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It takes Jenna 60 min to drive to work in the morning. She drives home using the same route, but it takes 25 min longer, and, averages 20m/hr less than in the morning. How far does Jenna drive to work?

A steel washer is suspended inside an empty shipping crate from a light string attached to the top of the crate. The crate slides down a long ramp that is inclined at an angle of 40 ∘ above the horizontal. The crate has mass 162 kg . You are sitting inside the crate (...

Two 50mL beaker. One contains 50mL of 1.0M PbSO4 and the other contains 10mL of 0.1M Pb(NO3)2 added with 40mL of .10M KI. What is the Ksp of PbI2?

Ksp=[Pb][I]^2 [Pb]=.10M*(10ml/(40mL+10mL+50mL)=.01M [I]=.10M*(40/(40mL+10mL+50mL))=.04M Ksp=1.6E-05 This is what i got

Into the cell assembled, Cu(s)l CuSO4, 0.01M ll CuSO4, 1.0M l Cu(s)...was added 10mL of concentrated 6M NH3

if the perimeter of a rectangle is 140m what would the length and width be

No she was doing like for the first equation for temp = (0-(-79)) and for the second equation for temp = (100-57) or something.

How much heat (in Joules) is needed to raise the temperature from -79oC to 57oC for 31.5g of water? I remember my teacher using different temperatures for each equation, can someone show me what that is? thanks.

What is the value of charge of a body that Carries 20 excess electrons

sara ran 1 2/5 miles around track. this was 5 /8 of distance around the whole track. what is the distance around the track?

Log base 10 of 9 = 0.95. Log base 10 of 2 = 0.30. Find log base 10 of (20/9)

C = 50h + 200 Cost = how many hrs they work times price per hr. + initial fee of 200

25x - 12

So if I submit my work that I already turned in, could I have help with corrections? I even have the feedback just don't know how to make the right corrections to it. Doing horribly in this class.

True or False? -7 < -6

The pH of a buffer prepared from .30M H2X2O4 and .15M Na2C2O4(Ka of H2C2o4 is 5.6x10^-2

try finding the Moles/liter first. convert the 25.0mL to Moles/L. See what cha come up with.

Physics 11
A river has a current of 5 m/s. A boat tries to head directly across at 4 m/s. When the boat reaches the other side it is 30m downstream. How wide is the river ?

child development
how to help depressed mothers and babies

using the financial statements of landry's restaurant located in appendix a of the text fundamentals of financial accounting 1st ed by phillips libby and libby compute the following ratios for 2002 and 2003 a. earnings per share b. return on Equity c. current ratio d. ...

allied health
When you do a puch up from the floor, what kind of movement describes the motion of your elbow?

what do the acronyms f-a-t-s and p-l-a-n in regards to the food pyramid stand for?

A sample of helium gas has a volume of 900. milliliters and a pressure of 2.50 atm at 298 K. what is the new pressure when the temperature is changed to 336K and the Volume is decreased to 450. milliliters? a- 0.177 b- 14.1 c- 5.64 d- 4.43

What is the molarity of a solution that contains 0.50 mole of NaOH in 0.50 liter of solution? a-0.50 b-0.25 c-2.0 d-1.0

grass:lawn::toss:? answer Throw