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HELP PLEASE! This is for Connections Academy. Lesson 8, Unit 5: Triangles Unit Test What is the range of possible values for x? The diagram is not to scale.

That would be correct! C is the answer :) Good luck and God bless

Yes, the answer is C. Good job buddy!

3D - more specific and harder to draw, 2D - much easier and provides more details. I sort of dragged it out for you :)

Literature GR11
I have to write a paper on the lost generation, and I am having trouble coming up with a good thesis statement since the subject is so broad. Any ideas?

I think the answer would be A. Pam was well prepared for the debate. (it should be well-prepared). :) Good luck!

Three consecutive even numbers have a sum between 84 and 96. a. Write an inequality to find the three numbers. Let n represent the smallest even number. b. Solve the inequality