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  1. Statistic

    Help, thank you very much
  2. Statistics

    It’s been a long road through Stat 2X. Please click on BOTH the options below for a score of 2 points. a)She gave us a couple of free points in each of the previous two courses. b)She’s not going to forget the freebies this time Please, help me.
  3. Statistics

    PROBLEM 1 - "E" and "F"
  4. Statistics

    The questions 2, 3 and 4 are wrong
  5. Statistics

    3) It's b
  6. physics

    A projectile is fired through the air. It is launched from the ground, and travels without interference from wind or air resistance, landing on a raised platform above the field. Compare the following values: 1-Initial speed vs. final speed: 2-Initial vertical velocity vs. ...
  7. math

  8. Statistics

    a) 0.342 b) 0.231 c) 0.625 all are wrong! a) 100 b) 9.1287 Correct! Thank you very much L13!
  9. Statistics

    A gambling game pays 4 to 1 and the chance of winning is 1 in 6. Suppose you bet $1 on this game 600 times independently. 3A - Find the expected number of times you win. 3B - Find the SE of the number of times you win. 3C - Find the chance that you lose more than $50 (that is...
  10. Statistics

    thanks Dave
  11. Statistics

    Plz, does anyone know what is the answer?
  12. Statistics

    2B is 0.40189 is wrong
  13. Statistics

    A group of 30 people consists of 15 children, 10 men, and 5 women. Tom and Jerry are two of the men in the group. Five people are picked at random without replacement. 2A - Find the chance the first person picked is a man, given that the fourth and fifth people picked are ...
  14. mathematic

    C = 0.0909 and 0.6 are wrong
  15. statistics

    thanks a lot
  16. statistics

    OMG!! Have you finished your test?? And are you spending your Sunday here?? You're a loser!! I'm sorry for you because you must be so lonely!!!
  17. statistics

    And even more ridiculous is if u is against to all here, how dare you talk about something because you're here too.
  18. statistics

    I didn't answer 0.8785, It was another person. It's ridiculous for people to be putting false answers here.
  19. statistics

  20. statistics

    It's right
  21. statistics

    SE(D) = 0.8165 is wrong!!!!
  22. statistics

    thank you
  23. statistics

    I know ACB is wrong
  24. Statistics

    Thank you : D
  25. Statistics

    I know 0.75% is wrong!
  26. Statistics

    City A has 1,000,000 people; City B has 4,000,000 people. Suppose the goal is to try to predict the percent of Purple Party voters in a sample. Other things being equal, a simple random sample of 1% of the people in City A has about the same accuracy as a simple random sample ...
  27. Statistics

    E(S) = 67
  28. Statistics

    This E(S) is wrong
  29. Statistics

    Find E(W) is 12, but I don't know the others. Could someone help me?
  30. Statistics

    A simple random sample of 50 students is taken from a class of 300 students. In the class, * the average midterm score is 67 and the SD is 12 * there are 72 women Let W be the number of women in the sample, and let S be the average midterm score of the sampled students. 1 - ...
  31. Statistics

    In roulette, the bet on a “split” pays 17 to 1 and there are 2 chances in 38 to win. The bet on “red” pays 1 to 1 and there are 18 chances in 38 to win. Compare the following two strategies: A: bet $1 200 times (independently) on a split B: bet $1 200 times...
  32. Chemistry

    Thank you
  33. chemistry

  34. statistics

    I know that 35% is wrong!!!
  35. statistics

    the sum of the positive numbers drawn is 240
  36. statistics

    the number of times positive numbers appear is 160
  37. chemistry

    Thank u
  38. Alan

    thnx : D
  39. Alan

    A-B-F is wrong too
  40. Alan

    I organized all the answers don't correct: D C-D A-E-F B-C-D C-D-E C-D-F C-D-E-F A-B-C-D-E-F
  41. Alan

    There's a chance A-C-D-F will be correct, 'cause it was the only combination we don't try
  42. Alan

    B isn't correct too, 'cause glasses consist only ionic bonding.
  43. Alan

    I think it's possible A-C-D-E-F, can be?
  44. Alan

    I tried before C-D-E and B-C-D-E-F, but all the answers were incorrect
  45. Alan

    It's possible, I know that letter B is wrong because glasses consist ONLY ionic bonding.
  46. Alan

    Is it the answer?
  47. Alan

    Someone could try C, D and F? Because it's my last chance.
  48. chemistry

    Thank u : D
  49. chemistry

    Which of the following statements describes why ion exchange of 99% SiO2 - 1% B2O3 in a salt bath of molten postassium chloride (KCl) is not an effective way to increase the surface strength of the glass sample? a) The ion exchange works correctly, however both air-cooling and...
  50. chemistry

    Thank u : D
  51. chemistry

    A glass of composition 85% SiO2 - 15% K2O is to be surface strengthened by ion exchange. To this end, two identical specimens approximately the size and shape of credit cards are soaked for the same amount of time at 850 ∘C. Sample A is soaked in NaCl and sample B is ...
  52. chemistry

    Which of these processes will lower the glass transition temperature of a glass? a) Increase the cooling rate b) Decrease the cooling rate c) Increase amount of network modifier d) Decrease amount of network modifier e) Quench the glass to cool the surfaces quickly f) Decrease...
  53. chemistry

    Glass B
  54. chemistry

    thank u ^^
  55. chemistry