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a closed rectangular box whose base is twice as long as it is wide has a volume of 36000 cm^3.the material for the top cost 10 centavo per sq cm,that for the sides and bottom cost 5 centavos per sq cm.find the dimensions that will make the cost of making the box a minimum

fractions and division
Several friends are taking turns flying a kite. Each friend flies the kite for the same amount of time. They spend six hours flying the kite altogether. Explain what information you need to find how long each friend flew the kite.

6/10-7/10 you can't subtract which you would have to regroup the fraction 6/10 you in to 8/10 to make the fraction equal parts so,8/10-7/10=1/10so Larry is 1/10 closer to Briannas house

I have a triangle in a coordinate system(not native english) i have these three points. A: 4,-2 B:-2,-1 C: 4,3 How do i get the height of it in relation BC? And, how do i calculate the total area of the triangle? Made this atm: AB: ((-2)-4)/((-1)-2) = 2; y-2=2(x-1) y = 2*x; BC...

if mBA=44 find the measure of mBA

Physical Sci
its simple its 0