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Didn't mean to ask but i was really curious and didn't get an answer from researching.Why is physics necessary in becoming a dentist?

I think 1,2,6,7 12 are A 3,4,11 are B 5,8C 9 and 10 are d

1)The branches of rivers within a delta are called:(a)tributaries(b)confluences(c)distributaries(d)meanders 2)All of the following are conditions that m,ust be met so that deltas may form except:(a)steep drop in the sea floor(b)area protected from strong ocean currents(c)...

How does the heart pump blood?

English Literature
Compare my Papa's walta with ana. they are both poems.

English Literature
Each of the poems Ana and My papa's Waltz, write an essay to describe the relationship presented.

1st grade
1)Reproduction 2)respiration 3)Growth 4)Movement 5)Sensitivity or Irritability 6)Nutrition of Feeding 7)Excretion

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