widowed” case else display ”Incorrect” endselect
  73. math

    For what values of k does the line y= x + k pass through the circle defined by x^2 + y^2 = 25 at: 2 points? 1 point? 0 points? I found the discriminant: 100- 4k^2 but i don't know how to find for each of the points
  74. Calc

    Find the linearization of f(x)=cos(x)-sin(2x) at x = 0.
  75. Chemisty

    5E6/2260=2.21g then converted 2.21g to 0.00221L 0.00221X958.4= 2.119064
  76. Chemisty

    I mean 958.4 kg/m3 from 100°C
  77. Chemisty

    water density is 0.9584 L from 100°C
  78. Chemisty

    So the mass H20 would be 5E6/2260 X 2260 = 5E6 grams?
  79. Chemisty

    Would I need to multiply this to get the mass? (2.26*10^6)(5*10^6)
  80. Chemisty

    How many litres of water at 100°C are vaporized by the addition of 5.00 MJ of heat
  81. Math

    I would disagree because each method is different but u do come up with the same answer.
  82. matter and energy

    so is the answer 316 joules?
  83. matter and energy

    thanks dr.bob
  84. matter and energy

    how much heat must be added to 5.0 g of solid lead at 30 degrees celcius to convert it to liquid lead at the melting point?
  85. PhysicsI

    A puddle holds 150 g of water. If 0.50 g of water evaporates from the surface, what is the approximate temperature change of the remaining water? (Lv = 540 cal/g)
  86. PhysicsI

    A windowpane is half a centimeter thick and has an area of 1.0 m2. The temperature difference between the inside and outside surfaces of the pane is 15° C. What is the rate of heat flow through this window? (Thermal conductivity for glass is 0.84 J/s×m×°C.)
  87. Algebra

    25% DECREASE
  88. math

    If 1/8" = 30' how many fractions of an inch is 24'
  89. jacksonville


    I obtained: a) 0.86 atm b) 5503.4 Pa c) 7% But all are wrong and I don't know why!!! And I have only one submission more. Please help!!!
  91. Physics Classical Mechanics Help ASAP

    Thanks a lot!!!
  92. Physics Classical Mechanics Help ASAP

    Greco, thanks a lot!! I obtained this results for the problem above. a) 0.26 b) 54715.5 c) I am not sure
  93. Physics Classical Mechanics Help ASAP

    If you have a) you only need to rest from b) ..... but I am continue suffering with a) did you replace all the values without converting to other unid system???
  94. Physics Classical Mechanics Help ASAP

    Thanks a lot abc, and what about a) and b) I did it again and now I obtained a)0.83 atm b)3061.5 Pa But it's my last chance and I am not sure......
  95. Physics Classical Mechanics Help ASAP

    I obtained: a) 0.86 atm b) 5503.4 Pa c) 7% But all are wrong and I don't know why!!! And I have only one submission more. Please help!!!
  96. Physics Classical Mechanics Help ASAP

    Please help with this exercise, is the only one that I need......please.
  97. calculus hw

    so it should be 5/12+8/3=37/12?
  98. calculus hw

    What is the area bounded by y=x^2 and y=x^3-2x?
  99. science

    What can be inferred after performing the experiments in the Atomic Theory lab?
  100. Chemistry

    What molecular formula can you deduce from a mass spectrometry of 156 m/z. And how do you get that formula? Steps on how to get the formula is much appreciated! Thanks!
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