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  1. Art

    100% is correct. believe them
  2. Health

    1.A 2.D 3.C I GOT A 100% IF YOUR IN A CONNEXUS
  3. Science

    Two fixed particles of changes 1 micro coulomb and 3micro coulomb are 10cm apart. How far apart from each other should a third charge be placed so that no net electrostatic force acts on it.
  4. Math

    Estimate the product by finding two numbers the exact answer is between. 7×3,289
  5. math

    x, 123 y, 258 Enter the answer as y=mx+c
  6. Math(HELP PLEASE )

    Complete the given table for equation? 4x+y=9
  7. math

    find missing coordinate of the order repair so it is a solution 2x+4y-6=0 (2, ) my answer was (2, 1/2) or (2,2/1) but it is incorrect
  8. Math(HELP PLEASE )

    Complete the given table for the equation 4x+y=9 The following given table is x y -1 13 3 5 2 -3 Roll X is missing two numbers and Roll y is missing three numbers Please someone help. I have been stuck on this question for to long and can not move on to next assignment. Thanks
  9. Math

    find missing coordinate of ordered pair so that it is solution 9x+4y-4=0
  10. Math

    Complete the given table for the equation 4x+y=9
  11. algebra

    Given table for equation 4 x+ y = 9
  12. algebra

    Find the given table for equation 4 x + y = 9
  13. Algerbra

    find missing coordinates 9x+4y-4=0
  14. algebra

    Complete the given table for equation 4 x + y = 9 x y 4 ,12, 7,1, 3 -1 3 2 5 9
  15. algebra

    missing coordinates of the ordered repair so its a solution 2 x + 4y - 6 = 0 (?,2) 2(2)+4y-6=0 4+4y-6=0 8y-6=0 6y=8
  16. algebra

    missing coordinate 2x+4y-6=0 ( 2,) 2(2)+4y-6=0 4+4y-6=0 8y-6=0 6y=8
  17. Health

  18. Life Orientation of drink beer

    drinking beer
  19. algebra 2

    linear combinations are confusing, please show how to solve -6x + 5y = 4 and 7x - 10y = -8
  20. Math

    Suppose the tuition at a community college is currently $115/credit hour. If the tuition is increased by 7%, what is the new tuition rate? What was the multiplier you used? I multiplied $115 x 1.07 to get a new rate of $123.05 So would I say the multiplier was 1.07? I'm ...
  21. Chemistry

    HOW MANY MOLES OF solute are present in each of the following 50.0mL OF1.20M HNO3
  22. medical terminology

    Judy walks stiffly into the medical office and says she has severe back pain. She wants to know whether she has injured her spinal cord. What should the nurse tell Judy?
  23. Physics

    Laser light of wavelength 632nm is incident on a diffraction grating having 600 lines per mm. Determine the angular separation between the first and second order maxima
  24. Math

    Kin has finished eight of the ten math problems. Phil has finished 2/5 of the math problems. How much more of the math has Kim finished?
  25. Math

    What is the difference between three-twelfths and five-eights?
  26. Physical Education

    1.A 2.D 3.C I GOT A 100% IF YOUR IN CONNEXUS
  27. history

    Yes the benevolent dictatorship
  28. history

    What type of government was applied by the emperor as described by the fact that they ruled 'fairly '
  29. history

    How was emperor hongwu depicted in paintings? Please answers a direct answer
  30. history

    Why was emperor hoghwu represented in paintings (depicted)
  31. visual art

    are you south African?
  32. Genetics

    genes dna is hereditary material
  33. math

    The perimeter of a basket court is 102 meters and the length is 6 meters longer than twice the width. What is the length and width?
  34. chemistry

    The density of silver is 10.5 g/cm3.What is the mass (in kilograms) of a cube of silver that measures 0.26m on each side
  35. chemistry

    What is the mass (in kilograms) of a cube of silver that measures 0.26m on each side
  36. understanding psychology

    The thought processes that underlie learning
  37. SocialStudies

    how would you help someone to locate jamaica by including information on nearly water bodies and land masses direction , it longitude and latitude?
  38. agriculture,maths literacy,life science,geography

    Human resource
  39. Chemistry

    Calculate the Molarity of the solution that contains 43.5 grams of K2SO4 in a total volume of 250ml.
  40. College Math

    Alberta adds 9 songs to her mp3 player every mont. After 5 months she has 55 songs solve for y
  41. Language Arts

    Why is the statement "The bill will be too harsh" an opinion? a. it can be proved b. it can be supported with evidence c. it is someones belief ** d. it is true. Which statement is an appeal to emotions? a. The bill unfairly targets one group for unusually harsh ...
  42. Science

    Which of the following statements about continental glacial movement is correct? A. continental glaciers can only flow uphill b. continental glaciers can flow in all directions c. continental glaciers can only flow downhill d. continental glaciers do not flow at all. *** A ...
  43. Science

    The first one was wrong...
  44. Science

    Thank you:)
  45. Science

    Which of the following statements about continental glacial movement is correct? A. continental glaciers can only flow uphill b. continental glaciers can flow in all directions c. continental glaciers can only flow downhill d. continental glaciers do not flow at all. *** A ...
  46. Anyone please help (language arts)

    2. What do the tomato seeds in “In Response to Executive Order 9066” most likely represent? a. the speaker’s anger at her friend b. the speaker’s excitement about moving to a new place c. the speaker’s love for her friend d. the speaker’s sadness ...
  47. Language Arts

    2. What do the tomato seeds in “In Response to Executive Order 9066” most likely represent? a. the speaker’s anger at her friend b. the speaker’s excitement about moving to a new place c. the speaker’s love for her friend d. the speaker’s sadness ...
  48. physics

    A 76-cd point source of light is 3.2 m above the surface of a desk. What is the illumination on the desk's surface in lux?
  49. physics

    Thank You; my final answer is 2352.8
  50. physics

    A student wants to compare the luminous flux of a light bulb with that of a 1675 lm lamp. The light bulb and the lamp illuminate a sheet of paper equally. The 1675 lm lamp is 1.28 m away from the sheet of paper; the light bulb is 1.08 m away. What is the light bulb's ...
  51. please help me!! with this science!!!!!

    1.b 2.c 3.c 4.c 5.b GOT A 100% ON THE QUICK CHECK
  52. Pure maths,life sciences and geography

    Which job will be suitable for me
  53. english

    where do I put a semicolon in this sentence. these changes doctors feel, take away oxygen that retina needs.(The retina is the back layer of the eye and it is where sharp images are formed) when this happens some small blood vessels may become weak and break vision problems ...
  54. english

    need help with comma and semi colon.
  55. life science , geography , history and math literecy

    I am a grade 11 student and want to follow careers linked to geograpy . My problem is that most of the careers I am in interested in want pure math and im doing math literecy . My question is that , Is it possible for me to start mathematics in University so that I can follow ...
  56. history

    he achieved in many things because he was the first one to introduce trading and he made books and he is an absolute ruler
  57. Critical thinking

    Which of the following most accurately describes what an appeal to precedent is? Hint A. A type of inductive generalization B. A type of analogy C. A type of disjunctive syllogism D. A type of causal argument
  58. math

    width x length = volume. is that correct
  59. Life science, history, geography, and maths literacy

    i want to become social worker
  60. Chemistry

    The half-equivalence point of a titration occurs half way to the end point, where half of the analyte has reacted to form its conjugate, and the other half still remains unreacted. If 0.220 moles of a monoprotic weak acid (Ka = 5.7 × 10-5) is titrated with NaOH, what is ...
  61. Chemistry

    If a buffer solution is 0.160 M in a weak base (Kb = 2.3 × 10-5) and 0.550 M in its conjugate acid, what is the pH?
  62. math

    A Triangle has sides 4,8,and 11. In a similar triangle the shortest side is 8 and the longest side is x. a) Write a proportion that models the situation. b) Solve the proportion for x.
  63. chemistry

    A solution of H2SO4(aq) with a molal concentration of 6.25 m has a density of 1.300 g/mL. What is the molar concentration of this solution?
  64. Chemistry

    No i never put this one up because i thought i knew how to do it but i keep getting the wrong answer so i guess im doing something wrong
  65. Chemistry

    Biphenyl, C12H10, is a nonvolatile, non ionizing solute that is soluble in benzene, C6H6. At 25 °C, the vapor pressure of pure benzene is 100.84 torr. What is the vapor pressure of a solution made from dissolving 14.3 g of biphenyl in 25.8 g of benzene?
  66. accounting

    what is the future value of $500 invested at 8 percent for one year?
  67. Chemistry

    a solution of h2so4 (aq) with a molal concentration of 6.25 m has a density of 1.3 g/mL. what is the molar concentration of this solution?
  68. Maths nd science

    A ball is thrown vertically upwards.It takes 4 s for the ball to return to the thrower's hand now what is thb maximum height reached by the ball.
  69. MATH

    An urn contains 8 black and 9 red balls. Five balls are randomly drawn from the urn in succession, with replacement. That is, after each draw, the selected ball is returned to the urn. What is the probability that all 5 balls drawn from the urn are black? Round your answer to ...
  70. Narrative Essay

    i have wrote my paper,but i need someone to check it
  71. algebra

    square root ( 2x+1) +x=7
  72. Abnormal Psychology

    Sleep deprivation impairs functioning of the A. endocrine system. C. occipital lobe. B. prefrontal cortex. D. left temporal lobe. I put D
  73. Abnormal Psychology

    Oh wait I read this wrong it said not! lol So i think its c
  74. Abnormal Psychology

    Arousal parasomnias are typically not characterized by A. difficulty being aroused. B. mental confusion and disorientation when awakened. C. extreme reactivity to external stimuli. D. retrograde amnesia. B?
  75. Abnormal Psychology

    Thank you!
  76. Abnormal Psychology

    I meant A
  77. Abnormal Psychology

    Which of the following effects is least likely to occur when an individual is malnourished? A. A loss of circadian rhythm B. A decrease in the release of growth hormone C. Dermatological changes D. Lethargy, apathy, and depression C was my answer
  78. Abnormal Psychology

    Yeah that was my first answer but then I read some more about how family influences play a role in eating disorders. It says this Accordingly,a teens eating disorder may be functional in that directs attention away from basic conflicts in the family to the teens more obvious ...
  79. Abnormal Psychology

    For some teens, particularly girls, excessive efforts to control eating may be a misguided effort to A. punish parents. B. manage the stress and physical changes that confront them as they pass into adolescence. C. punish themselves. D. regress back to the oral stage of ...
  80. Abnormal Psychology

    Though similar in their concerns about eating and gaining weight, individuals with bulimia differ from individuals with anorexia in that they _______, while those with anorexia don’t/aren’t. A. binge and purge B. are within 10% of their normal weight C. use laxatives...
  81. Abnormal Psychology

    I think its A
  82. Abnormal Psychology

    In the “strange situation” attachment assessment technique, children with Down syndrome A. display significant distress upon separation. B. readily reach to strangers for comfort. C. show few distress signals despite an apparent need for contact with their caregivers...
  83. Abnormal Psychology

    In comparison to children with autism, children with schizophrenia A. tend to be younger at diagnosis. B. show a more chronic and declining course. C. show similar social and language deficits. D. show less intellectual impairment. I think its C or D but mostly C.
  84. Abnormal Psychology

    Which of the following interventions would be least likely to be used with a child with a learning disorder? A. Implementation of behavioral reinforcement B. Prescribing of medications that help learning C. Teaching the child to monitor his or her own thought processes D. ...
  85. Abnormal Psychology

    Joint social attention refers to the ability to A. communicate with two people at the same time. B. coordinate one’s focus of attention on another person and an object of mutual interest. C. hold a conversation on two different topics. D. pay attention to the conversation...
  86. Abnormal Psychology

    Okay! I'll go over it again in my text book to be sure! But I'm pretty sure its D! Thank you!
  87. Abnormal Psychology

    I think its D now
  88. Abnormal Psychology

    The most common underlying feature associated with reading disorders is A. associating new words with those in memory. B. visually processing the shapes of letters. C. interpreting the meaning of words. D. distinguishing or separating sounds in spoken words. I think its C.
  89. Calculus

    Consider the planes given by the equations 2y−2x−z=2 x−2y+3z=7 (a) Find a vector v parallel to the line of intersection of the planes. (b)Find the equation of a plane through the origin which is perpendicular to the line of intersection of these two planes. ...
  90. Abnormal Psychology

    A ____ refers to a group of symptoms that occur at together more often than by chance. A. Disorder B. Cluster C. Syndrome D. Condition I think its C.
  91. Abnormal Psychology

    You were right it was D! Thank you!
  92. Abnormal Psychology

    When I was reading it in my book it said this. Negative affectivity is a persistent negative mood, as reflected in nervousness, sadness, anger, and guilt. So I thought itd be either A or B.
  93. Abnormal Psychology

    When I was reading this section in my book it never once even mentioned this word! Ugh!
  94. Abnormal Psychology

    Someone who focuses narrowly on negative events for long periods of time has a A. negative attitude. C. negative focus. B. depressive manner. D. depressive ruminative style. I'm stuck between A&B!
  95. Abnormal Psychology

    I meant I put A!
  96. Abnormal Psychology

    The single most powerful predictor of conduct problems in adolescence is A. early antisocial behavior. B. early antisocial behavior and involvement with deviant peers. C. early antisocial behavior and poor parenting. D. poor parenting and involvement with deviant peers. I put ...
  97. Abnormal Psychology

    It's my first time using this! I put B! And I have been learning things, but I just was having a hard time with this chapter!
  98. Abnormal Psychology

    Behaviors such as fighting, destructiveness, and threatening others are referred to as _______ behaviors. A. aggressive C. externalizing B. delinquent D. externalizing and aggressive
  99. Abnormal Psychology

    The formal assignment of a clinical case to a DSM-IV-TR classification category is referred to as a/an _______ diagnosis. A. empirical C. proper B. taxonomic D. psychological
  100. Abnormal Psychology

    In comparison with youth on the life-course-persistent path, those on the adolescentlimited path A. display more extreme antisocial activity. B. are more likely to drop out of school. C. are often influenced by situational factors, such as their peers. D. have weaker family ties.
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