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  1. Math

    A bag contains 6 red marbles, 3 white marbles, and 7 blue marbles. You pick a marble without looking. Find the probability of drawing a white marble. Can someone please explain how I would work this out?
  2. Physics

    Why are alpha and beta rays deflected in opposite directions in a magnetic field? Why are gamma rays not deflected at all? Why are alpha particles with the same velocity deflected less than beta particles?
  3. Physics

    A great physicist by the name of Richard Feynman said, "I think it is safe to say that no one understands quantum mechanics." What do you think he meant by this? Does this mean quantum mechanics is wrong? How can we know?
  4. Physics

    Suntan Sally put on her bathing suit and relaxed in a room that was pitch black. At the same time Tanline Timmy put on his bathing suit and relaxed in a room filled with bright light. A couple hours later Suntan Sally had a bad sunburn while Tanline Timmy wasn't? How is ...
  5. Health

    How can tobacco affect the circulatory system? A. Decreases heart rate B. Raises blood pressure C. Softens the arteries D. Causes ulcers How can tobacco affect the body? A. Increases appetite B. Makes teeth whiter C. Slows heart beat D. Causes nausea How can tobacco affect the...
  6. Math

    A stained glass window has an area of 900 square inches. A. Once a window design is made of rectangular pieces that are 5 inches by 3 inches. How many stained glass pieces are used in the window? B. Another window design is made of square stained glass pieces that are 6 inches...
  7. Math

    It is a beautiful sunny day at the fair. The U.V. index for this day is 8 or higher so sunscreen is a must. The effectiveness of sunscreen is indicated by the sunscreen protection factor (SPF). The higher the SPF number the less U.V. rays can penetrate to burn the skin. When ...
  8. math

    It is a beautiful sunny day at the fair. The U.V. index for this day is 8, or high, so sunscreen is a must for all the young folk. The effectiveness of sunscreen is indicated by the sunscreen protection factor (SPF). The higher the SPF number the fewer U.V. rays can penetrate ...
  9. math

    I need to solve this question using math (advanced functions), not physics.
  10. math

    The busy Mother pours herself a coffee into a paper cup before making her way to the amusement park. The coffee temperature is 35 C when the cup is placed on the kitchen counter. The Mother needs to tend to her son and her coffee is forgotten. When the Mother finally returns ...
  11. math

    A plant grew 14 inches over 5 months. The plant grows the same amount each month. Use this rate to complete the table.
  12. Calculus 1

    Hi! Could someone help me with this problem. You have 8L feet of fence to make a rectangular vegetable garden alongside the wall of your house, where L is a positive constant. The wall of the house bounds one side of the vegetable garden. What is the largest possible area for ...
  13. Chemistry

    Can someone please help guide me through this question? Calculate the change in entropy of the surroundings . No work is done. You begin with 1 mol of CO. The reaction takes place at 298 K. 2CO + O2? 2CO2 BDE (C?O): 1072 kJ/mol; BDE (O=O): 495 kJ/mol; BDE (C=O): 799 kJ/mol
  14. AP Physics

    Determine the change in rotational kinetic energy when the rotational velocity of the turntable of a stereo system increases from 0 to 33 rpm. Its rotational inertia is 6.2×10?3kg?
  15. Algebra 1

    thank you, ir das REALLY useful
  16. Algebra 1

    Josh and Greg leave from the same place and travel the same route. Josh travels 2 hours and stops. Greg travels 5 hours at double Josh's rate. After five hours they are 256 miles apart. Find the rate and distance of each.
  17. Algebra 1

    thank toi!
  18. Algebra 1

    Micah Beasley invested $10,000 for one year, part at 10% annual interest and part at 14% annual interest. Vos total interest for the year was $1,280. How much money did he invest at each rate?
  19. Algebra

    3p+3=2p+4.5 bar models I just need help understanding how to do it.
  20. Physics

    I did a lab report on gravitation. In the lab, we explored what the relationship is between the distance between two objects and their force of gravity. The independent variable was distance (m) while the dependent variable was force of gravity (N). When I found the slope, I ...
  21. Math

    A triangle has a perimeter of 48 feet the Exxon’s aid is 5 feet longer than the first side the third side is 3 feet longer than twice the fiat side
  22. Language Arts

    What is a similarity between a haiku poem and a concrete poem?
  23. Math

    When factor pairs begin repaying, I have found all the pairs for a number.
  24. MATHS

    How do i find the average of 9cm, 6cm,10cm and 11cm?
  25. Maths

    thank you I understand better now :)
  26. Maths

    what is 0.012 as a fraction in its simplest form? and can you explain how you found the answer?
  27. MATHS

    Thanks so much ...well explained..i get it..:)
  28. MATHS

    If A =4 and B=3 Is AB .....12..?? Could you run through the steps to solve it please
  29. Statistics

    A certain player makes a successful first serve 80% of the time. Assume that everything is independent. The propbability that she gets at least 4 serves in is_____? and that she gets no more than 3 serves in is_____?
  30. math

    Explain why sqrt(a+b) does not equal sqrt a + sqrt b, for a>0 and b>0?
  31. math

    Vernon Wells hits a baseball that travels for 142m before it lands. The flight of the ball can be modeled by a quadratic function in which x is the horizontal distance the ball has traveled away from Vernon, and h(x) is the height of the ball at that distance. Assume that the ...
  32. Ratios

  33. Ratios

    A group of students surveyed chose baseball and soccer as their favorite sport in the ratio 3 to 8 if 56 students chose soccer as their favorite sport find the number of students that shows baseball is the favorite sport 132 students were surveyed
  34. physics

    An ice cube at its freezing point is placed in nested Styrafoam cups which contain 240 g of water at 21.5 °C. If the final equilibrium temperature when the last trace of ice melts is 25.0 °C, what was the mass of the ice cube?
  35. physics

    A 24.0 g metal cube at 85.5 °C is placed into a calorimeter containing 125 mL of water at 20.0 °C. The final equilibrium temperature of the metal cube and the water in the calorimeter is 24.8 °C. Determine the specific heat of the metal
  36. physics

    A liquid absorbs 45 kJ of heat, and its temperature increases from 305 K to 315 K. Determine the heat capacity of this liquid.
  37. physics

    An aluminum block absorbs 1.0 x 104 J of energy from the Sun when its temperature increases by 5.0 °C. What is the mass of the block? the specific heat capacity of aluminum is 920
  38. math

    Show that a function f(n)= 2n^3+n^2+6n+3 always produces a number that is divisible by an odd number greater than 1, for any natural number, n. 2n^3+n^2+6n+3 = n^2(2n+1) + 3(2n+1) = (2n+1)(n^2 + 3) what's next?
  39. math

    I do not know.
  40. math

    Show that a function f(n)= 2n^3+n^2+6n+3 always produces a number that is divisible by an odd number greater than 1, for any natural number, n.
  41. Physics

    At what temperature, in degrees Celsius, is the speed of sound in air 341 m/s?
  42. Writing

    Thank you so much for your feedback! I will clarify and add the terms, and also find the verb. Again, thank you, I know that this was a lot and time-consuming!
  43. Writing

    Unfortunately, Grammarly only gives you help with little things, so if there was a major problem, it won't tell me what it is until I pay an arm and a leg. I do appreciate your help, this is actually my college class' final! I had to transcribe a five-minute video, ...
  44. Writing

    Hello! I was on here the other day asking about how I should write up an analysis of a conversation with a four-year-old boy, and I was hoping I could have some help with the grammatical aspect of the paper? Would you mind if I post my analysis here and you read through to see...
  45. Writing

    Unfortunately, this assignment is actually my final. The professor is pretty nice, but he assigns difficult work. I really appreciate your help/advice, I will definitely look at the links you provided! :)
  46. Writing

    I had to make a transcription by the second for the 5 minute video. Once I did that, I had to analyze his morphology, phonology, syntax, and lexicon.
  47. Writing

    Hello! I need some help on how to write my (1000-1500 word) analysis paper. My class is about language acquisition in children and I had to analyze a child's spontaneous conversation. I have analyzed it, but I'm unsure of how to write it up. Please help! Thanks!
  48. Physics

    A flywheel has a constant angular acceleration of ?0.84 rad/s^2. What is its angular velocity 15 s after its angular velocity is 5.0 rad/s?
  49. algebra

    what is LCM of 6ab^2 and 3a^2b
  50. Algebra

    Change to fractional notation in simplest form using limit or sum of an infinite series 4.234 (34 repeating)
  51. math

  52. Algebra

    Thank you
  53. Algebra

    Find the general term in simplest form for the sequence 2,1,-4,7,-10,13,-16. There's an addition of 3 with alternating signs I think but I'm unable to find a general term.
  54. Calculus

    So sorry for that!!
  55. Calculus

    $4500 comes up as incorrect :(
  56. Calculus

    A rectangular storage container with an open top is to have a volume of 10 m3. The length of its base is twice the width. Material for the base costs $9 per m2. Material for the sides costs $150 per m2. Find the dimensions of the container which will minimize cost and the ...
  57. Calculus

    It is showing up as incorrect :(
  58. Calculus

    A Norman window has the shape of a rectangle surmounted by a semicircle. (Thus, the diameter of the semicircle is equal to the width of the rectangle.) If the perimeter of the window is 20 ft, find the dimensions of the window so that the greatest possible amount of light is ...
  59. Calculus

    Find the slope and y-intercept of the line through the point (6,2) that cuts off the least area from the first quadrant.
  60. Algebra

    How did you get 12. For example the equation of your new length = l-12 and w-12
  61. Algebra

    L × W × H = 3456cm3 L × W = 1500cm2 L= 1500cm2/W The i plugged my second equation into my first one . 1500cm3/W × WH= 3456cm3 H= 2.304cm I did this so far, I'm not sure if it's right and Im confused what to do next
  62. Algebra

    A sheet metal fabricator makes boxes from sheet of steel. Each sheet of steel has an area of 1500cm2. 6cm squares are cut from each corner and the edges are bent up to form a box with a volume of 3456cm3.What are the dimensions of each box? I was making my two equations and ...
  63. Algebra

    Yess thank you!
  64. Math helppp

    As of January 2012, the top three grossing pictures worldwide were Avatar, Titanic and the finalenof Harry Potter series. Together they grossed $5.9 billion. Avatar earned just $300,000,000 less than both other movies combined, while Avatar and Titanic together were $600,000,...
  65. Hellpppp calculus

    Solve by elimination. 0.1x + 0.3y = 1.5 0.6y + 0.2x =-1.2
  66. physics

    A 9800 kg rocket is travelling east along a horizontal fricitonless rail at a velocity of 11 m/s. The rocket is then accelerated uniformly to avelocity of 22 m/s in a time of 0.75 s by the expulsion of hot gases. What is the average force with which the gases are expelled by ...
  67. Social Studies

    The Bill of Rights promises that punishment for a crime cannot be cruel or unusual, meaning that it cannot be painful or degrading to the person's dignity. What punishment would be considered cruel and unusual. Someone who commits assault is beaten as punishment. Someone ...
  68. Geography

    1. Which pair of basic question guides geographers in their work (1 point)
  69. Chemistry

    How would the following affect the calculated value of neutralizing power of antacid (make it higher, lower or no effect)? [The lab uses the back titration technique] 1) The solution mixture of reacted antacid and excess of HCl spattered out the flask during boiling 2) The ...
  70. physics

    A toy car (200 g) moves by shooting a plastic ball (50 g) horizontally out the back. The average acceleration of the car is 1.2 m/s2 [E] and there is negligible friction acting on each part of the toy. (a) Draw an FBD for each object. (b) Identify the action and reaction ...
  71. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume and mass required to make 100 mL of 0.10 M solutions of your assigned acid and conjugate base. Assigned acid and conjugate base: Ammonium chloride- 53.49 g/mol Ammonia- 1.0 M
  72. Writing - College

    Hello! I am in need of some assistance, please! I have to write a personal response essay based on an interview I conducted, and it needs to be between 1,000 to 1,500 words. I was actually here just the other day, asking for help on how to lay out the interview bit! Anyhoo! ...
  73. Writing - Junior in College

    Thank you, I appreciate the help.
  74. Writing - Junior in College

    **The class is "Communication Development in Children" if you wanted to know!!
  75. Writing - Junior in College

    Good Evening! I am currently struggling to write an...essay of sorts... on an Interview that I held with a child's father. The class is all about language acquisition in children and I don't know how to write up the interview! Any help you can give would be greatly ...
  76. World History

    How are religion and culture connected in Ancient India and China? Please help, I'm so stuck on this!!
  77. AP Environmental Science-Ecosystems

    1. What are the physical products of cellular respiration? a. Oxygen and carbon dioxide b. Nitrogen and carbon c. Glucose and oxygen d. Glucose and water e. Water and carbon dioxide 2. If the biomass of flowers that support the butterflies was known to contain 100,000 units of...
  78. social studies

    why does the colonists have needed help to find and grow find?
  79. physics

    15. During the opening kickoff of a college football game, the kicker kicks a football with an initial velocity of 27.5 m/s at an angle of 41° above horizontal. I. What is the time of flight for the ball? II. How far does it travel before hitting the ground? III. What is ...
  80. physics

    14.To test the durability of a new shock-proof camera, the company has the camera dropped from a height of 15.0 m. Assume air resistance is negligible. How long does it take for the camera to hit the ground? What is the speed of the camera just before it hits the ground?
  81. Math

    If cereal is 2/3, pretzels is 2/5, nuts are 1/5. Ok so you would add them up. 2/3 + 2/5 + 1/5 = well that is your answer. it will not be a answer if their is not a label.
  82. Math

    A snack mix contains toasted oat cereal, pretzels, and nuts in a ratio of 2:2:1 by mass. What mass of each ingredient is needed to make the following amounts of snack mix? a)330g b)210g c)500g d)750g
  83. physics

    A basketball is thrown at 8.00m/s [up] from a height of 2.00m and eventually comes back down to hit the floor. a)assuming a uniform acceleration of 9.80m/s^2 [down], how long was the ball in flight? b) calculate the balls velocity immediately prior to hitting the floor? I need...
  84. physics

    I don't get this. I need to use one of the five key equations for motion with uniform acceleration.
  85. physics

    A basketball is thrown at 8.00m/s [up] from a height of 2.00m and eventually comes back down to hit the floor. a)assuming a uniform acceleration of 9.80m/s^2 [down], how long was the ball in flight? b) calculate the balls velocity immediately prior to hitting the floor?
  86. math

    Can you show me how to convert 39.5 feet into yards, feet, and inches or 47 tsp into gallons, quarts, cups, tbsps, and tsps
  87. Biology

    Stomach acid or Gastric acid is a fluid secreted by the Gastric gland in the stomach.. Its main consituent is HCl hydrochloric acid. The pH vary,from 1.5 to 3.5. HCl is secreted by oxyntic( or parietal).. Due to its secreation, the proteins lose its three dimensional structure...
  88. math

    127nine= 411x solve for x can you show me the steps please
  89. math

    convert 689 base 10 to base 3. Can you please show me this step by step
  90. Math

    write a number in which 5 has the place value thousand, 3 has the place value hundred, and 0 has the place value unit
  91. math

    Tyler used 2989 digits to number the pages of a book. How many pages does the book have? I know that pages 1-9 use 1 digit, total number is 9 Pages 10-99 use 2 digits, total number is 180 Pages 100-999 use 3 digits, 900 pages= 2700 with 25 extra pages Can you help me from here

    In a reaction 6.56g of Zinc reacted with excess dilute Hydrochloric acid Calculate the volume of hydrogen evolved at STP
  93. High school Chemistry

    Choose the correct names of the atoms or molecules. Check all that apply Silicium Carbon monoxide Mercurium Hydrogen chloride Iron Boron monoxide Fluorine Sodium trichloride Molybdenum
  94. Physics

    A metal sphere has a charge of +7.80?C. What is the net charge after 5.97E+13 electrons have been added to it?
  95. Earth space science

    During which step in the Can Crush Lab did water vapor condense inside the can? A. The can was filled nearly to the top with water. B. The can was placed on the hot stove burner for several minutes. C. The can was removed from the hot stove burner. D. The can was placed upside...
  96. Math

    D? I know it wouldn't be A because its not the same
  97. Math

    Is it 10 times the value of 5 to the left? My choices are A. the same value as B. 1/10 value of C. 10 times the value of or D. 100 times the value of?
  98. Math

    In the number 45,569, the 5 in the hundreds place is _________________ the 5 to its left.
  99. English

    A mystery admirer from Ian's office sent the bouquet of flowers. Find the subject and verb.
  100. math

    when the reciprocal of the larger of the two consecutive even integers is subtracted from 4 times the reciprocal of the smaller, the result is 5/6. find integers.
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