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Okay, I got it- I took that quiz!!!! 0.57 is a rational number because it can be expressed as the quotient of two integers: 57 ÷ 1. It can be written as a fraction, 57/100

i don't know i am having the same problem on this question sorry

I am actually an ice skater! the first three sentences are all correct. 4 and 6 are correct.

20 + 13 + 6 = 39, which is the total number of people. 13 + 6 = 19, this tells us how many democrats and independents there are. So of the 39 people, 19/39 people are either democrats or independents

At a political rally there are 20 republicians, 13 democrates, 6 independents. If a person is chosen at random what is the probability that a) the person is either a democrate or and independent?


algebra 1
I agree, there IS something missing. Sorry!!!

a whale comes to the surface to breathe and then dives at an angle of 20 degrees below the horizontal. if the whale continues in a straight line for 150 m, how deep is it, and how far has it traveled horizontally?

Good Reads? 6th and 7th grade
Bloomability Walk two Moons Absolutely Normal Chaos Hunger Games Series Percy Jackson Series Harry Potter Series The Sisters Grimm Mandy The Wanderer Hoot Flush Miracles on Maple Hill

derivative of ((Sqrt(x+3y)+sqrt(3xy))=(sqrt(21)+sqrt(90)) at point (6,5)google


math 8th please help
It is strange that i am in 7th grade and I know this and you do not.... Choosing a girl at random is more likely to happen because there are 5 more girls than boys.

7th grade
Ya this is math, not science

Sorry, I am in 7th grade, but I have no idea what that homework is. I have never heard of it.....sorry! Good luck, though.

7th grade
Christian, I can do them! 7,500 = 7.5 x 10^3 75000000 = 7.5 x 10^7 Sorry - don't know that last one.

You throw a ball straight down from an apartment balcony to the ground below. The ball has an initial velocity of 4.50 m/s, directed downward, and it hits the ground 2.04 s after it is released. Find the height of the balcony.

The brakes are applied to a car traveling on a dry, level highway. A typical value for the magnitude of the car's acceleration is 5.35 m/s2. If the car's initial speed is 29.1 m/s, how long does it take to stop and how far does it travel, starting from the moment the ...

An elevator is initially moving upward at a speed of 11.04 m/s. The elevator experiences a constant downward acceleration of magnitude 3.84 m/s2 for 3.06 s. (a) Find the magnitude and direction of the elevator's final velocity. (b)How far did it move during the 3.06 s ...

A baseball player hits a line drive. Just before the ball is struck, it is moving east at a speed of 43.2 m/s (97 mi/h). Just after contact with the bat, 9.30 10-4 s later, the ball is moving west at a speed of 52 m/s (116 mi/h). Find the ball's average acceleration. ...

A car travels at an average speed of 83.2 km/h for 1.00 h and then at an average speed of 42.4 km/h during a second hour. What is the car's average speed during the 2.00 h interval? A car travels 0.98 km at an average speed of 83.2 km/h and then 0.99 km at an average speed...

Cultural Diversity
I need help with ETH 125 Week 5 Day 7 Assignment: United States-Centric Views Comparison. I attend Axia online college. Thank you.

life science
life science is the studies of all living thing and how they interact >< ...

life science
life science is part of the three branches of science life science is the studies of all living things ?>< -

please do not use caps, as it makes it harder to read and it comes across as shouting. Thanks.

what does pre-algebra mean??
Pre-Algebra is basically preparing you for Algebra. Pre-Algebra teaches you Order of Operations, Properties of Numbers, Rational and Irrational Numbers, Exponents, PEMDAS, ect.

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