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  1. Chemistry

    When a (1.797x10^0) g sample of CuSO4 * 5H2O (Copper II Sulfate Pentahydrate) and NaCl was heated, a total sample of (2.74x10^-1) g of water was lost. What is the mass percent of hydrate in this sample? Give your answer in scientific notation with three significant figures. ...
  2. Science

    Why is the structure of arteries different from the structure of capillaries?
  3. math

    a) Starting with 2, list the numbers produced by successively applying the operations T, R, R, T, R, T, R, T, R. This sequence makes 2 a 3 by the end c) Find a sequence of operations which turns 3 into 0. To find this sequence you need to get to a negative number then T until ...
  4. math

    How do you solve it?
  5. Math

    Use place value to solve Pablo has a piece of wire that is 0.08 Meters long. Beth has a piece of wire that is 10 times as long as Pablo's wire.Li's wire is 1/10 as long as Pablo's wire. How long is Beth's wire? How long is Li's wire?
  6. history

    idenitfy the most significant factor contributing to the challenges facing modern native Americans in new Mexico.give to reasons to justify your choice.then,propose one possible solution to adress this factor
  7. Writing

    Hello there! How did it go? I want to inform you that the next time when you are overloaded with assignments , it would be better if you seek for the help at the professional writing service as Prime Writings. Finally, an essay writing company that provides you with urgent ...
  8. Business Law

    "Damages caused to homes as a result of fire is an issue under property law. If some of the pople living in this houses in those areas are living in renting houses, if the property is damaged due to fire, and the people living in those houses were aware that if they didn...
  9. Business Law

    Just in general, but country would be australia, western australia.
  10. Business Law

    how does property law protect home oweners when their homes are burnt as a result of bushfires.
  11. English

    Okay, thank you
  12. English

    Ohhh, okay, so you think that he is praising nature then?
  13. English

    so you think the answer is aloneness?
  14. English

    Well, he writes about the daffodils because he is alone
  15. English

    Which of these does William Wordsworth celebrate in "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" nature aloneness the death of reason human companionship I think either A or B, but I can't decide which.
  16. science

    Thank you very much!
  17. science

    How do the Sun, Earth, and Moon depend on each other?
  18. Astronomy

    i was provided this question from my astronomy class
  19. Health

    Whoops sorry there are only two answers for number two, which I think are B and C??
  20. Health

    Please check my answers! 1. A(n) ______ is an agent that causes disease. a) stressor b) pathogen* c) addiction d) drug 2. Symptoms of an STI include (select all that apply) a) sneezing b) vaginal or urethral discharge* c) there may be no symptoms* d) upset stomach* 3. Ways to ...
  21. Math

  22. Social Studies

    What events led to Thomas Jefferson's election as president
  23. math

    the tripled product of 6a and b^2. I got 216a^3b^6, but my teacher says that this is wrong. my equation is \(6ab^2)^3 is this wrong?
  24. computer

    The answer choice B would be correct. D would be incorrect since it involves having permission and does not imply any bullying or cyberbullying.
  25. Science

    I have reviewed the types of reactions but am still not sure what it is. Cs2+H2O arrow CsOH+H2 In the products, where is the H in CsOH coming from? What type of reaction is it?
  26. Science

    Thank you Venus! I got an 100%!
  27. geometry

  28. geometry

    Point P on the side AB od triangle ABC splits AB so that AP:BP=1:3. If M is the midpoint of CP, then the ratio of the area of triangle BPM to the area of triangle ABC is A)1/4 B)5/8 C)3/8 D)3/16 I know that the rule is if two triangles have cogruent sltitudes , then the ratio ...
  29. Math

  30. Chem please help

    When a 0.650 g sample of a mixture of volatile hydrocarbons is burned in a bomb calorimeter with a heat capacity of 4920 J/°C, the temperature rises by 8.50 °C. What is the change in energy (in kilojoules) for the reaction? Calculate the energy change by the combustion...
  31. Algebra

    Thank you!
  32. Algebra

    Hello! I understand that the answer is 6, but do not know the equation to graph it. I would appreciate any help! I have to use Desmos to graph it. You are making your weekly meal plans and are working with the following constraints: It costs $8 to go to out to dinner. It costs...
  33. Chem

    Separate the following balanced chemical equation into its total ionic equation. AgNO3?(aq)+NaCl(aq) --> NaNO3?(aq)+AgCl(s) (List the ions in order of the above equation.) Write the net ionic equation for the reaction above. (Make sure the cation is first and anion is ...
  34. Social studies

  35. History

    I am going to compare Plato and Gandhi. I find it hard to know what i can compare between the two philosophers. What are the differences and similarities between the two.
  36. Chemistry

    What would the net ionic equation be for : HBr (aq) + KOH (aq) = KBr + H2O
  37. Science

    Thank you.
  38. Science

    Given the parent genotype AaBbCCDDEe, what is the probability of each of these gametes forming? a) ABCDE b) either ABCDE or abCDE Would the answer for a) be 1/8 and for b) be 1/2?
  39. Punnett Square

    Given the parent genotype AaBbCCDDEe, what is the probability of each of these gametes forming? a) ABCDE b) either ABCDE or abCDE Would the answer for a) be 1/8 and for b) be 1/2?
  40. Punnett Square

    No I’m sorry Would the answer for a) be 1/8 and for b) be 1/2?
  41. Punnett Square

    What is the Pr?
  42. Punnett Square

    Given the parent genotype AaBbCCDDEe, what is the probability of each of these gametes forming? a) ABCDE b) either ABCDE or abCDE
  43. Physics

    A 60 kg person utilizes energy at 0.25 horsepower while running up the stairs of a building. Each step is 20 cm highly. How much work does the person do in one minute?
  44. Math

    1.) Is it possible for a composite number to have more than one prime factorization? Is it possible for a number to have no prime factors? Why? 2.) Give an example of how prime factorization could be used in the real world. Thank you to anyone that takes the time to answer ...
  45. Science

    how are carbon atoms incorporated into organic molecules by plants?
  46. algebra

    Three fourths of a number is less than two hundred four. What are the possible values of the number?
  47. Math

    And assembly line worker at robs bicycle factory add to seat bicycle at a rate of two seats in 11 minutes write a proportion relating the number of seats S to the number of minutes M at this rate how long will it take to add 16 seats? 19 seats?
  48. math

    what is an alegbraic expression for the followin word phrase: "6 times the difference of b and p"?
  49. AP Chem

    For the reaction CH4+ 2 O2 ? CO2+ 2 H2O , what is the maximum amount of CO2 (44.0095 g/mol) which could be formed from 15.3 g of CH4 (16.0425 g/mol) and 6.2 g of O2 (31.9988 g/mol)? Answer in units of g
  50. Math

    1 1/4 teaspoons baking powder per 3/8 cup flour, what is the unit rate
  51. Science

    Horse lover is right! I got a 100% :)) Ty!
  52. Can anyone check this?

  53. US university admissions

    What activities are accepted by universities as social services? I was a girl guide in my primary grades can I include that as social service? And informal participations at sports and extra-curricular event will be accepted as extra-curricular ?
  54. Trigonometry

    Given that sin^2x = 4/13, what is the cos^2x? I am so lost. I need to show my work. Please help. THANK YOU!
  55. Practise questions for SAT subject tests

    Is there any useful,good sites to find quality questions for practising for SAT english,math,physics tests ,for free,other than the limited number of questions avilable at the Collegeboard site?
  56. SAT

    Thank you very much!
  57. SAT

    Could someone kindly tell me what are the subjects we have sit for at the SAT exam, to enter into a ; 1)physics degree(nuclear,quantum etc.) 2)engineering degree Thank you!
  58. To Bobpursley

    *to become the best version of myself
  59. To Bobpursley

    Thank you very much for your response. I'm a bit concerened about my career as mour local universities don't conduct Nuclear Engineering courses.So even if I want to study beyond Bachelor's Level,I woyld have to study abroad,should find Finacial Aid and all.And of ...
  60. To Writeacher,Bobpursley and Damon

    I posted again at my question avilable display.cgi?id=1503490842 I would be glad if you have a look at that. Thank you!
  61. Nuclear Physics

    Thank you very much all of you. Actually I'm a lot interested in studying further an also I would also like to know what are career opporutinites that would be avilable if I study further than Bachelor's level? Thank you!
  62. Nuclear Physics

    I'm interested in studying Nuclear Physics at the university and would llike to know about the career opportunities avilable for a Bachelor's degree holder.I tried googling and found several but would like to get advising from a tutor who have experience in the field. ...
  63. Chemistry

    What would be the volmeter reading of the cell of Ni and Cu E Ni2+/Ni= -0.24V E Cu/Cu2+= 0.34 V E cell=E cathode - E anode= -0.24 V - (-0.34 V) =0.10V I think this in incorrect as no answer like this is given
  64. Chemistry

    Do Ozone gas decomposite naturally under IR rays?
  65. Chem

    Do Ozone gas decomposite naturally under IR rays?
  66. Chemistry

    Is S^(2-) a conjugate base of a weak acid? Shouldn't HS^(-) be the conjugate base,as H2S is the weak acid?
  67. Math

    At a party, the ratio of males to females is 3:4. Which of the following could not be the total number of people at the party? 14 35 44 63 70
  68. Biology

    What would happen if the gametes forming a zygote is diploid?
  69. Algebra

    Saturday night the movie theater sold 60 student tickets and 20 adult tickets earning $450. Sunday afternoon the movie theater sold 20 student tickets and 32 adult tickets earning $340. How much does a student tickets and an adult ticket cost?
  70. Math

    The third term of a geometric progression of positive terms is 18 and the fifth term is 162 Find the common ration and the first term? Write an expression for the Nth term of the progression? Find the sum of the first 8 terms of the progression??
  71. Math

    I get the answer of 3%. I hope this is right...
  72. Math

    The element strontium-90 is radioactive. The percent of strontium -90, A(t), left in a sample can be modelled by the half-life function A(t) = A0 (1/2)^t/29, where t represents the time, in years, after the initial time, and A0 represents the initial amount, 100% of the ...
  73. Math

  74. Math

    Four more than the opposite of n equals 6 How u write it as an equation?
  75. Biology

    What viruses are common in the Arctic tundra?
  76. science

    The iodine-131 nuclide has a half-life of 8.0 days. If you originally have a 257 g sample, after 48 days how much will you have?
  77. Math

    The area of a rectangle is 24. The length is 10cm longer than the width. Find the length of the rectangle.
  78. Science

    Describe similarities between ice wedging and weathering caused by plant roots?
  79. ELA Please check my work

    Which of the following sentences contains a pronoun? A•My sister Sarah loves to cook B• She made dinner for the family last night C• When Sarah offered us seconds I was too full. D•Mom and dad make me do the dishes when Sarah cooks My answer is A Am I correct?
  80. Math

    if you fold a square paper vertically, the new rectangle has a perimeter of 39cm. what is the area of the original square? what is the perimeter of the original square? what is the area of the resulting rectangle? make a ratio of area and perimeter. what do you notice?
  81. History

    it's C I took the test and I got it right I promise.
  82. business management

    A lecturer told his students " The purpose of a management course is to teach students about management, not to teach them to be managers. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Discuss.
  83. Math

    Mr.Edgington travels 25 mph in his boat. To determine how far he travels he uses the equation d=25h, where is d in the total distance in miles and h is the number of hours he travels on his boat. Find the independent and dependent variable and the equation.
  84. Math

    If two cylinders are similar, find the scale factor of the smaller figure to the larger figure. The surface area of the smaller area is 20 pi yards squared. The surface area of the larger cylinder is 125 pi yards squared. No radius or height is given, and I need to find the ...
  85. Math

    The speed of light is 3x10^8 m/s. If the sun is 1.5 x10^11 meters from the earth, how many seconds does it take light to reach the earth?
  86. math

    the circumference of the circle 12.5m. what is the area of the shaded region
  87. math

    jennifers pool is 8m deep and has a radius of 5m. the pool is half full....How many ml of water is in the pool.
  88. Spelling

    What is the answer to this analogy: Rope is to string as string is to ______?
  89. Science

    1. What is the main difference between mechanical and electromagnetic waves? A. Mechanical waves involve transfer of energy, electromagnetic waves do not. B. Mechanical waves require a medium to travel in, electromagnetic waves do not.~~~~ C. Mechanical waves have amplitude ...
  90. Math help! Check my answers ASAP!

    Whoa Anonymous, calm down. Don't swear.
  91. Math

    Emily walk that a rate of 3 1/2 miles per hour for one and a 1 1/3 hours how far did she walk.
  92. English

    What does the word “pentimento” mean, and what is its specific implication in this context? "Now General Eisenhower and I were alone in his studio. What on earth to say—with those five stars in pentimento on his shoulders, me a nineteen-year-old college ...
  93. Chem

    Forget this... °.. I accidentally put that & also for #3, it should be mass*change in temp*
  94. Chem

    Temperature of Bunsen Burner Flame: h t t p s : / / mashchemistry . wikispace s . com /file/ view/Temperature +of+a+ Bunsen+Burner+Flame ... p d f (couldn't put the link so I spaced it out) My data Table: Type of metal used: Cu Mass of metal object: 75.4 g of metal ...
  95. Chem LAB ^^^

    DrBob222: Can you check my recent lab post. I'm just confused on what numbers to put where because some things aren't given. Lab due tmrw. Please help! Thankyou so much.
  96. Chem

    How do you do this? If 100 grams of boiling water at 100 degrees C is poured into a 100 g beaker of platinum at 0 degrees C, an intermediate temperature will result. Knowing that the specific heat of water is about 32 times larger than the specific heat of platinum, ...
  97. History

    What do you mean?
  98. History

    Hai! Anyone Please Check This Answer Please! Which of the following is the most likely reason why many Mexicans were opposed to American investment in their country? A. American leaders overthrew the successful government of Porfirio Díaz.* B. Many Mexicans wanted to ...
  99. real estate

    i do not know which four are right i have not clue at all
  100. real estate

    it is still not helping me
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