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R. H. Bruskin Associates Market Research found that 40% of Americans do not think that having a college education is important to succeed in the business world. If a random sample of five Americans is s selected, find these probabilities. (a) Exactly two people will agree with...

A coin is tossed 6 times. what is the probability of getting at least two heads?

Security codes in Fiji are made up of 4 digits. How many different 4-digit codes are possible i)If the first digit cannot be zero. ii)If the first digit cannot be zero and digits cannot be repeated.

MATH (Probability)
Jackson and Alice are the boss and secretary respectively working in an office for a firm. At any particular time during office hours, the probability that Jackson is in the office is 0.82 and probability that Alice is in the office is 0.98. The probability that Jackson is in ...

Of the adult Fiji population, 42% has a rare allergy due to expose to domestic cat. A sample of 500 randomly selected adults resulted in 65% reporting the certain allergy. i)Describe the variable, population and sample. ii)Identify the parameter and give its value.

What are open-ended frequency distributions? and Why are they necessary?

(B-C)^2=(C-B)^2 ,where B and C are (n x n) matrices.what is the answer, it is true or false

A factory needs two raw materials, say, A and B. The probability of having an adequate supply of material A is 0.94, whereas the probability of having an adequate supply of material B is 0.96. A study shows that the probability of a shortage of both A and B is 0.02. What is ...

In how many ways can a committee of five people be selected from seven women and nine men if at least one woman must be in the committee?

For the given linear prgramming problem, write down the objective function and the constraints. Kris is trying to make his business more efficient by having a system of both large and small vans. He can spend no more than $100,000 for both type of vans and no more than $600 ...