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Art help Fast PLEASE!!
It was right! Shape is correct! thanks reiny!

Would it be space? it wouldn't be color because it is black and white.. right?

So the 1st is wrong?

I reallllllllllllllllllyyy neeed helppppp

Art help Fast PLEASE!!

Art help Fast PLEASE!!
(Go to google and type in city street by herman merli It is the first image(black and white buildings) Which element of art is most evident in the drawing of these buildings? color shape space perspective*** 2. (Go to google and type the willows of marissel by jean baptiste) ...

One more Question helpppp plz!!
It would!

One more Question helpppp plz!!
When you divide a number by 1/2, the result is A) half the original number.*** B) twice the original number. C) 50% of the original number. D) 100% of the original number.

Ms Sue
Can you check my HELP PLZ post and my student survey plz?

I get it sorry
It's B! Right?

I dont get this
And look at Reiny's post: We can only add "like" terms, so the b's go together and the c's go together -0.8b + 4.1c -(-3.2b) - 0.1c = -0.8b + 4.1c + 3.2b - 0.1c = 3.2b -.8b + 4.1c - .1c = 2.4b + 4c

I dont get this- Ms Sue
What does 10.8 (b) what does (b) mean and (c)

I dont get this
-0.8b + 3.2=2.4 (b) 4.1c - 0.1=4 (c)

I dont get this Ms Sue*
Can you also check my student survey plz?

I dont get this-m==Ms Sue
2.4b+ 4c d?

I dont get this
Simplify: -0.8b + 4.1c -(-3.2b) - 0.1c A) -2.4b + 4c B) 2.4b + 4c C) 2.4c + 4b D) 2.4b - 4c

Help PLZ!! Ms Sue!

Help PLZ!!
consider the steps to simplify the expression. Which property is used to reach Step 3? Expression: -4 3 7 + 7 + (-3 4 7 ) Step 1: = -4 3 7 + (-3 4 7 ) + 7 Step 2: = -4 + (- 3 7 ) + (-3) + (- 4 7 ) + 7 Step 3: = -4 + (- 3 7 ) + (- 4 7 ) + (-3) + 7 Step 4: = -4 + (-1) + (-3) + 7...

Math Survey

Math Survey
James wants to find out the favorite movie of students in his school. Which method would give James the BEST results? A) survey every student on the football team B) survey every student that walks to school C) survey only students who go to the movie every week*** D) survey ...

Math again
Thank you!

That's what I did: 27.60/24 right? That's 1.15

Math again I get it now

Math again- That's not right
It couldn't be D because that more than 27 jars 27.60/24=1.15 24/27.60= 0.86956521739(rounded 0.87) Which one would it be?

Wait Rieny I need your help
Wait it is D right?

Math again-Jack
Jack what does that mean?? Thanks REINY for your help

you would divide 24 by 27.60 right?

Math again
Just looked up the word illogical lol.. It would be D but how?

Math again????
What do I do to figure this out? I divided 24 by $27.60

Math again
Winnie the Pooh goes to the honey store to buy a case of honey for the winter. The case of 24 jars of honey cost $27.60. What is the cost of each jar? A) $0.87*** B) $1.00 C) $1.15 D) $62.40

Thanks Reiny

3 , 36/12 so it would be x/12

Which expression represents how many years are in x months? A) 12x B) 12 + x C) x/12 D) 12/x***

606.00 1018.00-606.00= 412.00 but how did you get 84,372 and 44???

Jerry had $1,018.00 in savings. last week he spent $84.00 on a desk and $372.00 on a computer from his savings. this week at a part time job sacking groceries jerry earned $88.00 and put $44.00 of it back into savings. how much more money does jerry need to put into savings to...

Thank you

National Oil Company reported a net loss last year of $14 million. This year their net gain is $65 million. How much more money did they make this year than last year? A) $79 million B) $65 million C) $14 million D) $51 million***

The statement above says "Simplify this problem"

4 + 3(10 - 2^3) A) 8 B) 10*** C) 11 D) 12

Math helpppppp

Math helpppppp
thanks can I ask another?

Math helpppppp
A lion's heart beats 12 times in 16 seconds. How many heartbeats will it have in 60 seconds? A) 3.2 heartbeats B) 36 heartbeats C) 45 heartbeats*** D) 60 heartbeats

algebra (check work)
a camera car with a crane is used to film a movie. the crane's max. height is 18ft and the min. height is 4ft. write a compound inequality that describes the possible heights of the crane. 18≥x≤4

z = x + y / 2 solve for y

1. 45 * (3/100) = 1.35 2. 125 * (44/100) = 55 3. 64 * (95/100) = 60.8 4. 15.4 * (2/100) = 0.308

Quantitative methods
How do I plot following constrains in graph. 1. w + 4 s <= 20 2. 8 <= w <= 26 and 3. 2 <= s <= 5 I could find coordinates for constrain 1 as (3,8) and (2,12)

A friend gave me 1/2 a candy bar and i ate 1/5 of it. How much did she eat?

Chem AP help!
ok the Eo value for Zn is -0.763 and for Cu its +0.337

Chem AP help!
i've calculated it and its right (this is a webassign problem) so i know that's right...the masses were given

Chem AP help!
A zinc-copper battery is constructed as follows at 25°C: Zn | Zn2+(0.15 M) || Cu2+(1.70 M) | Cu The mass of each electrode is 150. g. The cell potential when the cell is first attached is 1.13V How long can this battery deliver a current of 5.00 A before it goes dead? I ...

maybe the splinters? since each splinter would take less energy to get ignited vs the whole logs

what is different between staffing and HRM?

#include <iostream> using namespace std; class Rectangle { private: int width, height; public: Rectangle(int width=0, int height=0) : width(width), height(height) { } int getWidth() { return width; } int getHeight() { return height; } }; istream& operator>> (...