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Here are the answers for Conexus C C A B D

I think I might be on the right track, if someone could let me know if this is correct I would greatly appreciate it. A 51 kg diver is spinning forward in a tuck position at 1.9 rev/s, as shown in Fig. 13-38a. In this position, the diver's rotational inertia is 3.3 kg&...

you know the pH of HNO3 to be 3.4 use pH=-log [] 10^-3.4= ?

the equation will look like this: pH=7.20+log 0.4/0.2 = 7.50 Yes?

Sorry the final pH of the mixture is 7.50, is that correct DrBob222?

pH=7.20+log 0.2M/ 0.4M pH=7.20+(-0.30) pH=6.69 I'm heading in the right direction?

pH=7.20+log0.1M/0.1M pH=7.20

pH= pKa + log 0.1M/0.1M what's the pKa value?

what's the pKa?

if 4 volumes of 0.1M monobasic potassium phosphate, KH2PO4, are mixed with 2 volume of 0.1 M dibasic sodium phosphate, Na2HPO4, what will be the pH of the mixture? What if 4 volumes of 0.1 M KH2PO4 are mixed with 8 volumes of 0.1 M ethanolamine base(pka=9.44) what will be pH ...

CO (g) + Cl2 (g) ↔ COCl2 (g In one experiment, 0.93 bar of CO was combined with 1.01 bars of Cl¬2 in a reaction vessel at 700K. After the system reached equilibrium, the total pressure was 1.24 bars. Calculate Kp0 for the system.

x = 1 1/3

I need to prove that the following is true. Thanks. csc^2(A/2)=2secA/secA-1 Right Side=(2/cosA)/(1/cosA - 1) = (2/cosA)/[(1-cosA)/cosA] =2/cosA x (cosA)/(1-cosA) =2/(1-cosA) now recall cos 2X = cos^2 X - sin^2 X and we could say cos A = cos^2 A/2 - sin^2 A/2 and of course sin^...

What is the common characteristic of the electron configurations of the elements Ne and Ar? Both have eight electrons in the outside shell.

I have a question about The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn. Why are Huck and his father living separately?

what are three advantage of advertising? I can't think of anything. Suppose you owned a new company with a superior product no one ever heard of your product and you needed to help customers learn about its advantages. Or suppose you had to get rid of a lot of unsold goods...

what is the example of institutional advertising? I have tried to find it, but i couldn't. someone please help me. Here's the definition: (Broken Link Removed) A good example is the ubiquitous McDonald's arches. Even very young children associate these arches with ...

what is two example of promotional advertising? There are two broad definitions of promotional advertising: 1. draw customers into a store by featuring items and low prices. 2. giving away items, like bags and pens, with the company's name on them.

has anyone read Richard Cory? if anyone has, tell me why cory shot himself in the head. im really wondering about that. Just because you are rich and educated does not exempt you from depression. In other words happiness does not equate to wealth, beauty, and education. Often ...

what is the significance of the title THE GREAT GATSBY? I really want to know that. There is some irony in putting "great" as a descriptive adjective with Gatsby. Here is a website that may help you. There is a good character description there. http://www.sparknotes....