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  1. Social Studis

    I can confirm that as of April 27th, 2018 that Kate is 100% correct.
  2. Language Arts

    I did not expect to get this much entertainment visiting this website. gg
  3. Health and Physical Eduacation

    1. True or False: Friends are important because they offer us a sense of belonging, encouragement, and honesty. The Answer is True 2. Which of the following is a good way to deal with negative peer pressure? The Answer is D 3. True or False: Gender roles are less rigid in the ...
  4. science

    Cheetahboy is correct, 3 is B and D. The same goes for Chomper and HobiHoe's answers.
  5. Ela

    1 D 2 True 3 C 4 True 5 B 6 C 7 ACD 8 ABCEG I have no reason to lie to you, so here are the real answers since no one can post the right ones.
  6. Science

    "idk" is 100% correct, for Science 8A - Human Population Growth.
  7. History, Check pls

    [ ]'s are 100% correct.
  8. Science

    NA is correct.
  9. math grade 8/ unit test lesson 13/unit 2

    I would also like to add, even though I know it won't help Chelsea now, that the answer is 9.
  10. math grade 8/ unit test lesson 13/unit 2

    Man, Teachers are real asses on this site. You can't possibly just ask for the measurements, or links to the pictures in question? Why do you greet all of the students seeking help with hostility? Looking for help, or purely answers, that's quite unfair of a "...
  11. SS

    B BD D
  12. Language Arts

    62.5% of your answers were correct. Since I haven't posted a lying answer once, I'll be nice and give people who just want to pass, the right answers. (Believe me or not, I do not care) B D D C D C B A D B B B C C D B Answers for Lesson 18: Dialogue and Discovery Unit ...
  13. Social studies

  14. Health

    My bad, it's: C B B
  15. Health

    a b b
  16. Reading Process LA Q

    B A B A Those are the right answers. I don't know why I didn't look further down before putting in my final answer, guess that's just a bit of my idiocy showing. Anyway, look further down for more recent results. Lesson learned.
  17. Social Studies

    True. Here's a tip: Your question will be highlighted in red if you copy and paste something; if it leads to a website, they will figure you out. Either type it out yourself, or type and change words around. Just making sure that you all don't get in trouble. I don'...
  18. Social Studies

    aBoRt is 100% correct
  19. SS and i need SOS. please help me

    C D C, D 100% Correct. So the person above is correct.
  20. Math

    The most recent correct answers, as of March 2nd 2018, are: B A B C
  21. Math

    Confused is wrong. I don't have the answers yet, so I can't tell you. If I find the time, I will come back with the right answers.
  22. Math

    It's B C B D Always look further down, and don't believe people who post again using a different names saying, "100% *this persons* Answers!!!".
  23. math functions

    D A C B C C D Geometric A These are the right answers. I have no reason to lie to you- If you don't believe me I don't blame you. Good luck.
  24. math help me

    Maddi is still correct as of April 26th, 2018.
  25. Language Arts

    For Lesson 2: Close Reading Workshop: Drama Language Arts 8 B Unit 3: Dialogue and Discovery, these answers are correct: B C B D B
  26. Math

    It's BADC. Just saying.
  27. Language arts

    13. Out of. 18. With the most recent answers given, atleast. To save you the effort, here are the real answers. Trust me or not, I really, don't care. C B D A A ESSAY D B D B C D B B B B C B C You're welcome, to those who decided to believe me. Good luck, in the future.
  28. english

    Mr. Bacon is 100% Correct; A B C A A
  29. algebera

    Nice 60% my man. B A A A B Real answers. Believe me or not. I really, don't care either way.
  30. science 1 question

    Listen up children, if you want all of the correct answers to the test look up the first question on google, and the OR's are really easy. And, if you were a teacher, you wouldn't be on these sites in the first place.
  31. language arts

    Love^^ is right.
  32. Language Arts

    Meow's answers get me a 75%, but I could care less about posting the answers right now. It's not like anybody would believe me anyway. Good luck with whoever you end up going with.
  33. Math Help

    Brady is correct, it would be 112. For anyone attempting to do the 8th grade test.
  34. Can you please check my answers?

    Stop trying to make yourself feel better "haha", everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Oh, and by the way; D B B C D Is correct. Good luck.
  35. math 8th

    C D D B Those are the correct answers.
  36. 2 question

    It's legit BBA, stop trying to mess up people's grades jesus christ.
  37. math --- pls check my work!

    C B C C A These are the most recent answers to: Lesson 6: Area of Polygons Essential Algebra Readiness (Pre-Algebra) B Unit 2: Geometry (I don't lie to people who just want to pass, so you can believe me if you want to).
  38. Math help :(

    B B A C D 100%
  39. Math help

    Crystal is also 100% correct for Unit 1 Lesson 9 Essential Algebra Readiness. For 8th grade, anyways.
  40. Algebra

    C B C C D (BD is wrong, rip my first grade for the semester.)
  41. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please

    BBY is incorrect. I can tell when someone reposted using a different name. Why troll on here when people just want to pass? I got 5/10 with BBY's answers by the way, if you want all of the correct answers "Ethan's bae and I have no friends" answers are ...
  42. Math for Steve or someone good at math

    B D A D D 100% Correct.
  43. geometry

    Don't trust anyone here. The answers are: D A A A B A C Those are the right answers for: Lesson 10: Similar Solids Essential Algebra Readiness (Pre-Algebra) B Unit 3: Measurement Believe me if you want. I could care less. I just know that I'd be happy with someone ...