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Tom had a board that was 4 ft. 5 in. long. He cut off a piece that was 1 ft. 9 in. long. How much board does he have left?

Social Studies
Why did Alexander the great's empire fall apart after his Death

This was my response: I believe the proportional tax structure is the fairest because with a proportional tax structure, both members of the low and high class pay an equal rate of taxes so with an equal amount of taxes and pay from both classes, no one can complain about the ...

So proportional tax structure?

Which of the tax structures do you think is most fair? Why?

Sex linked traits are carried by both females and males. Females have two X's while males have one X and one Y

What are welfare payments or consumer subsides?

According to the table, what is Ohman's T-Shirt Factory's profit at the profit maximizing point?

What is south african government providingand to whom?

healtheir life style amongst the poor
one of the things it intends to do,is to impose a ceiling on the price of milk

the budget constraint

everything about the budget constraint

Which one of the following would increase income inequality as measured by official Census data and the quintile distribution? A. a doubling of social security retirement benefits B. the elimination of the food stamp program C. the elimination of the TANF program D. reduced ...

David L
When economists say that health care services are overconsumed, they mean that: A. rich people buy too much health care and poor people buy too little. B. some resources now used in the health care industry could produce alternative goods and services that society values more ...

Is it true that if, for example, Euro's purchasing power is bigger than Dollar's if the exchange rate of dollars/euros is greater than 1 ?

A person must decide whether or not to proceed with a particular investment project. If the project succeeds, She will gain $15 million. If the project fails, she will lose $3 million. She estimates there is a 20% chance that the project will succeed and an 80% chance it will ...

Demonstrate how currency traders can leverage a small investment to produce a high rate of return. Check this site. a monopolist should produce (more, less or the same) to increase its profits?

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