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computer science
Is there a website that explains computer terms and definitions?

I don't know why you said it was perfectly inelastic when is not. Is relative elastic

Which one is correct: As president Bush walked to rhe podium,... or As President Bush walked to the podium,.... Since that is his official title, it would be treated the same way as Mr., or Gen. Cap on Pres

My thesis is: Our nation needs a health care plan capable of addressing the needs of each individual. My Question is: How can I make this into a powerful thesis staement? You could start out by indicating that there is a lack of adequate health care for many individuals in an ...

Can you tell me what type of essay I would be writing in response to this statement: "What, if anything, is significant about an issue--expressed in a claim?" My instructor told us to write an essay to this question. A "claim" is usually the term for the ...

can you tell me what direction to take with this? My essay: During the last century, the average life span of Americans nearly doubled, from 49 years in 1900 to nearly 80 years in 2000. Increased life expectancy and advances in U.S. healthcare means that Americans now live ...

Based on what I have so far, what direction do you think I should go--what do you feel the thesis is about? This will eventually end up 10 pages long. I am concerned that I will not find enough to write about. The assignment is, "What, if anything, is significant about an...

Can you explain the differences in these terms, and the function they serve when writing an essay? thesis and thesis statement central reasoning and central relationship The thesis is your central idea, your main idea, the point you are trying to prove in your paper. The ...

social science
Is iot possible to find out the number of physicians in a given practice--per state? example: how many doctors have a practice in geriatrics in the state of Utah? I found it by state and county, but not just by state.

how can I send material that is only intended for teachers, instructors, etc..and not the world? i don't think you can. you have to copy and paste your material onto this forum and teachers will help you with it. I believe that's the only way. "anon" is right...

May I submit my draft for an essay for your comments? Please put your draft on the board and one of the teachers will be glad to comment.

Please don't post my question or your answer because I do not want others to steal my idea! The only way we have to communicate with you is by posting on our message boards. Sorry. =( I need to learn to type on A computer.

Do you think it is truly possible to get all of the information I would need to write an essay about the sudden "halt" or end of production of electric cars? And, what about the Hybreds? I am apprehensive about this topic because I may not be able to find all there ...

Is there a method of determining if you debit or credit an account? How do you know if you should debit or credit a transaction? If it's a balance sheet accout you need to learn (and mrmorize) which side of the equation i't on, and it's normal balance. Assets ...

which is saltier the gulf of mexico or pacific ocean The more orange, the higher salinity

Can you help me find out any information about this address? My security program identified it as a virus and promptly removed it. Can you help me identify it? ADW_WEBSEARCH.AS STay away from porn sites, this ...

The length of a rectangle is 5 in. more than twice its width.? How do I find the width of the rectangle. duplicate post Divide the length by 2 it's going to be a decimal

The length of a rectangle is 5 in. more than twice its width.? How do I find the width of the rectangle. The length = (2 x width) + 5 inches. Do you have any other information about the rectangle such as the area or the perimeter. I don't think there is enough information ...

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