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In Ali garden, he wants to build a concrete fountain. So he consults two different companies who provides concrete pours: Alibaba's Concrete (charges $700 plus $20/m^3 of concrete) and Baborina's Concrete ($1200 plus $15/m^3 of concrete). Let x be the totalm^3 of ...

We did not find any results for 'if the solubility of cuso4.5H2O at 30 degree celcus is 25 gram per 100gram of H2O.what is the maximum mass of crystal that will be obtained from 10gram?

Two planes leave an airport at the same time, one flying at 300 km/h and the other at 420 km/h The angle between their flight paths is 75 degrees. Aftar three hours, how far apart are they ? i guss i have to use the equation D= b.h but i cant fit the number in spot can u ...

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