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A football player kicks with a speed of 21 m/s at 37 degree to the horizontal. How long is the ball in the air?

I misunderstood completely, don't take my answer into account xD

I'm not sure, but shouldn't the answer for Part A be 2! = 2 * 1 = 2 different possible ways I mean, just think about the question. If the digits follow the letters KRIS, how can you arrange them in a hundred different ways? Let's say the numbers are 5 and 6. You ...

6, yes.

compare and order 7/12, 2/3, and 6/15

Alegebra 2
write an expression for the sum of your earnings for 3 weeks and your friends earnings for 2 weeks if you each work r hours per week and your friend received $15.00 in tips per week

algebra 2
Uh... (5*4*3)/(1*2*3) = 10 ...doesn't it? Google and my calculator say so xD

Living Enviornemt
No change in the structure of the protein. -on wiki answers