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  1. Maths

    Mean =12345678910 mean =sum of data/No of data mean =(1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10)×10=55×10=550
  2. Maths

    Mean=12345678910:mean =sum of data/no of data(1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10)÷10= 55÷10=550
  3. maths

    The cost of a taxi is $1.80 plus $10 per eight of a mile .write an expression for the nth mile of a taxi ride.evaluate the expression for the cost of 4.5 miles.
  4. Algebra

    At 8Am population of bacteria is 100,at 10Am population of bacteria is 200,At 12PM population of bacteria is 400,At 2PM population of bacteria is 800.If the pattern continues what will the bacteria population be at 6.00 pm
  5. Algebra

    A mural made of triangular tiles has an area of 1750square centimeters.each triangle has a height that is 3 centimeters longer than its base of 2 many triangular tiles are there
  6. Maths algebra

    Larry has an oil painting that he bought for $700 and now wants to sell.How much more profit could he gain by fixing a 30% profit based on the selling price rather than a 30 % profit based on the cost?
  7. Maths algebra

    Wilma went to the local market and bought 3 lemons and 5 oranges for $2.40.The same day and for the same price ,Fran bought 4 lemons and 7 oranges for $3.31.What was the prices per lemon and the price per orange?
  8. Algebra

    At a point 16 yards from the base of a tower,the distance to the top of the tower is 4 ysrds more than the height of the tower.Find the height of the tower.
  9. algebra

    A rectangular piece of cardboard is 2 units longer than it is wide? From each of its corner a square piece 2 units on a side is cut out.The flaps are then turned up to form an open box that has a volume of 70 cubic units.Find the length and width of the original piece of ...
  10. MAths algebra

    Suppose that there is a rectengular box with a length of 8 centimeters a width of 6 centimeters and a height of 4 centimeters.Find the length of a diagonal from a lower corner to the upper corner diagonally opposite. Answer is 10.8 centimeters
  11. maths algebra

    Suppose that there is a cube with edges 12 centimeters in length.Find the length of a diagonal from a lower corner to the diagonally opposite upper corner .
  12. MAths algebra

    A diagonal of a square parking lot is 75 meters.Find to the nearest meter, the length of a side of a lot
  13. MAths algebra

    Consecutive bases of a square shaped baseball diamond are 90 feet apart .Find to the nearest tength of a foot the distance from first base diagonally across the diamond to third base
  14. MAths algebra

    A rectangular plot measures 16 meters by 34 meters ,find the distance from one corner of plot to the corner diagnolly opposite Answer is 38 meters
  15. MAths algebra

    Tiger woods won the Buick Invitational.The following scorecard shows the result of Round1.there are 18 holes? per round and the table shows the number of times woods got each type of score. Score on a hole and Number of times score occurred Eagle (-2) 2 Birdie(-1) 4 Par (0) 10...
  16. MAths algebra

    ON day 1 each atheletic will begin the morning as follows Jog =3/2miles, walk=7/4 miles,Rest=5/2 minutes? and Walk=1 mile,. 1Q. Bettys atheletic trainer told her to follow the begining exercise trainig schedule on day 1.On day 2,she is to increase all distances and times by 1/...
  17. 8th grade

    Please suggest a few topics to present in micro-soft power point