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Consider all 3-term geometric sequences with first term 1 and with common ratio the square of an integer between 1 and 1000. How many of these 1000 geometric sequences have the property that the sum of the 3 terms is prime?

A ball bounces vertically on the ground after being thrown vertically up into the air by a boy standing on the edge of a building

Physics 2
A converging lens with a focal length of 19 cm is used to form an image on a screen that is 3.3 m to the right the lens. Where must the object be placed? ____m to the left of the lens?

A concave mirror has a focal length of 20 cm. What is the magnification of an object placed 128 cm in front of this mirror?

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To become an artist, it is generally the case that your most important first challenge is A. mastering the skill of abstracting. B. deciding to live your life for art. C. differentiating between design and composition. D. learning to see the truth in what you observe

problem solving
1) Three generations the grandson is about as many days old as the son is in weeks. The grandson is approximately as many months old as the father is in years. The ages of the grandson, the son, and the father add up to 120 years. What are their ages in years.

Scientific psychologilst are among the leat likely to believe in psychics, palmistry, astrology, and other paranormal phenomena. why might that be