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280.2726414 round to smallest SF 280

physics 101
a converging lens has a focal length of 10.0 cm. find the location of the image for object distances of a) 40.0cm b) the magnification

human resources
Why did the LRC determine that RAs and CDAs were employees? Do you agree with the LRC decision? Why? Why not?

11th grade
determine the measurements of 5.5 cm

11th grade
determine the number of significant figures in each following measurements

language arts
what is a word that is spelled the same backward and forward like this word:racecar

umm its like Sol is just a colloidal solution or a type of colloid, (of any liquid, solid or gas)any substance. And in Hydrosol is a colloidal solution in which the particles are suspended by the water... like aerosol is suspension of solid or liquid particles in a gaseous ...

Gel is a semisolid mixture of small particles of a solid in a liquid colloid. SOL is a liquid colloidal solution (e.g:Hydrosol is a colloidal solution in which the particles are suspended in water.

well in first 3 both are ok but "IN" is more popular. 5. I want to drink ice tea.

chem again!

chem again!
In 80 gm of NaOH ,how many moles of NaOH are there?

Chemistry :(
ummm Alright, so that means the correct option is C16 H16,yeah? BTW thanks !

Chemistry :(
hello, i would be glad if someone answer to my question fast please as i am having a class test tomorrow. So here's the question: Q:An Alkaline with 16 carbons has a molecular formula of: (a)C16 H16 (b)C16 H34 (c)C16 H8 (d)C16 H32 (e)C16 H48 please tell me which option out...

can some one help me in telling the disadvantages of media? forexample:how is media responsible for spoiling the younger generation?