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  1. Physics

    I am taking an online course in physics and I need to write a short paper on Analog and digital information. Below are the questions that guide me through the paper. I am having a hard time finding a website that can explain this to me. There is no text book with this course. ...
  2. Physics

    I am taking an online course in physics and I need to write a short paper on Analog and digital information. Below are the questions that guide me through the paper. I am having a hard time finding a website that can explain this to me. There is no text book with this course. ...
  3. algebra 1

    the sum of a two digits of a two-digit number is 10. when the digits are reversed, the new number is 36 more than the original number. find the original number.
  4. algebra 1

    betty leaves her purse in a store at the mall and average 36mi/h on her way home to Glenville, 140 miles away. Honesty harry discovers her purse and starts after her one hour later. if he averages 48mi/h how long will it take him to catch betty? will he catch her before she ...
  5. algebra 1

    c=13 j=29
  6. algebra 1

    in 5 years chase will be three times as old as jared. the sum of their ages is 42. how old are chase and jared?
  7. Math

    Solve the Go.a ball was dropped from a height 80m above a concrete floor. It rebounded to the height 1\2 of its previous height at each rebound. After how many bounces is the ball 2.5 high
  8. Algebra

  9. Math

    Admission to the country fair cost $9per person the ride tickets cost $2.50 each. Write an equation representing total cost
  10. Physics

    Oh wait, I just tried a different equation and want to confirm that this is correct: M = Fobj/Fep => Fep = Fobj/M ==> Fep = 19cm/5.25 = 3.62 + 19cm = 22.62 cm
  11. Physics

    The Question is: An objective lens of a telescope has a 1.90 m focal length. When viewed through this telescope, the moon appears 5.25 times larger than normal. How far apart are the objective lens and the eyepiece when this instrument is focused on the moon? I know that the ...
  12. science

    mohan travels at 20m/s from home to market and returns at 25m/s find his average velocity for the entire journey
  13. Physics

    A 2.00 ✕ 106 Hz radio signal is sent a distance of 7.30 ✕ 1010 meters from Earth to a spaceship orbiting Mars. Approximately how much time does it take the radio signal to travel from ...
  14. maths

    a) add up all the students, then subtract from 100: 100-(28+30+42)=0 You don't need to account for the students taking multiple classes because they will already be counted in the individual class. b) subtract the number of people taking french and another class from the ...
  15. History

    Which answer best explains how Ralph Waldo Emerson's Concord Hymn is an example of Transcendentalism? It emphasizes war, violence, and victory. It emphasizes nature, feelings, and memory. It emphasizes the importance of social reform.*** It emphasizes tolerance, education...
  16. Physics

    Two ultrasonic sound waves combine and form a beat frequency that is in the range of human hearing for a healthy young person. The frequency of one of the ultrasonic waves is 84 kHz. (The range of hearing for a healthy young person is 20 Hz to 20 kHz.) (a) What is the smallest...
  17. buisness

    If you find a job posting for a community college that clearly states that the job will close on 08/15/2017, what does this mean? a. Someone will be hired by that date. b. The employer is only hiring until that date. c. After that date, the employer will no longer accept job ...
  18. Social Studies

    1.C.The Caste System 2.A.Buddhism 3.D.Hinduism 4.D.Theravada and Nahayana 100% Correct
  19. Math

    Let A denote the portion of the curve y = sqrt(x) that is between the lines x = 1 and x = 4. 1) Set up, don't evaluate, 2 integrals, one in the variable x and one in the variable y, for the length of A. My Work: for x: integral[4,1] sqrt(1+(dy/dx)^2) dy/dx = 1/2sqrt(x) (dy...
  20. Calculus - still confused

    Oh sorry about the that, I was starting to do u substitution and was changing my limits to [16,1] but then remembered I didn't have to evaluate. And gotcha! so then for C would the set up be ?[-2,4] 2pi(sqrt(x) - 2) ?(1 + (dy/dx)^2) dx oh wait... wouldn't x = -2 give ...
  21. Calculus

    NOTE!! I just realized all of my integral symbols turned into a^<< please note, they are meant to be the integral symbol!
  22. Calculus

    Let A denote the portion of the curve y = sqrt(x) that is between the lines x = 1 and x = 4. 1) Set up, don't evaluate, 2 integrals, one in the variable x and one in the variable y, for the length of A. My Work: for x: ∫[4,1] sqrt(1+(dy/dx)^2) dy/dx = 1/...
  23. Calculus

    Thank you Steve!
  24. Calculus

    Can you please check to see if these answers are correct? I have provided my work as well! That you! This is much appreciated!! 1. What is the volume of the solid that is generated by revolving the region bounded by the curves x = 3y^2-2 and x = y^2 and y = 0 about the x axis...
  25. Calculus

    Hello, I would like to make sure the answers to these questions are correct. 1. Using the shell method, what is the volume of a solid that is generated by rotating the region by y = x^2 and x = y^2 about the x axis. My Work: r = y h = sqrt(y) - y^2 2pi ?[0,1] (y)((sqrt(y) - y^...
  26. riddle

    It's a calendar Because a calendar hosts a year and every day is new but old because a day such as that has been before. Like a year before has same days and weekends recurring in another year.
  27. Calculus

    I would like to know if my answers are correct: Disclaimer: We are allowed to keep our answers in formula form 1. Use the washer method to find the volume of the solid that is generated by rotating the plane region bounded by y=x^2 and y = 2-x^2 about the axis y=-1 My Work: [...
  28. math

    A factory kept increasing it's output by the same percentage every year .find the percentage if it is known that the output is doubled in the last two years.
  29. Maths

    Take a sub ex:eng Let the marks of 10 friends be 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Mean=sum of all data ÷ no.of data. So' mean= (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10) ÷ 10 . Solve it and you get mean of marks of your friends in English. Do this for other subjects.
  30. Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities

    I have solved the TABLE manually. Thank you
  31. Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities

    Fill in the t-table below for the equation. Then graph the line on the grid by selecting two of the points from your table. 3x+4y=-16 x y ?4 0 4
  32. Finite math

    Let S={1,2,3} be a sample space How many subsets of S contain the number 3? How many subsets of S contain either the number 2 or 3?
  33. science

    Determine the magnitude and direction of the horizontal resultant force on minibus A=1800N and B=800
  34. Physics

    A box of mass m = 59.0 kg (initially at rest) is pushed a distance d = 84.0 m across a rough warehouse floor by an applied force of FA = 204 N directed at an angle of 30.0° below the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the floor and the box is 0.100. ...
  35. Statistics

    Of the 40 students in a gym class, 13 played volleyball, 12 ran track (4 of whom did a push up), and the remainder were absent. A.) What proportion of the class ran track? B.) What percentage played volleyball? C.) What percentage of the runners did a push up? D.) What ...
  36. Math

    Round 1.98 to the nearest tenth
  37. Math

    A wheel has a radius of 5ft. How many revolutions would it take for the wheel to roll 62.3 ft.? Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
  38. Maths, geography, life sciences and physical scien

    Identify three courses or study fields you are interested in following after grade 12.provide two reasons why you find this a suitable course for each choice
  39. Physics

    Block B in the figure weighs 739 N. The coefficient of static friction between block and table is 0.34; angle θ is 26°; assume that the cord between B and the knot is horizontal. Find the maximum weight of block A for which the system will be stationary.
  40. Life orientation

    Maths, geography,life science and physical science
  41. Health

    Megan is correct!
  42. Comm Tech

    Z is right
  43. Chemistry

    The air was in a cylinder equipped with the piston absorbs 565 duels of heat and expands from an initial volume of .10 l to a final volume of .85 L against an external pressure of 1.0 ATM what is the change an internal energy of the air within the cylinder
  44. Maths

    How would you solve for x with an equation like this? 0.2x^3 - 2.84x^2 + 8.532x - 2.4 = 0
  45. Maths

    How would you solve for x with an equation like this? 0.2x^3 - 2.84x^2 + 8.532x - 2.4 = 0 I thought you would use the quadratic formula somehow, but I'm not sure
  46. Maths

    I = Alog10(t) + B I equals 8 when t is 3 I equals 50 when t is 8 t can't go past 200 A and B are constants Find A and B when I reaches 100
  47. math

    what hhs
  48. pre-calculus

    which expression is equivalent to (sinx+1)(sinx-1)? A.) COS^2X B.) -COS^2X C.) COS^2X+1 D.) COS^2X-1 E.) -COS^2X+1
  49. pre-calculus

    find the exact value of sin 112.5 in fraction form
  50. pre-calculus

    which of the following is a solution to 3tan^3x=tanx? A.) 60 degrees B.) 120 degrees c.)150 degrees D.)240 degrees E.)300 degrees
  51. pre-calculus

    Which of the following is NOT a solution to cos^2x=3sin^2x? A.) 30 degrees B.) 60 degrees C.) 150 degrees D.)210 degrees E.)330 degrees
  52. pre-calculus

    What is the exact value of sin 225
  53. Pre-calc

    which expression completes the identity sin ucosv=?
  54. algebra

    I think that this is a bad website lol # notahater
  55. chemistry

    Water has strong hydrogen bonds compared to the weaker London forces and dipole-dipole forces of acetone.Thus means more energy is required to weaken the bonds between the water molecules , resulting in water taking the longest to evaporate.Less energy is required to weaken ...
  56. Science

    And also I did that it shows the process of kidney filtration instead of blood filtration
  57. Science

    Well I have web search a billion times but still thank you for helping
  58. Science

    So what do I do
  59. Science

    Explain the process of filtering blood
  60. Math

    3.455 round off to the nearest tenths
  61. Math

    And do I have to find the lateral surface area of the cylinder on number 2 or the total surface area
  62. Math

    I still don't get #3
  63. Math

    All of them. These were the only 3 question that I did not get on my homework packet.
  64. Math

    1. Mailey mother brought her a pet hamster. She is keeping Montey, the hamster, in a box with a length of 8.3 in.,a width of 6in.,and a height of 5,25in. Mailey plans on covering Montey's box with contact paper. How many square inches of contact paper is needed to ...
  65. Goverment

    I apologize of bothering you I got the answer and I apologize again
  66. Goverment

    What's that suppose to mean??
  67. Goverment

    You have to write whether it is bill of attainder or habeas corpus that would prevent the situation form happening
  68. Goverment

    I don't get it
  69. Goverment

    1. Read each situation. Write whether a bill of attainder, an ex post facto law, or a writ of habeas corpus woul prevent the situation from happening. A. ______________ shortly after video cameras were invented, a man evident aped a rock concrete. Years later this was declared...
  70. Math

    A roll of paper towels is 10 inches high and 2.5 inches in diameter. How many full squares inches of paper towel can fit on the roll in 15 rotation? * all I need is a formula of this question. Do I use lateral surface area formula or total surface area formula
  71. Science

    Q1. Why is the shape of the nerves important in the nervous system? Q2. Which structure is more complex, a tissue or an organ? How do you know?
  72. Science

    So is it a that is my guess by looking at the website you sended me Ms. Sue
  73. Science

    Which statement is true of an organ system? A. It supports all part of the organism. B. it is not necessary for the survival of the organism. C. One organ system can take over for another organ system. D. It has no connection with other organ system in the same organism.
  74. algebra

    Deposit is $15 and coat of hour is $4.20 so write an equation to represent the total cost y renting a tube for any number of hours x.
  75. Math

    I did but I still don't get it. Should I multiply the number in the parenthesis by the scale factor
  76. Math

    1.Quadrilateral GHJK has vertices at the following coordinates: G(-2,-6), H(-8,-8), J(-6,-2), and K(0,0), what would be the new vertices if the quadrilateral was dilated by the scale factor of 1.5? G':_________ H':_________ J':_________ K':_________ Could ...
  77. english

    In "In Just-," the poet uses the words "and bettyandisabel come dancing / from hop-scotch and jump-rope and / it's / spring" to create a mood of (Points : 5) boring routine. happy activity. peaceful days. hopeless dejection.
  78. math

    3 Ps: im single
  79. Math

    Okay thankyou
  80. Math

    As my lenght
  81. Math

    Should I put 28
  82. Math

    Is it about 27 or 28.
  83. Math

    George is making a permanent for his favorite baseball team. He wants the short edge to be 14 inches and the height in the middle of the right triangle to be 24 inches. What is the length of diagonal side AB?
  84. Math

  85. Math

    I mean idon't get question #1
  86. Math

    And what about question2
  87. Math

    Q1.A tree was chopped by the Samuels family for the holidays. How tall was the tree originally if the piece they chopped down was 7feet tall, and fell 4 feet from the stump? Q2. Mr pratt's rake is leaning up against a wall. If the top of the rake hits the wall 5 feet above...
  88. Math

    Thank you
  89. Math

    Cannon wants to make a garden with a border of his yard. He has lumber in several different lengths. Which three lengths could be used to make a right triangle to fit into the corner of his yard? A. 4ft.,6ft.,10ft. B.7ft.,12ft.,15ft. C.5ft.,12ft.,13. D.10ft.,15ft.,20.
  90. Math

  91. Math

    how could you change one of the squares so that a right angle would be created
  92. Social studies

    I do not get the background and the problem they faced
  93. Social studies

    I need Sam Houston and Mirabeau Lamar -background -problems each of them faced -Native American -military spending -annexation I want them to be separate like contrast
  94. Science

    In the experiment water clock : what changes (independent variable) , how does it responds to the changes made(dependent variable), and what is being controlled (controlled variable). Pleas I really need this by today. And also my question for science fair is what part does ...
  95. Science/engineering

    Thanks alot
  96. Science/engineering

    What part does gravity play in the function of the water clock? Explain.
  97. Engineer

    I do get the but could maybe explain me the question In easy version (if so)
  98. Engineer

    Than you soooooooooooo much. You are a life saver. Thank you.
  99. Engineer

    What part does gravity play in the function of the water clock? .I kind of don't understand this question. All I need is a better understanding
  100. English

    3.) Adverb- differently, today 9.) Adverb- Sometimes. Verb- continued
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