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a curve along the highway is to be banked for traffic expected to move at 80km/hr. find the angle of banking if the radius of the curve is 100 meters

An action movie production team needs glass spheres to hold a green liquid that looks like an explosive. If all of the available 3,392.92 cubic inches of the liquid is to be poured into 30 glass spheres, what should the diameter of each sphere be? Assume that each sphere is ...

Create (give dimensions, not build) a 3-D model. Calculate the total cost if its volume is $3/cm cubed , its suface area is $2.50/cm squared, and its edges are $1/linear cm. The objective is to get $1000 exacly

150=25p what is that anwser

Out of jar with 100 marbles, 49 are blue marbles, 7 are green marbles, 27 are red marbles and 17 are yellow marbles. What is the probability of drawing a red marble?

english language arts
this is what i got for the earlier qeustion 1)f 2)g 3)a 4)a 5)B 6)B 7)A 8)E 9)F 10)A 11)A 12)D 13)h 14)h 15)a 16))f 17)b 18)h 19)h 20)c 21)g 22)a 23)h 24)a 25)b 26)a 27)e 28)b 29)f 30)c 31)c 32)a 33)a 34)c 35)g 36)h 37)g 38)b 39)h 40)a

language atrs
i know what this stuff is my brain isnt clicking right now since its concentrating on the algebra, SAT words quiz for AMerican HIstory, Vocabulary words for language arts, soccer game, tennis practice, then church school

language atrs
that means putting extra weight in how much homework i have to do and study for i can barely keep up with this and also I WILL NEVER GET A TUTOR

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what about the rest its due tomorrow

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oops i meant her's

language atrs
A. singular possessive noun B. plural possessive noun C. singular possessive pronoun D. plural possessive pronoun E. singular verb F. incorrect usage G. singular noun H. plural noun tell me the answers for the following chose from the answers choices above 1) goe's F 2)his...

Im not even sure what this is called, teacher call's it Multi-Step Equation. What are the steps to solve this problem 5X=X-12 AND X/3+5=14