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Was I banned?

computer programing
Man it's been a while since I've done C. Look up scanf. You need to know the data type and the name of the variable you want to store it in (the variable must have already been made). You do that three times for the 3 inputs asked from the user and after that it's ...

Foreign Languages
I don't know, man. I vividly remember the vague memory of hearing my friend talk about shoes that started with the letter c. But then again check and see where the question was posted, cause maybe your test has sections as well. If it's not in the shoes section, then ...

The uncertainties need to have 3 significant digits

I'm trying to solve a Physics problem. I already got the answer correct but I'm unable to do the uncertainties. Can someone please explain how to do in this case? These are the variables used. g = 9.802 m/s2 +/- 0.0005 m/s2 m2 = 951.0 g +/- 2.3 g θ = 31.90º...

Urgent for Chem!
Are there 2 N's on the left side of the equation?

Gr. 3 math
Are you sure this is third grade math? The instructions to "explain your thinking" seems beyond most third graders.