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  1. Math

    A box is 6 inch by 9 inch by 2 inch. How many square inches of wrapping paper would it take to gift wrap this box?
  2. Algebra

  3. Algebra

    Gina plant a tree of 1m tall when she was in 1st grade, the tree grow 1% every month continuously. How tall will the tree be when Gina graduates?
  4. LA

    Ms.sue can u help me understand what part is happy in this poem Limerick- there was a young fellow named hall, who fell in the spring in the fall; twould have been a sad thing if he died in the spring but he did it he died in the fall
  5. Calculus 2 (math)

    A factory installs new machinery that will save 1250?38x dollars per year, where x is the number of years since installation. However, the cost of maintaining the new machinery is 81x dollars per year. Find the accumulated savings that will occur before the machinery should be...
  6. Middle school digital art and design question

    Alright, thanks for helping!!! :) And yes, It was Analysis
  7. Middle school digital art and design question

    Also, Reed, with all due respect, I feel it's wrong that you would just assume I'm guessing... And no, I do swear I'm not
  8. Middle school digital art and design question

    My text defines it as a 4 step process, with the Analysis Judgement Description Interpretation But, It specifically refers the steps of critique as Description: Be sure to include basic information, such as the name of the artist and when the piece was created, as well as a ...
  9. Middle school digital art and design question

    Hi! So, I need to check just a few MS digital art and design questions (If thats Ok) 1) Which of the following is true of Vincent van gogh A) He was a wealthy artist*** B) Very few people study his work today C) He choose very traditional methods of painting D) His work was ...
  10. Middle school digital art and design questions

    So, I need to check these, thx guys!!! When a artist receives royalty It Is A fee for the use of the art*** The right to create your own art Permission to use someone else's art The cost associated with making a product I think A, But that may be wrong, Idk For literature...
  11. History

    All of the following were Union Army objectives leading to the Battle of Shiloh EXCEPT a. the seizure of major rail lines near the Mississippi-Tennessee border b. the continued control of major rivers in the South c. the continued division of the CSA into two theatres of ...
  12. basic chem HELP

    ITs the addition of .25
  13. basic chem HELP

    Hello I have a couple questions first is How man grams of Fe(OH)3 can be produced by the addition of .25 moles of Fecl3 to 1.2L of a .85M NaOH solution . I know we use the molarity equation MOlarity= moles of solute/ mass of solvent but i keep gettin gthe wrong answer Also ...
  14. Chemistry Basic

    Hello I understand How to do empirical problems, but the way this problem is worded has me so confused. when 1.00g lithium metal is reacted with fluorine gas, the RESULTING COMPOUND has a mass of 3.73g. Calc the emprical fromula of lithium fluoride. I know for lithium i would ...
  15. History

    All of the following were Union Army objectives leading up to the Battle of Shiloh except A. The seizure of major rail lines near the Mississippi-Tennessee line B. The continued control of major rivers in the South C. The continued division of the CSA into two theatres of ...
  16. h

    LOL. I think the answer is C because although they were not affected, they still had slaves in the area, and Lincoln might have been scared of their secession.
  17. History

    Which of the following fears was indeed one that made Lincoln hesitant about the Proclamation of 1863? A. the fear that Virginia and Tennessee would leave the Union B. fears over Republican opposition in Massachusetts and the rest of New England C. the worry over the reaction ...
  18. h

    Which o
  19. History

    Thank you for your help! It was much appreciated :)
  20. History

    The most common argument of pro-slavery radical "fire eaters" was A. That the US should declare war on Britain for allowing runaway slaves haven in Canada B. Those slaves are property and thus the "peculiar institution" is protected by the Constitution C. ...
  21. (One more science Question)

    Thx Ms. Sue, your right!!!
  22. (One more science Question)

    This Is the last one I'm stuck on, I promise, I'm caught between c and d, I think... C right? Because Even If solar power Isn't available at night, Or when It's cloudy, there are ways of storing the energy you get, Right? Which of the following is a problem ...
  23. I have a few science Questions I need checked, Plz

    Lol, Yes, Thanks Damon!
  24. I have a few science Questions I need checked, Plz

    Hi Guys, so, I only have 2 questions, But, I'm a little confused on all of them, could someone check for me One of the ways humans can preserve biodiversity Is habitat destruction habitat preservation*** habitat fragmentation poaching A country comissioner wants to reduce ...
  25. Science Project Question

    Thx Ms. Sue!!
  26. Science Project Question

    Soooooo, I have a science project where I have to either create a house, OR A car, powered by solar energy, and then answer questions like, Which renewable energy sources did you use What are the advantages of using those energies So, I guess I just dont really know where to ...
  27. Philosophy

    What does the following fragments of the "The Birth of Tragedy" from Nietzsche illustrate his thinking? 1) The intimation of the poet is incapable of composing until he has become unconscious and bereft of reason. Optimistic dialectic drives music out of tragedy with...
  28. Everyday World

    Thank you both for your amazing help!
  29. Everyday World

  30. Everyday World

    I feel like because, as you stated, American families tend to not focus on their ancestral relatives and extended family as much as other cultures, we do not necessarily understand the values in our particular culture because we do not connect with our roots as much as other ...
  31. Everyday World

    So, in your opinion, how would a lack of family solidarity affect a culture?
  32. Everyday World

    So, a lack of family solidarity in a culture or in a community results in a loss of the true aspects of a culture? Like the meanings and values of a tradition or custom?
  33. Everyday World

    I believe that family solidarity is the unity and support the family members provide for each other in a household. However, I'm not sure if that is correct, and I can not comprehend the correlation between the lack of family solidarity and culture.
  34. Everyday World

    What is family solidarity, and how can it affect a culture?
  35. Art (I have one more question, if thats ok)

    Oh, I see, so then it would be c, correct?? :)
  36. Art (I have one more question, if thats ok)

    Which of the following would be a use of scale A) creating lines that draw the eye back**** B) placing two objects of similar color together C) putting a small object next to a even smaller object D) Making one side of object brighter than the other side Wouldn't using ...
  37. Art (Forgot to post this in my last post)

    Thanks Haley!! :)
  38. Art (Forgot to post this in my last post)

    Sorry, forgot to post this in my last post When using a green screen for filming, the 3D element would be _______ A) the green screen B) The actor or actress**** C) The specialized software D) The image on the green screen It would be B though, right??
  39. Art

    Thanks Haley!!
  40. Art

    *That long ago
  41. Art

    After doing some googling, I still go with A, because, wouldn't most civilizations not be making 3D art not that long ago??
  42. Art

    True.. So, do you think it would be A then?? :)
  43. Art

    Hi, could someone check this for me, thx :) Why is it harder to find examples of 3D art rather than 2d art in early human history?? A) No early civilizations made 3D art B) 3D art is only part of the digital arts C) People have always perferred 2D art to 3D art D) The ...
  44. History

    So, the answer is C because in the spoils system, everybody was kicked out and replaced by a new team of members.
  45. History

    Thank you so much for you help! You have no idea how helpful this is to me!! Also, for 3, would the answer be D because it is indirectly related to the Specie Circular, which forced all payments for land purchases to be made in gold or silver. This later reduced credit and ...
  46. History

    Hey, everyone! Do you mind helping me check my history questions for accuracy? Thanks! 1. "Living by Faith" by Charles G. Finny is representative of which of the following movements? a. Revivalism b. Transcendentalism c. Nativism d. Deism My Answer: A 2. The "...
  47. History

    Hello, everybody! Do you guys mind checking over these history questions for me? I'm not sure if they are correct. Any help is appreciated! 1. In which of the following cases did Chief Justice Marshall defend the rights of Native Americans against a fraudulent contract? A...
  48. History

    Thank you so much for your patience and help!!!!!!
  49. History

    I read the article you posted, and I am still confused. For the first part, I eliminated A and C and looked for clues that pointed to B and D. However, I can not find any evidence that shows that both the First Great Awakening and Second Great Awakening encouraged reform ...
  50. History

    Never mind! I think I misread the question! I now think that the answer is B because the Second Great Awakening was more widespread and it did spawn more reform movements, but they were both similar because they were hidden from slave populations. Is this correct? :)
  51. History

    Well, I read my textbook and did some outside research before posting my question on Jiskha. I know that the message was hidden from the First Great Awakening, and in the Second Great Awakening, it was masked from the slaves as well because they were told that it was supported...
  52. History

    The Second Great Awakening differed from the First Great Awakening in the following ways EXCEPT a. It was the product of both trained and untrained ministers. b. Its message spawned many reform movements. c. Its message was hidden from slave populations. d. It was more ...
  53. History

    Hello! Thanks for your help, Ms. Sue and Reed. I believe the answer is a, but I'm not sure. Is this correct?
  54. History

    The Second Great Awakening differed from the First Great Awakening in the following ways EXCEPT a. It was the product of both trained and untrained ministers. b. Its message spawned many reform movements. c. Its message was hidden from slave populations. d. It was more ...
  55. Language Arts

    omg i have tears in my eyes this is too funny
  56. math

    Stephanie is a very good soccer player. She can kick a soccer ball with an initial velocity of 21.3m/sec. The function that represents the height of the ball with respect to time is h(x) = -4.9x^2 + 21.3x. About how many seconds will it take for the ball to hit the ground.
  57. Chemistry

    Describe what happens to kinetic energy of the molecules when temperature increases. What type of relationship between exists between kinetic energy and temperature? (direct or inverse)
  58. Math

  59. Math

    Thank you so much! I was debating whether or not I should use a graphing calculator for this problem. Is there a way I can determine if the graph touches or crosses at the x-axis without the calculator in this case?
  60. Math

    Hi! I was wondering if you guys could offer me help on the following problem. I am supposed to find the x-intercepts of this problem, but all of my attempts have failed. I have tried factoring it ,and I tried the Rational Zero Theorem. Thanks for your help! 2x^4-7x^3+11x-4=0
  61. English

    Hi I wrote about my routines.. I would like to know what do you think. Thanks My name is Liz. I am a teacher. I always wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning then I wash my face and brush my teeth. After that, I go out for a walk with my dog in the open field. Then I return ...
  62. English

    In this exercise Use the word given in capital to some word that fits in the gap in the same line. DECISION - When I first met Steve, our senior manager, he seemed to me rather impatient and somewhat (indecisive) especially when it was necessary to take some serious decisions ...
  63. ESSAY

    Dear Writeacher, I wrote again, thanks for your advise. Nowadays, traveling is the kind of activity, which almost all the people love. For some people, it is an opportunity to relax and abstract from everyday busy life and also it is interesting to learn about other cultures, ...
  64. ESSAY

    Dear Writeacher, ESSAY is about what does traveling make you? what does traveling teach you? thanks
  65. ESSAY

    I wrote this essay, i would like to know if is Ok. Thanks Nowadays, Travelling is the kind of activity, which almost all the people love. For some people it is an opportunity to relax and abstract from everyday busy life. For others it is interesting to learn about other ...
  66. English

    Writeacher I don't understand thanks
  67. Easy Math

    Find functions f and g so that f o g = H. H(x)=1/(x^2-5)
  68. Simple Science

    Yes, but I could not find any helpful results. :)
  69. Simple Science

    In science, what is the meaning of the phrase "respective implication"?
  70. Simple Science

    Thank you so much!!
  71. Simple Science

    Are there independent and dependent variables in observational studies?
  72. Math-Trigonometry

    Can someone help me with this problem. -A Ferris wheel has a radius of 37.8 feet. The bottom of the Ferris wheel sits 0.7 feet above the ground. You board the Ferris wheel at the 6 o'clock position and rotate counter-clockwise. A)Define a function, f that gives your height...
  73. Science, Physics

    Assume you are speeding down the freeway at 75 mph. The car weighs 1500 kg and the effective force of the brakes is 14400 N. The car in front of you suddenly slows down, it takes 3 seconds for the car to do so. Your initial velocity was 33.53 and your final velocity is 0. If ...
  74. Science

    Look at the question, B says the chemicals will harm the organisms, and c says It will help benefit the organisms, What do you think the answer Is??? XD B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  75. math

    The store employee works 35 hours per week. Which inequality can be used to find the dollar value, x, of weekly sales that the employee must make to earn more than $400 per week?
  76. Math

    When drawing box and whisker plots, how do you know when you no longer need to draw the whiskers? For instance, in the following data points: 3,42,45,55,56,58,and 84, you do not need whiskers. However, in the data points: 12,35,37,41,53,58,59,91, you do need whiskers. Thanks!
  77. math

    No it stays -8
  78. Pre calc

    A water tower is located x = 375 ft from a building (see the figure). From a window in the building, an observer notes that the angle of elevation to the top of the tower is 39° and that the angle of depression to the bottom of the tower is 25°. How tall is the tower...
  79. Writing

    Please Help me !! Sentence 9: They emphasized the importance of good maternal and child health care, including the administering of vaccines? 1- replace They with it 2- change emphasized to emphasize 3- change the spelling of importance to importants 4- insert a comma after ...
  80. Writing

    I Think 3
  81. Writing

    Sentence 6: Just choosing among handsaws circular saws jigsaws and saver saws can be bewildering. 1- handsaws circular saws jigsaws and saver saws 2- handsaws circular saws jigsaws, and saber saws. 3- handsaws, circular saws, jigsaws, and saber saws. 4- handsaws, circular saws...
  82. Science

    A car is traveling at 8.9 m/s (20mph) in a school zone. A child darts in front of the car. Ignoring reaction time, the car can accelerate (brake) at -4.57 m/s. -How long will it take for the car to stop? -How far will the car travel in that time?
  83. Chemistry

    Consider a 1.0 L container of Neon gas at STP. Will the average kinetic energy, average velocity,and frequency of the collisions of gas molecules with the walls of the container increase, decrease, or remain the same under each of the following conditions? a. The temperature ...
  84. Algebra I

    3 bags of chips and 5 bottles of water cost $31. A chip costs one dollar less than 3 bottles of water. Find the cost of each.
  85. Physical sciences

  86. Calculus

    Differentiate each 1. Y= 1/x + 3/x^2 + 2/x^3 2. Y= x^5(1+ x)^5 3. Y= 4-x^2 / 2x+3 Can someone help me I'm lost
  87. Calculus

    A point moves along the curve y= x^3 -3x + 5 so that x= 1/2 square root t + 3 where t is the time. At what rate is y changing when t = 4? Need some help!!!
  88. History

    I Sure can! (Y'all better thank me, lol, I'm only doing this because It's a pretest!!!) d b c a b b ab (This one actually has 3 answers, isk the third one, lol, I only put a and b in, cuz they're usually 2 answers for these ones....) d a c
  89. Math-Ratios

    In a college library, there are 4 times as many nonfiction books as fiction books. A.Find the ratio of the number of nonfiction books to the number of fiction books. B.How many times the number of nonfiction books is the number of fiction books? C.Suppose the fiction books is ...
  90. Math

    Victoria has a 2-pound package of flour. She uses 2/5 of the flour to make bread. Find the weight of the package of flour that she has left. Express your answer as a decimal.
  91. Social Studies

    Guys, AboRt Is right, and then for 11, I can help u out, lol, It Is (And be sure to change It up, you know, make it your own Issue 1 National and State Governments Federalists Favored a strong central government, with the power to control commerce, While the Democratic ...
  92. Math

    Why is 25 a composite number help!!
  93. Math help please

    solve the equation. then you say what does x mean the answer is Solution 1 Subtract 77 from both sides 5x=10-75x=10?7 2 Simplify 10-710?7 to 33 5x=35x=3 3 Divide both sides by 55 x=\frac{3}{5}x= ?5 ? ?3 ?? Done Decimal Form: 0.6
  94. math

    Shopping: Tax Situation: You are purchasing four items and want to calculate the tax. The items cost $2.50, $8.75, $3.00, and $10.25. The tax rate is 6%. How much is the tax? Calculation With Distribution (Show all steps.) Calculation Without Distribution (Show all steps.) I ...
  95. Math shopping discounts

    is it easeir to use distributive property or nah?
  96. Math shopping discounts

    Situation: You want to buy three books that are on sale at 20% off. The original prices of the books are $2.50, $4.95, and $6.00. How much will you save? Calculation With Distribution
  97. math

    thx for the help damon, and yea I meant at most 35 people. What grade are you in?
  98. math

    Solve each inequality 1. m-7<6= 2. n-8>5= 3. p+5<10= 4. there are 20 students and unknown number of adults, the bus can hold at least 35 people. What is the greatest number of adults who can chaperon?
  99. history

    Articles of Confederation, 1777–1781. The Articles of Confederation served as the written document that established the functions of the national government of the United States after it declared independence from Great Britain.
  100. Literacy

    it would be number one moses is from the bible and tubman is represnted as moses so number one would be the correct answer.
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