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Survey of Mathematics
Suppose a car rental agency gives the following choices: Option A: $30 per day plus 40 cents per mile Option B: flat $50 per day (unlimited miles) At what mileage are both rates the same if you rent the car for 3 days?

math count warm up
i still don't get it

Happiness, sadness, and fear are examples of blank emotions. A. Learned B. Primary C. Secondary D. Innate Is the answer A?

An oven is a technological system. Which of the following describes an input into this system? A. Setting the temperature B. Burning gas releases heat. C. A thermostat monitors the temperature and increases the gas flow when the temperature falls too low. D. A cake is baked Is...

social studies
How did the Protestant Reformation in Europe influence the settlement of North America? A. European settlers of different religions choose to establish new colonies in order to spread their faith and practice their beliefs. B. religious thinker John Calvin was a prominent ...

Ed. Tech
After creating a column heading and/or typing text within a column, what must you do to move text to the next column? A. Add a column break B. Select the next column and start typing C. Highlight the next column D. Change the page orientation Is the answer A?

I answered this already. Should you multiply the answer in letter b to 2? QUESTION: Phil Younghusband is a sensational striker of the Philippines National Football team Azkals. An avid fan of his claims that Phil can kick the football and give it an initial speed of 50 m/s. If...

Two students perform a simple experiment. One flicks a dime from the edge of a table. At the same instant, the other student drops a quarter from the same height. Ignoring air resistance, which coin strikes the floor first? Explain why. My own answer.. is this right? "in ...

firstly write a program to accept the number of telephone calls made by a customer and the print out the rate in cents. secondly define a structure employee with name, category , salary, tax as a member. read the name category and salary of employee and calculate the tax as ...

Language Arts (CHECK ANSWERS)
Please help :( I'm running out of time !

Language Arts (CHECK ANSWERS)
1. You already know that Anansi is a trickster. What does this tell you about the outcome of the folktale? (1 point) A: Everything will turn out the best possible way for all the characters. B: Everything will turn out the best possible way for Anansi. C: Anansi’s ...

Equation : 16 - 4 = ? Answer : 12 Good luck !

Yea 1)D 2)A 3)B 4)A There correct, just did it :)

Life Orintation
Maths, geography life sciences and physical science

There are 40 students in a class. Girls make up 60% of the class.25% of the girls wear glasses. How many girls wear glasses?

South America
is this true or false To accurately label exact locations on a map, geographers go to that specific location answers.

business math
who work 48 1/2 hours of pay $15

How do I subtract this?
I'm sorry I had to pester you with a problem like that, but my algebra is extremely weak. I understand it now though. Thank you very much! :)

How do I subtract this?
How would I subtract this? [(8)/(x+h+8)] - [(8)/(x+8)]

Find the derivatives of: 1. H(x)= sin2xcos2x The answer given is 2cos4x. My question is, how in the world did they get that!? Shouldn't the answer at least contain the sin function, either negative or positive seeing as it's the derivative of cos? Also, which rules are...

What is science is the question and btw Im in grade 8 so could u plz give an answer according to that like explain what is science first and then wht r its branches plzzz!!!

Algebra 1
Write 8 more than T as an algebraic expression

well, B is wrong.

Nickel (II)

you heat 4.31 grams of a nickel 2 phosphate hydrate. You heat to a constant mass of 3.09 grams. What is the formula of this hydrate?

I have a test in about an hour and a half and am having some difficulty on the review the teacher gave us to help us prepare. Any help would be great! *Convert the polar equation to a rectangular equation. rsin(theta - Pi/4) =5 -The answer is given as y= x+5sq.rt.2 Also, I ...


AP Physics B
A soap bubble of index of refraction 1.43 strongly reflects both the red and the green components of white light. What minimum film thickness allows this to happen? (In air,the wavelength of red light is 703 nm, of green light 502.143 nm.) Answer in units of nm

life orientation
State media onwership

AP Physics
Momentum One of those Civil War cannons is fired. The Cannon has a mass of 873kg It fires a 35.0kg cannon ball at a velocity of 145 m/s at an elevation angle of 35.0 degrees. The length of the barrel is 2.10m. (a) What is the recoil velocity of the cannon?(b)What is the KE of ...

thnk u

how were volcanoes formed ?

Find all real solution of the equation sin^2x = -2+2cosx

Find all solution of the trigonometric equation 3cosθ-√3=0 for θ in degrees.

AP Physics B
A penny of mass 3.1g rests on a small 28.2g block supported by a spinning disk of radius 12cm. The coefficients of friction between the block and disk are .73 (static) and .64 (kinetic) while those for the penny and black are .6 (static) and .45 (kinetic). What is the maximum ...

AP Physics B
An air puck of mass 0.102 kg is tied to a string and allowed to revolve in a circle of radius 1.06 m on a horizontal, frictionless table. The other end of the string passes through a hole in the center of the table and a mass of 0.78 kg is tied to it. The suspended mass ...

How many milliliters of 4.80 M HCl are required to react with 110 mL of 1.48 M Al(OH)3? Al(OH)3(s) + 3HCl(aq)to AlCl3(aq) + 3H2O(aq)


AP Physics B
A 0.408 kg puck, initially at rest on a horizontal, frictionless surface, is struck by a 0.0886 kg puck moving initially along the x axis with a speed of 3.14 m/s. After the collision, the 0.0886 kg puck has a speed of 2.14 m/s at an angle of 38◦ to the positive x axis. ...

AP Physics B
A 2189 kg car moving east at 9.73 m/s collides with a 3285 kg car moving north. The cars stick together and move as a unit after the collision, at an angle of 35.7◦ north of east and at a speed of 4.79 m/s. What was the speed of the 3285 kg car before the collision? ...

AP Physics B
A gadget of mass 17.85 kg floats in space without motion. Because of some internal malfunction, the gadget violently breaks up into 3 fragments flying away from each other. The first fragment has mass m1 = 4.12 kg and speed v1 = 3.57 m/s while the second ...

sorry..... venture or turmoil, or fluctuate or the three left

instead of hiring a lawyer, the defendant will__________ to plead her own case in court.

An airplane flying at 550 miles per hour has a bearing of 53°. After flying for 2.5 hours, how far north and how far east will the plane have traveled from its point of departure? I'm having a REALLY hard time with this one. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. ...

From a point 50 feet in front of a church, the angles of elevation to the base of the steeple and the top of the steeple are 35° and 47° 20', respectively. Find the height of the steeple. I missed class this day and have no idea how to go about this problem. I'...

A circular power saw has an 8-1/2 inch diameter blade that rotates at 4400 revolutions per minute. a)Find the angular speed of the saw blade in radians per minute. b)Find the linear speed in feet per minute of one of the 24 cutting teeth as they contact the wood being cut. I&#...

daily word promblems
The line for the cake walk was one-third the length of the line for the hoop shoot if there were 12 people in line for the hoop shoot how many people were in for the dunking machine?

18 and 19

A student used 10 mL water instead of 30 mL for extraction of salt from mixture. How may this change the percentage of NaCl extracted? My book says: % NaCl= (grams of NaCl / total grams of mixture) x 100 What I don't get is if it does change the percentage, why? It says ...

You're given two things and asked to find another. You're given density, mass, and asked to find the volume. The formula for density is: D= Mass ------ Volume Rewrite this formula for Volume and you get: V= M --- D A 5.0 carat diamond will have a mass of: 5(0.200 g)= 1...

What is the specific gravity of alcohol having a density of .79 g/mL?

The relationship described below can be modeled using an equation. Identify the variables and write an equation to solve the questions below. Number of Credits Fees 3 2000 6 2600 9 3200 12 3800 15 4400 a) Write an equation to calculate the fees F when the number of credits n ...

a) 801 ¡ñ 30 + 4 ¡ñ 30 b) 65 ¡ñ 20 ¨C 5 ¡ñ 20 Just a dark circle in between each number 801 30 +4 30 65 20 -5 20

A speeder passes a parked police car at a constant speed of 31.8 m/s. At that instant, the police car starts from rest with a uniform acceleration of 2.74 m/s 2 . How much time passes before the speeder is overtaken by the police car?

A driver in a car traveling at a speed of 56 mi/h sees a deer 91.2 m away on the road. Calculate the magnitude of the acceleration necessary for the car to stop just barely missing the deer (assuming that the deer does not move in the meantime)


A man jogs at a speed of 1.7 m/s. His dog waits 2.5 s and then takes off running at a speed of 4.1 m/s to catch the man. How far will they have each traveled when the dog catches up with the man? help me set up the equations please!

A radiator is to be protected against freezing to -20f. Calculate the volume of C2H4(OH)2 ethylene glycol per liter of water. Density of glycol is 1.11 g/ml

A 78 kg trampoline artist jumps vertically upward from the top of a platform with a speed of 4.4m/s. v=7.7m/s If the trampoline behaves like a spring of spring constant 5.6×104 N/m , how far does he depress it?


Physics 6A
A 330- piano slides 3.8 down a 23 incline and is kept from accelerating by a man who is pushing back on it parallel to the incline. a.Determine the work done by the force of gravity. b.Determine the work done by the man on the piano.

PHYSICS 6A centripetal acceleration
A jet pilot takes his aircraft in a vertical loop. If the jet is moving at a speed of 1100km/h at the lowest point of the loop: A)Determine the minimum radius of the circle so that the centripetal acceleration at the lowest point does not exceed 5.5g's B)Calculate the 68kg...

Physics 6A
A jet pilot takes his aircraft in a vertical loop. If the jet is moving at a speed of 1100km/h at the lowest point of the loop: A)Determine the minimum radius of the circle so that the centripetal acceleration at the lowest point does not exceed 5.5g's B)Calculate the ...

Physics 6A
A jet pilot takes his aircraft in a vertical loop. If the jet is moving at a speed of 1100 at the lowest point of the loop: A)Determine the minimum radius of the circle so that the centripetal acceleration at the lowest point does not exceed 5.5 's B)Calculate the 68 pilot...

the answer to 'foundations of a healthy lifestyle' #2 is B

a sign warned drivers about falling rocks along the street.

Explain how an animal that persists on a diet composed of 90% protein, 7% fat, and 3% carbohydrate utilizes food of this composition to maintain itself and grow

Explain how an animal that persists on a diet composed of 90% protein, 7% fat, and 3% carbohydrate utilizes food of this composition to maintain itself and grow.

Physics 6A
A 0.140- baseball traveling 34.0 strikes the catcher's mitt, which, in bringing the ball to rest, recoils backward 12.0. What was the magnitude of the average force applied by the ball on the glove?

in a school,7/10 of the pupils like mathematics. half of those who like mathematics are girls.if there are 240 pupils in the school,how many girls like mathematics

5. A firm's marginal cost of production is constant at $5 per unit, and its fixed costs are $20. Draw its total, average variable and average costs. Marginal Cost (MC): $5 per unit Fixed Cost (FC): $20 Total Cost (TC): $25 Average Variable Cost (AVC): $5 FC is always going...

Consider the following cell: Pt|H2(g, 0.460 atm)|H (aq, ? M)||Ag (aq, 1.00 M)|Ag(s) If the measured cell potential is 1.00 V at 25 °C and the standard reduction potential of the Ag /Ag half-reaction couple is 0.80 V, calculate the hydrogen ion concentration in the anode ...

what type of output does the printer produce

home economics
used in blouses

home economics
uses of a sleeve

704,000oz= ______________ T

give three situations where the negative staining procedure is used.

What is the acceleration of an 0.4m aluminum cube with a density of 2.72 in a beaker of methanol, which has a density of .791?

Cultural Diversity
Advocates of social skills building and role modeling would not be inclined to choose a Western style of play because Western play. a. has a people focus, not an object an object focus b. is impossible for many non-mainstream children to master c. lacks a rule-based ...

Cultural Diversity
Native Americans are ambivalent about intervention programs for children with disabilities becase they a. have a high tolerance for human imperfection b. have their own tribal healing ceremonies and rituals c. believe programs of that type result in greater stigmatization d. ...

Cultural Diversity
An Asian parent may not emulate the early childhood teacher's practice of praising her son for his accomplishments because a. praising the child might bring him bad-luck. b.The parent believes that absence of criticism is itself an appropriate form of praise. c.The child ...

Cultural Diversity
A cultural mismatch may result from labeling a child as hyperactive or behavior disordered if: A. a young black child does not receive frequent nourishment opportunities B. there is too little or too much structure imposed in the group. C. the program lacks planning for ...

Cultural Diversity
An early learning center that emphasizes"product" over "process" would A. threaten most mainstream children. B. be child-directed, reflecting self-selection of activities and materials. C. ignore the principles of developmentally appropriate practices. D. ...

Cultural Diversity
An Asin Parent may not emulate the early childhod teacher's practice of praising her son for his assomplishments because: A. Praising the child might bring him bad luck B. The parent believes that absence of criticism is itself an appropriate form of praise. C. the child ...

Early childhood literacy
"I eated it all up!"said Jimmy. Mrs. Newman, his teacher, should say. A. "Jimmy,say that again, but instead of saying "I eated it all up!"I ate it all up!' B. "What did you eat up?"

i don't have any

A naturalistic language-learning environment is

A naturalistic language-learning environment

English check please help me out
It took many months of therapy to _____ my aunt after she lost her sight, but now she can get around her home and neighborhood on her own.

oh ok, thank you.

I don't really understand what the question is asking me to explain.

discuss the view that oedipus at colonus embodies a profound philosophy about the meaning of life and the mystery of death

Home school community
what is three issues related to role confusion that a teacher may feel communicate?

Social Studies
Who is most of the work on legislation in congress is done by?

Bloodhound is to scent as ______ is to vision

Bloodhound is to scent as ______ is to vision

what la governor use state money to pay for world's fair

World History
What was the fourteen points?

a circular track has a radius of 100ft. elena wants to run 2 miles. There are 5,280 ft in a mile. Can you find the circumference of a circle if you know the radius? explain your answer

plz help me quick

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