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the product of 2 and helena's savings is 34

world hisotry
ive read

world hisotry
world war1

world hisotry
What allied country lost the most troops

World History
I still don't understand

World History
what happened at the second battle of the marne

World History
why do you think france joined the triple entente

1kpa to mmhg

explain how to 1kpa to atm

explain how to convert 814.510 torr to atm

convert 58.8 atm to kPa

English III

Sensor Networks
1)Consider the uniform wireless sensor network topology shown in the picture. Assume the network covers a much larger area than the part shown, extending endlessly for purposes of a middle-sensor such as sensor A. Hexagonal coverage is provided with sensing range r= √3 ...

i understand how u got the 3x but not sure of the 1x

last month mayfield paper comapny sold 58 more than 3 times as many reams of paper a superior comapany if the two companies sold a total of 870 reams of paper how many reams of paper did mayfield paper company sell

Fx = 160 * cos(15) = 155N W.D. = 155 * 400 = 62kN

eakin elementary
positive: 440,800 negative: -280,-640

10th grade biology
hey whats mitosis

5th grade
1\60 of an hour

America Governmetn
historian Henry Adams argues that declining quality of president since Washington disproves the theory of evolution. If the initial president were wrong, why did congress dominate even at that time?

should ACh (acetylcholine) fail to be release in muscle contraction?

12th Calculus
suppose that at any tiem t(sec) the current i(amp) in an alternating current circuit is i=2cost+2sint. What is the peak (largest magnitude) current for this circuit?

12th grade calculus
a marathoner ran the 26.2-mi New York City marathon in 2.2h. show that at least twice, the marthoner was running at exactly 11 mph

HS Calculus/math
x=2sint y=-3cost 0<[smaller and equal to] t <[larger and equal to] pie find a cartesian equation for the parametrized curve what portion of the graph of the cartesian equation is traced by the parametrized curve?