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Using verbs ser & estar how do I answer these question. 1. Donde esta Ecuador? Esa en America del Sur 2.Donde esta Mexico? Esta en America del Norte 3. Que e un parque? Es un lgar conarboles, planas y es usado por las familias para divertirse.

I want to be able to buy a car with cash in years. I have $5000 that I can invest today. ican get a bond earning 6.5%. How much will I have for the purchase?

suppose that the marginal product of the last worker employed by a firm is 40 units of output per day and the daily wage that the firm must pay is $20 while the marginal product of the last machine rented by the firm is 120 units of out put per day and the daily rental machine...

if the marginal product of capital of a firm is 120unit of output, rental price of machine is $30. and marginal product of labor is 40units of output, daily wages is $20. 1)why is this firm not maximizing output or minimizing cost in long run?? 2)how can the firm max. output ...

COM 215
What kinds of unwanted reactions might you get from readers of your messages? They might think you full of baloney, and stop believing you on any message.

Com 215
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