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Social Studies
thanks guys you all were right you don't know me but i made a 100

A KWL chart

Language Arts
thanks i got a 3/3 to

Advanced Algebra
If the number m, 4m-8, m^2-6 are the first three terms of an arithmetic sequnce, what is m? I don't know what equation to start with. I tried getting the m from 4m-8 which is equal to 2 but the answer is different on m^2-6. Most likely my method is wrong. What should I do ...

Advanced Algebra
• In how many ways can a chairman, a vice chairman, a secretary, and a treasurer be selected from a committee of ten people? Is it right that i used the equation 10!/4! ? I don't know if the answer 151200 is correct. Can someone help me? Thanks!

what is H2PO4 and what type of bonding is it?

Hello. I'm suppose to examine the "winged genie fertilizing a date tree" and explain the elements of art found in the work, one particular element that helped with the overall success of the artwork, and explain what type of movement is shown in the work. The ...

Can you please show me how to measure 1.19 cm on a ruler

science (please help)
How do I solve for T? PI(67.2/2)^2*T*13.6g/cm^3= 5lb*435.6g

A solution is prepared by adding 50 mL of .050 M HCL to 150 mL of .10 M HNO3. Calculate the concentrations. I know I need to find the [H+] and [OH-] but im not sure how.

health and social
helppp .. what does health and social acttually meann ??

1. Why must DNA be able to make copies of itself? 2. Define DNA replication? 3. What is the first step that must occur in DNA replication?