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How many different four digit numbers can be made from the digits 1 through 7 if no digit is repeated

The mass of a satellite is 2 Kg. Assuming that the mass is evenly distributed throughout the satellite, calculate the moments of inertia about the X, Y and Z axes.

Lorenzo has a jar with 21 green olives and 15 black olives in it. If he takes two olives out of the jae with replacement,what is the probability that the first olive will be black and the second olive will be green?

If a hollow metal cylinder of radius r is rolling towards a circular bump of height h. calculate the minimum speed needed to progress over a circular bump.

Write the equation for the reaction associated with the Ka2 of sulfuric acid, H2SO4. Write the equation for the reaction associated with the Kb2 of carbonate, CO32–.

consumer math
John Tucker is interested in purchasing stock. He wants to determine the costs.

(d)are the strategies that you listed in step(c)equally viable? might any of them yield a solution to the problem more readily than others? if so, why?

how an I tell if this is a circle or an ellipse? also, how am I supposed to solve it? -x^2+2y^2+8x+3=0 I answered a similar question for Jordan last night at 11:20 divide your equation by -1 to make it start with a positive x^2 term. At this point you should realize that it is...