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A falling stone take 0.2s to fall post a window with. Hight 1m from how far above the top of window stone dropped

A model rocket is launched straight up from ground level with a speed of 34.2 m/s. Assuming that the only force acting on the rocket after launch is the force of gravity, a. How fast is the rocket going when it reaches a height of 22.5 m? (3 marks) b. How long does it take the...

When 100 is added to a number,the result is 50 more than 3 times the number find the number


physics 11
i don't know teacher?

physics 11
A 1000 kg car travelling at 25m/s south collides head-on with a 2250 kg car travelling at 10m/s in the opposite direction. They stick together after collision. Which way does the wreckage move? What is their final velocity?

6.71m/s at 63.4 s of east

a carpet is on the floor 8m by 5m . area of border on the carpet is 12m squared.find width and length of carpet. can we use heron'S FORMULA in this?

floor of aroom is8mby 5m .area of border of carpet is 12 m squared.find width of border.


A person stands in front of a mirror at an amusement park. the person is left of a mirror. the mirror shows an upright image of the person that seems to be 4.0 meters behind the mirror. assume the image is 3.5 times the person's height. a) is the image virtual or real ? ...

The spring shown in figure is unstreched when a man starts pulling on the cord.The mass of the block is M.If the man exerts a constant force F.Find:-1.The amplitude and time period of the motion of thae block,2.The energy stored in the spring when the block passes through the ...

I mean 51.


write and solve an inequalit for the following. Flix Theater has a reduced ticket price for children who are at least two years old but less than 13 years old. The same price is given to seniors who are at least 65 years old. Also model these ranges on a number line.

One side of a right triangle is known to be 45 cm long and the opposite angle is measured as 30°, with a possible error of 1°. (a) Use differentials to estimate the error in computing the length of the hypotenuse. (Round the answer to two decimal places.)

an instrument which we cant touch or see but when it plays,it captures our mind

he is hoping for whirled peas

what is surplus demand

social studies
What is capital of India Scroll down a bit and read the information in the column on the right. =) New Delhi.

what are the characteristic features of force? i need help

What are some behavioral characteristics northern mammals have developed to deep snow? Please check the Web sites that Lance and I posted in response to Help's last question about northern animals. (Broken Link Removed)