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During a “perm”, disulfide bonds can be broken and reformed using which treatments, respectively? I think the answer is a. but can someone confirm this? a. an oxidizing agent followed by a reducing agent b. a reducing agent followed by the use of water c. an ...

Can someone please show me a detailed solution to this problem? Thanks. In a first order decompostion reaction, 42.6% of a compound decomposes in 18.5 minutes. How long, in minutes, will it take for only 25.0% of the compound to remain? The answer is: 46.2 (I just don't ...

Chemistry! URGENT!
Calculate the solubility, in molL―1, of lead sulfate, PbSO4, in a 0.0185 M solution of sodium sulfate, Na2SO4 . Ksp (PbSO4) = 1.6 x 10―8 I get 8 x 10^-9...but that is not right! Thanks!

Ethnic Diversity
I am amazed that after at least 2 years of answering the same quesiton, no one seems to know what the answer is. Simply put, be more involved in the world around you and you might learn what new policies are abound and what has not changed. Yes, the government still profiles ...