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I seriously have no idea where to start in these questions tumor is a collection of cancerous cells. Suppose each cancerous cell has a radius of 5×10?3 cm, and that the doubling time for a population of cancerous cells is 20 hours. If the tumor has an initial volume of 0...

Math (Semicircle)(Pre-calc)
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Math (Semicircle)(Pre-calc) The graph below is made from two semicircles. The domain of the function in the graph is [?8,8] [-8,8] . Find a piecewise formula for the function f(x) f(x). Help please, I already on my last attempt and any help is greatly appreciated!

TiCl4:O2 1:1 3.5mol:4.5mol since TiCl4 is present in fewer amounts (moles), therefore TiCl4 is the limiting reagent.

oh another question pliz... why different masses of ppt were obtained for test tube IV and V??... LAB QUESITONS

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no like when you use it in an experiment of a precipitate

why must a clean rod be used each time?

an anchor shoots an arrow into a piece of wood. the arrow is traveling at 120 km/h when it strikes the wood. the arrow penetrates 3.8 cm into the wood before stopping. what is the average acceleration (in m/s^2) into the wood?