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Can you explain how matter and energy are continuously transferred between organisms and their physical environment? All help welcomed, I'm willing to be directed to links etc thank you! Im truly stumped here i know it probably has to do with the carbon cycle I'm just ...

The second term, the fifth term and eleventh term are in a Gp.if the eleventh term is 4.Find the difference between the sums of each progression

Under standard conditions, the Gibbs free energy of the reactants G,std(reactants) in a redox reaction in aqueous solution is 360.65 kJ and the Gibbs free energy of the products G,std(products) is 158.14 kJ. The number of moles, n, of electrons transferred in the redox ...

Business Stats
In a maths class the bottom 16% of student are given an F grade. If the class mean is 63 and standard deviation is 18, what score must a student get to pass?

i really need help! 6z=4(1/2z-8) I really don't know what to do

Templeton Extended Care Facilities Inc, is considering the acauision of a chain of cemeteries for $450 million. Since the primary asset of the business is real estate, Templeton management has determined that they will be able to borrow the majority of the money needed to buy ...

comment on this statement "The mean loss for customers at the first State bank (which is not insured) was $150.00 the standard deviation of the losses was -$125.00"

comment on the statement "The mean loss for customers at the first State bank (which is not insured) was $150.00 the standard deviation of the losses was -$125.00"

The mean loss for customers at the first State bank (which is not insured) was $150.00 the standard deviation of the losses was -$125.00

the mean loss for customers at first state bank (which was not insured) was $150. The standard deviation of the losses was -$125

College Algebra
What is the commutative law of addition to find an expressoon equivalent to 5m + 9n

what is the range of this data 36 75 63 49 83 46 54 79 ?

what is the range of this data 36 75 63 49 83 46 54 79 ?

two packages at ups start sliding down the 20 degrees ramp. package a has a mass of 4.5kg and a coefficient of friction of 0.2. package b has a mass of 8.5 kg and its coefficient of friction is 0.13. how long does it take package A to reach the bottom if the distance in 2m?

The word equation for Iron and Sulphur

No one has ever returned from that desert. (is the verb transite or intransitive and why)

the measure of a straight angel is 180

Math-please help!!
I didn't get the answer I wanted so make Dr. Abbas put the answer on board.

College Physics
When you lift a bowling ball with a force of 86 N, the ball accelerates upward with an acceleration a. If you lift with a force of 96 N, the ball's acceleration is 2a.

Thank you very much!

Find all the ordered pairs of integers such that x^2 - y^2 = 140 Any help or explanations would be wonderful!

which of the following best transmits light? a. pair of eyeglasses b. black construction paper c. a wooden door d. a concrete wall

I need to enclose a section that is 250 square ft with a fence that cost $1.50 per yard, what dimension would i use to minimize the cost?

i need to enclose a 250 square ft section with a fence that cost $1.50 per yard what dimensions would I use to minimize the cost?

There were 29 students who completed a survey. There were 15 boys and 14 girls. One survey was picked at random. To the nearest hundredth, what is the probability it was completed by a girl? A.0.48 B.1.93 C.0.52 D.0.93

The visitors call me a baby. Les visiteurs appellant moi un bebe. Is this correct?

79): Find the area of the sector of the circle. Radius: 2.5 feet. Central Angle: 225 degrees. I multiplied (1/2)(25/4)(5pi/4), and I got 100pi/16, which reduced to 50pi/8 when I halved it. I reduced that to 25pi/4 or 19.63. But the book's answer is 12.27. How'd I mess up?

Use the Law of Detachment to draw a conclusion. If the measures of two angles have a sum of 90 degrees, then the angles are complementary. measure of angle A + measure of angle B = 90. Could someone help explain the Law of Detachment so I can understand it better? And also, ...

Hello, I have two questions that I've been working on, but I don't know how to get the answer...something similar is going to be on the test so I hope I can get some help, thanks! 1) At what angle does the tangent line to the wave y=cosx at periods (pi/3, 1/2) and (-pi...

religious education
who was he and what did he do?

Is odor a physical property? I would think it would be, but then again odor is caused by chemicals.

Factor. 3a^2 - 10a + 8 Thank you! :-)

Cultural Diversity
What are two characteristics of Orientalism?

can somebody make it clear please !!!!!!

Physcial science
If the temperature of a gas is increased, its volume is a) reduced by half b) reduced by one fourth c) doubled d) increased Look up Charles' Law.

Draw each kind of cloud. Tell what kind of weather each type brings

How do I find profits? Money taken in - costs= Profit. That is pretty simplistic, but the good answer to your question depends on exactly how you are asking it: what are the givens, the costs, and how is money and when is it counted.