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1. Choose the most logical answer for this question: ¿Dónde está el teclado? (1 point) El teclado está en el ratón. El teclado está debajo del ratón. El teclado está al lado del ratón. El teclado está encima...

Ed Tech
Thank you so much!

Ed Tech
What does the code of conduct include? A. A secret code for internet users B. The conduct that should be used with a code C. A set of rules for behavior when using the internet D. A rule that tells you the code I think C Thanks!

Math Plz help ASAP
1-B 2-C 3-B 4-A I just took the assessment and got them all right

I have presentation on Purchasing candels and i want to make sure what am presenting is right. Please tell me what i have is right or wrong. Thanks! 1) Identify 3 main tasks/responsibilities of purchasing: Personnel and comparing assistance nedded. 1) Get the best deal, ...

I have project and i would really appreciate if you help/tell me where i could find these questions, thanks! Please am confused just tell me a ways to do it! 1)Identify three main tasks/ responsibilites of purchasing 2) Identify &explain 5 communication competence needed for ...

This is the question: a certain factory makes bikes and trikes. Seats come in boxes of six. The workers hate to have any leftovers at the end of their shift. If 59 wheels have been sent by the home office, how many boxes of seats should be ordered?

algebra with pizazz pg 40 riddle
thank u for giving me the answer to my homework!!

GCSE geography
Examples of how has technology aided the spread of globalisation. thankyou

Math (quick)
absolute value

thanks so much for helping me with my english i appreciate it . :)

thanks for that link. i thought i would show you what my homework is and ask you if possible to check that its right. My homework is to put capital letters in the right places. this is how ive done it. Lara Smith is a General in the Galactic Police.She fights against the evil ...

i am learning about capital letters in English and i need to write a sentence about Earth. i was just wondering if planet has to have a capital letter. Planet Earth or planet Earth which is right? thanks!

thankyou for answering my question its helped me alot .

Do you have any history tutors that could help me?. i am doing an essay about George Stephenson. Mr Huskisson death when he was killed by george stephenson`s train i need the date that it happened. ive looked on different sites but they have different dates. 15th sept 1830 and...

do it urself