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If the weight of a class 4 truck is increased by 2 tons will it still be classified as a class 4 truck

Write an equation of the line that passes through each pair of points (0,0) and (7,7)

research and Mla citation
and here the answer was c.:-) thanks

research and Mla citation
Which of the following sentences containing a quotation is punctuated correctly? A. The mechanic asked me "Have you had the oil changed in your car this year"? B. The mechanics asked me, "have you had the oil changed in your car this year"? C. The mechanic ...

MLA citation
I was corect with the second answer. I took the exam and it was corect. b. was the answer. but thanks anyway.


How would you write 5 less than twice the length equals 11 in algebraic equation?

is D. mocking

State the slope for the following: The line through (3,-2) and parallel to y=-4x+1 The line through (4,-5) and perpendicular to y=3x+2


liear equation substitution method
-x+3y=11-3y 2x+8y=-6

Suppose there are two cubes, with the first cube having a side of h, and the second cube having a side of 5h. What is the relation of the volume of the first cube to the volume of the second

(I) 18.8 (II) 16 (III) 20 (b) 18

social studies
thank you!

social studies
In the Country of haiti, there was an Earthquake. The International Red Cross came to help with this disaster. With Foreign Policy Makers (Deciders) Which decider would follow this example; President, Secretary of State, national security advisor, secretary of defence, ...

Newton's _____ law explains why my hands hurt when I clap loudly

Math!! Help plzz
Multiplying decimals by 3 digit decimals and i don't gget it on example: 34.56 x0.40 _______ ?????

5th grade math
wow I couldent figure that one out myself.. :{


i am readin this book called "the wave" i am lookin for the answer n i cant find it...can sumone please help me...this is the question...explain the requirements for participating in "the wave" experiment and how they were monitored. evaluate if they were ...

I need to find volume of a compact disc with radius of 60mm, diameter of 120mm and height of 1.2mm Volume = (ð x r2) x H V= 3.141592 X120 X 1.2 452.16 rounded to 452 Is my answer right?

chemistry ;)
what are the bond angles and extraction and purification of cinnamaldehyde

what caused the decline of modernism?

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