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I need some serious help with this question. Thank you!!! 8. Social media is used as a form of mass communication in modern society. Consider which communication theories and forms of communication are used to influence consumers. Give two examples.

For a normal curve, what percentage of values falls beyond two standard deviations from the mean? A. 5.55% B. 4.55% C. 10.55% D. 12.55% E. 13.11%

Which combination of limit properties is required to evaluate this limit? lim (24/x-2x+2)^3 x->4 f. sum, difference, product, root g. sum, difference, product, power h. sum, difference, quotient, power i. sum, difference, quotient, root j. A limit does not exist.

b) is incorrect above. You need to divide by 2 because the answer is the average velocity multiplied by time. The correct answer is 0.585 revolutions.