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Manny has a piece of ribbon that one third yard long. He cuts it into two equal length to make bookmarks .how long is the piece of ribbon?

Common Core Math II A-CR
A firework is launched into the air from ground level with an initial velocity of 128 ft/s. If acceleration due to gravity is –16 ft/s2, what is the maximum height reached by the firework?

h school

structural design
ASHI standards require a home inspector to identify and describe the type of structure and materials of construction before A. testing systems scientifically. B. evaluating each system. C. establishing value. D. reporting remaining usefulness.

I can't figure it out but heres the story problem. "Speedy printing charges $30 for 200 deluxe business cards and $45 for 500 deluxe business cards. Calculate the cost for printing 700 deluxe business cards.

a flagpole is 25 feet tall. a truck runs into the pole and bends it at the very bottom of the pole but the rest of the pole remains straight. after the accident we measure the angle of elevation to the top of the pole from a point 30 feet from the base of the pole in the same ...

e relative to the ground. The airplane’s speed relative to the air is 77.9 km/h. Answer in units of km/h

11th grade
taylor's window is 6 feet off the ground and the sidewalk is 25 feet from his house

10th Grade Honors Chemistry

I need to know how to find the mean,mode,median and range of a set of numbers

finding the area in square feet

rules on adding and dividing fractions

list of most popular homophones