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Does the meaning of written communication change if it is the form of an e-mail, a letter, or a memo? Why or why not? i say yes, but cannot elaborate, can you help?

Having problems with the FOIL for the problem below (5x^8-5)(x^9-4). My answer is 5x^17-20x-5^9-20. please let me know if this is correct. if not correct can you show me what i need to do?

i have very little information in my math book on the following questions. can you either tell me the answer or a link where i can find my own answer. thanks How do you know if a quadratic equation will have one, two, or no solutions? How do you find a quadratic equation if ...

math (tree diagram)
Consider the set of northwestern states or provinces {Montana, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta}. If a person chooses one element, show that in three yes or no questions, we can determine the element. My three questions Is there Salmon, Halibut, and...