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please help me solve this partial-fraction decomposition! 12x-57/(x-3)(x-10)

pre calc
write the form of the partial decomposition for the given rational expression. Don't solve for constants: 8x+10/x^2+7x-18 please show work!

why would you need to divide mass by gravity?

if a vehicle with a mass of 5,800lbs left skid marks that were 7ft. long, how fast were they going? the concrete to tire coefficient of friction was .60 also, if a vehicle was 2,060lbs with skidmarks that were 20ft. long? same coefficient. they're supposed to be going ...

Physics (URGENT!)
-vehicle 1: 2,060lbs -vehicle 2: 5,800lbs -both roads are 45mph -The cars were impacted at right angles -roadway was dry, 69 degrees -friction between tire & road: .60=mu -skid marks (PRIOR to impact): v1=20ft, v2=7ft. *you can find the entire problem w/ more info online if ...

thank you!

yes, but how would i prove that with equations?

A gun is accurately aimed at a dangerous criminal hanging from the gutter of a building. The target is well within the gun’s range, but the instant the gun is fired and the bullet moves with a speed v(sub0) , the criminal lets go and drops to the ground. What happens? The...

A soccer ball is kicked into the air at an angle of 38 degrees above the horizontal. The initial velocity of the ball is +30.0m/s. How long is the ball in the air? -What is the maximum height reached by the ball? -What is the horizontal distance traveled by the ball?