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  1. Mathematics

    Johnny can drive 50 miles on two gallons of gasoline.How many gallons will he need to go 298 miles? A) 12.10. B) 5.96. C) 8.90 D) 11.92
  2. Social studies economics

    What does CPI compare? A) money to time B) Wal-mart to targets. C) Dollars to euros D) purchasing power at different times.
  3. Science

    How many cell must a fungi have?
  4. Science

    what is the primary distinction of being an animal? A) ability to ingest B) Having a backbone C) Ability to turn sunlight into energy D)Ability to reproduce
  5. Science

    What are distinguishing features of animals?
  6. 4th grade math

    the answer is 7 11 tiles
  7. math2