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A circle is inscribed in triangle ABC with sides a, b, c. Tangents to the circle parallel to the sides of the triangle are constructed. Each of these tangents cuts off a triangle from ∆ABC. In each of these triangles, a circle is inscribed. Find the sum of the areas of ...

let the no. is x then 9x-2x=21 =>7x=21 =>x=3

x+y=40 (1/x)+(1/y)=(2/5) =>x+y=(2/5)xy =>40(5/2)=40y-y^2[ since x+y=40 =>xy+y^2=40y] =>y=20+5(12)^(1/2)=a or 20-5(12)^(1/2)=b[pythagorus theorem] now if x=a then y=b & vice-versa

result is right

Dude, Edx is for you to solve on own. Not copy-pasting in forums for others to solve for you.

Verify the identity. (Left side to right side) {(sinu+sinv)/(cosu+cosv)}=tan1/2(u+v)

A 250-kg crate is pushed horizontally with a force of 710 N. If the coefficient of friction is 0.20, calculate the acceleration of the crate.


two equations two unknowns: 3r - 2s = 0 2r + 3s = 13 3r - 2s = 0 =>r=2s/3 Substituting in (eqn 2)=> 2*2s/3 +3s = 13 solve for s =>s((4/3)+3)=13=>s(13/3)=13=>s=3=>using eqn 1 r=2

use order of operations First solve in parentheses then exponents then multiplication and division then addition and subtraction. 5(-39-(-74-85))=5(-39+(159))=5(120)= 600

you have to divide both sides by a negative 0.4 doing this changes the < to > by rule. x>-12/-.4 = x>30

f(x)=-9x-10 if you read your text it states that slope intercept form is y=mx+b where m is the slope here -9 and b is the y (or f(x) )intercept -10. to find the solution to the system look at the solution I gave for your other problem and use the same technique

solve both of the equations for y if the slopes are recipricals of one another the lines are perpendicular otherwise if they are the same slope they are parallel

Altruism is the selfless concern for the welfare of others. In order to answer this question you have to think why people help others (which is more philosophical).

(13/25)*100%= 52%

Easiest way to learn is search wikipedia quartile and t-test

3rd grade-social studies
4 important natural resources found in michigan

212 min / 60 min/hr = 3 hrs 32 minutes + 9 hrs = 12 hrs 32 minutes

petroleum has many different compounds all with different chain lengths so if it is heated the smaller chain length molecules rise and the heavier stay at the bottom due to density differences

Truman College
or 1.11 to 1

Truman College
10 to 9

Three stooges Three blind mice Three pointers Crowds

Reflections, shadows,etc.

whats more.... The lives of a cat The lineup of a baseball team The pins in 9-pins or balls in billiards The number of stitches saved by a stitch in time Odin hung himself from a tree for nine day

baseball team

I believe electrons in the Chloroplasts pigments are energized to create atp

4th grade
Perkiomen is a Native American word derived from Pakihmomhimk or "Place of Cranberries"

there is no following? but nominal refers to data that is close to but not exactly the same

James Madison he was the principal author

soccer team

for the first one find the amount moved total east west. Movement lateral=(east)- (west) 30cm - 15cm = 15 cm now find the longitudinal movement Movement longitudinal = 25 cm the maginitude is the distance moved relative to original postion which is given by the distance ...

Density is mass/unitvolume. for instance the density of water is approximately 1000 grams per Liter. So in one liter of space there is 1000 grams of water.

science 12 grade
3.5km *1000 m/ km = 3500m

it looks like you could just solve for 2^x=(1*365*24*3600) =>xln(2)=ln(1*365*24*3600) => x=ln(1*365*24*3600)/ln(2) oh and at 1 for the series begining at 1 not zero. appoximately 26 times.

The Bubonic Plague was one

I believe that one accompanies acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

When components are alike they tend to be able to dissolve one another. water is a polar molecule where as acetaminophen is also polar so it will dissolve

The abyssal plain is formed when the lower crust (sima), is melted and pushed up by the up-welling mantle, reaches the surface at mid-ocean ridges and forms new oceanic crust. Therefore it is mainly composed of basalt or volcanic rock not so much sand which is wearing of ...

Suppose the prevalence of people with certain cancer in a give year is 0.015. In addition suppose that the diagnostic test for this cancer is know to have a false positive rate of 0.05 and a false negative rate of 0.10 . Suppose a person is aware of the false positive and ...

one can determine if two lines are perpendicular if thier they share a common point and the product of thier slopes are -1

2.5 moles of each implies 86.18g/mole*2.5moles=215.5g 215.5 g / .660 g/mL = 326.4 mL 88.15 g/mole * 2.5moles=220.4g 220.4 g / .814 g/mL = 270.7mL

Physics - URGENT
speed of sound in air at atmosphere v = 331 m/s + (0.6 m/s/C)•T v=wavelength * Frequency => wavelength= v/Frequency = 0.46 m if 732 were first harmonic => Length being 7th harmonic = 7 * 0.46 m = 3.22 m