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7th grade Language (probably easy to answer)
In the sentence ' Andy has driven many types of vehicles that have various controls.' What would many types, be? (Adverb,verb,pronoun,ect.) Also... In the sentence ' The car has a lot of blind spots which make it difficult to turn safely.' What would lot, which...

Do a cation of Mg^+2 and an anion of CO3^-2 become Mg(CO)3 or magnesium carbonite? What about (NH4)2 SO4. What cation and anion does that become? I'm not seeing why SO would get 4 if it already has that to begin with. Thank you!

I am currently reading Jack London's short story "To Build a Fire." On my study guide, I was asked "What is the one important element beside matches that the man needs to build a fire?" I would say oxygen, but I don't think this is it, because the ...