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we haven't discussed log properly yet! It's supossed to be on the RAT, but IDK. . . this is about as much as I know: if you have log(X) 2401 = 4, then x equals 7. One of the simulated questions asks to express 3log(2) p + 4log(2) Q - 2log(2) R. please help.


Is y equal to cotx, tanx, cosx, or sinx if its graph is periodic with a period of 2pi, an amplitude equal to 1, and it passes through the origin?

I know I had Chemistry last year, but I'm not 100 percent sure about this answer: 21. you need 2 atoms each of each element. Divide 54 by 2, so you get 27 Ba atoms in groups of 2. 21 is already 2 O atoms. So you get 27 and 21. the smaller one is 21, which is the greatest ...

how do you graph the equation y=-2cosx?

11th grade economics
dongo is right, but I thought I would add this to it: 1)Banks don't get interest; they give it to businesses and the general public because the infaltion rate exists. Banks can only get the interest payments that businesses make after they get loans. Besides that interest...

if you mean x squared minus negative six x plus nine, then you get: (x-3)squared, where x is not equal to zero.