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Social Studies
Connexus is a good school and all but. . .A real pain when it comes to SS

Language Arts
ALL OF YOU!!! KNOCK IT OFF!!! I've never seen such bad behavior! >_< You should all know better!

Ed Tech please help
Hey, Connexus is a great school. I've been doing better than in normal, but I still hate it >.< Don't tell anyone I said that. Thank chu Alex

*Spits out Soda* HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO CUSSING HERE!!!!! WHETHER YOU WANT TO OR NOT, SO DON'T START A FIGHT! *Sighs* I'm sorry Brandon Harley, I'm stuck here too. If I could help, I would :(

Art 7th Grade
smol bean, way to be rude. I'd slap ya' if I had a hand

Art help Fast PLEASE!!
Jazzzmin is correct

Sorry, I go to Connexus. I can't help

Social Studies
Guys....I'm sorry but you don't make any sense. Does anyone have a STRAIGHT answer?

SS Help
Thank you soooooooo much Jane! *Hugz*

Omg *Facepalms* I am so sorry but Myah, sweetie, how do you get Math out of Science? :/ I may be blind but I'm not THAT bad

social studies (NEED HELP QUICK)
C D A I go To Connexus guys, I wouldn't lie about that. I don't want you guys to fail

Social studies
Mega Charizard is right, and the answers are: 1. B 2. B 3. D I got to Connexus

thank you Arpit, and thank you for your good attitude. <3 If I was a teacher, Id give you an A+ for good attitude. Lol

Science (check my answers)
Hey!!! Behave people! But I gotta admit, that was kinda funny XD It's correctly said as "YOU'RE TOTALLY WRONG IT'S I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lol

Please help do by 10:00 Science
Look everyone, I hate to be rude here but . . .Ms. Sue has a point, Tutors can help you FIGURE OUT how to SOLVE the problem. They won't do it for you :/

Clever Steve, ;3 Lol. But HELP!, Steve is right. Change them to decimals then compare, should give you an answer

Social Studies
HELP!, you need to add a bit more info than that. I can't help you :/ Sorry

Language Arts
Thank you James <3

You sure Ms. Sue?

Huh....The question is different. Mine says 15%

I have 0 ideas. Sorry PLEASE HELP! I'm stuck like honey on a cracker, :/

Social Studies
Kai, I know that! And I am way behind, please be right! O,o

Social Studies
Thank u sooo much Person! You rock! <3

geography/social studies
KaLeigh, you are disrespectful! VERY disrespectful! So, why don't YOU read yourself and find the answer. I GO To Connexus, and I am not afraid to lecture you.

Emma and Piggy are both correct! No worries guys and gals, I am not lying. I want to help you guys pass

social studies
I'm sorry Miss Sue but that is not an answer

Social studies
Are you guys sure? I hate to be rude but, if I get this wrong I will be in really deep waters. O_o

Social studies
Thank you Andalyn! *Hugs* You all saved my tail

Social studies
Kat Are you sure that's correct?

D B C Those are right. Please just trust me

social studies
'?'s answers are wrong. I've seen them, and believe me, Sir or Ma'me you got no business helping around here nor even BEING here if your going to throw other students off, whom work hard and want to SUCCEED while YOU. WANT TO GOOF OFF AND PLAY JOKES.

SS-Please Help!!!
EVERYONE STOP FIGHTING!!! We all have different opinions! So just knock it off. >,< I've seen bad behavior but this is ridiculous!

help please english
HEY!!!!! THIS GOES TO ALL OF YOU! Stop fighting and respect each other. No cussing, We're all too young for that. So please, for the love of Ra, and for the respect of Copyright, STOP BLOODY FIGHTING AND START RESCPECTING ONE ANOTHER! That's how I was raised, with ...

Anonymous is 100% correct! <3 <3 <3 Yay! Thank you Anonymous! You seriously saved my neck! 1. B 2. A 3. A 4. B

._. Is correct, Thanks!

Actually jubba, Catwoman is right. Thank you Miss Catwoman! <3

Thanks guys. I swear, if it weren't for you, I'd lose me neck O.o. I'm really bad at school, Only thing I'm not too bad at is L.A.

That's so disrespectful! Simon! I'm ashamed of you! That's not only cheating, that's called stealing! You can go to jail for that sort of stuff

7th Grade Science Help Please
Thank you Lun, you are very nice to be willing to help. <3

First off, STOP CUSSIN'! And who the heck did that? Its annoying!

Science Help Plzz
Thank you Morgan! You Rock! ;3

Thank you guys! :3

social studies
@LOL is wrong I'm right, I hate to be rude but. . Why do you give answers if your not fully sure your correct? :/ I mean no offence.

social studies
Thank you Werido!

social studies
Are you sure you guys are correct? I can't fail this

You don't have to be rude. Stephen may need help, and I wish you would respect that Rosie. >.<

Science Help Please
Thank you sooo much guys! *Kisses for you all* I owe you!

Science Help Please
DeBob222, i'm sorry but you make NO sense. :(

@ZEDD ! No cussing here! Jez!

FNAF fan girl Is wrong. The answer is 1) D -_- Just took the test. I am not lying guys, I want to help you any way I can. I GO To Connections Academy

I also go to Connexus. It's a good school

Social Studies
anonymous is 100% correct! Thank you Anonymous! Love you! Not in. . .That kind of way though O.o

Thank you guys! :3

Love you Lun! As a friend I mean. . .

Please be right Z_Dancing_Donut. I can't fail this

Hanna Is correct

science HELP ASAP!!!!!!!

yaoi king is correct guys! I go to Conexus, took the test, and I got 100% ! Yay! Thank you Yaoi King! ;3

Science help.
Shalee is correct! X3 Thank you guys!

Science-check my answers plz
Thank you Nya! She's correct guys

EVERYONE! PLEASE JUST CALM DOWN! Your all fighting when A student clearly needs help!

Oi! @kaif ! Watch your language and mouth! This is a place for School Help, not somewhere for you to be disrespectful!

Social Studies
I'm sorry but I'm unsure of the answers. Do you go to Connexus? Perhaps I can help you find them, but I'm not completely sure

science help plzzz
Thank you guys! *Hugz* I really needed the help!

U mean Lun Anonoymous? Lol <3 And yes, you guys can trust Lun. They've helped me soo much, THANK U LUN BTW. ???? should be correct as well, the answers fit the questions

social studies
Nashi Dragneel and Leah Lamb are correct. THANK YOU BOTH!

help me plss
Assassin Genius, Thanks buddy! <3