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A company with a fleet of 150 cars found that the emission systems of 7 out of 22 they tested failed to meet pollution control guidelines. Is this strong evidence that more than 20% of the fleet might be out of compliance? You are writing the null and alternative hypotheses. ...

The business college computing center wants to determine the proportion of business students who have laptop computers. If the proportion exceeds 35%, then the lab will scale back a proposed enlargement of its facilities. Suppose 200 business students were randomly sampled and...

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Math 3
If you want to be eligible for partial credit, please show your work. Solve the following system of equations using any method. y=1/2x+3 y=1/3x-2 Try substituting the equations. if y=1/3x-2, then 1/3x-2 = 1/2x+3 Solve for x, then plug your solution in for y Does x=4 and y=2 No...

Math 2
You should make two selections from the list below. Which two of the four equations represents parallel lines? 2x - 3y = -10 6x - 9y = 15 3x + 2y = 10 9x + 6y = 30 i think it's the second one Parallel lines have the same slope. Rework your equations to be in the form y=mx...

Choose the equation of a line that is parallel to y = 3x - 2 and passes through the point (-1,-6). y = 3x + 3 y = 3x - 3 y = (-1/3)x + 19/3 y = (-1/3)x - 19/3 *i think it's the last one! The slope must be 3. That is the "m" term in the form y = m x + b So the ...

What is the slope of the line represented by the equation y = 4? 0 4 -4 Undefined *I think it's 0?Is it? It is zero. (4-0.4)/4= (4-0.4)/4=

PLease help me with this: What kind of line is created when you graph the equation x = -5? Vertical line Horizontal line This equation does not graph a line Parallel line *Ithink it is a vertical line!* Yes, you are correct! It is a vertical line!