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Programming c++
a sales report. Each record in the file contains a customer's number and name, a sales amount and a tax code. The tax code is to be applied to the sales amount to determine the sales tax due for that sale, as follows: Tax code Sales tax 0 Tax exempt 1 3% 2 5% The report is...

find the sun's altitude when the height of a tower is 3 times of the length of its shadow.

geography class 10
what are causes of water scarcity in india

explain any 3 aspects highlighted by charles dickens in novel "hard times"

explain how power is shared among different organ of the government

who elects the community government in belgium

if HCF (12,a)=6 and LCM (12,a)=60 find a

for a given data with 50 observation less than ofive and more than ogive intersectat (30,25) find the median

a man goes 5m west and then 12m due south.Find the the distance of the man frm the starting point

Managerial Economics
6. Diseconomies of scale can be caused by a. the law of diminishing returns. b. bureaucratic inefficiencies. c. increasing advertising and promotional costs. d. all of the above.