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History help, please
Okay, Ms. Sue. I changed the last one to D. So, in all, my answers are C D C B D Is this correct, Ms. Sue or anyone ,, who knows the response?

History help, please
What are the answers!? What problem did the creation of the colony of Georgia create for South Carolina? A.) Georgia rivaled South Carolina for slaves B.) Many debtors and criminals who settled in Georgia moved to South Carolina C.) The creation of Georgia took land that could...

Match the following. 1. presence suggested by the light in Leonardo da Vinci's paintings The Last Supper 2. painting that displays chiaroscuro shadows 3. important element in chiaroscuro painting Virgin of the Rocks 4. da Vinci's favorite composition La Gioconda 5. his...

$2.42 / 3.5kg = .69 1kg of bananas costs .69

You purchase 3.5 kg of bananas for $2.42. What is the cost of 1 kg of bananas? Answer: $1.45????

Social studies
Thanks, Always trusting Castiel. Supernatural rules.

Bruh, @kaiipapa is 100% right thanks!

The equilibrium constant for the gas phase reaction N2O4 ⇀↽ 2 NO2 at a certain temperature is K = 0.0466. If the initial concentrations are [N2O4] = 1.0 M, [NO2] = 0.0 M, what are the final concentrations of [N2O4] and [NO2], respectively? 1. 1.0 M ; 0.22 M 2. 0.8 ...

A popular amusement park ride, shown on WB p. 8, operates as follows: riders enter the cylindrical structure when it is stationary with the floor at the point marked "a". They then stand against the wall as the cylinder then begins to rotate. When it is up to speed, ...

how many grams of hydrogen sulfide will react completely with 12 grams of oxygen?

Answer 1 is right, 2 is secondary sex characteristics. Your Welcome!

Find the minimum number of cells connected in two rows in parallel required to pass a current of 6 A through an external resistance of 0.70 ohms. Take the emf of each cell as 2.1 volts and internal resistance of each cell as 0.5 ohm..

Yes, and ok. Thanks! I figured out everything else.

1. What are the causes of problems the Mayas and other Native American groups face in Guatemala? How are people trying to solve these problems? 2. Compare and contrast the economies of Chile and Venezuela. 3. Name two geographic obstacles and one political obstacle that stood ...

S.S. Please help!
Check answers please! 1. Many indigenous people in Guatemala live in the mountains because it is the only land available to them the soil is very good for farming*** they don't speak Spanish mountain villages are easy to defend against attacks 2. All of the following are ...

For my future, I'm 13.
I am working towards making my career a Fashion Designer. I know I am young, but you have to know what you want. I have come up with some names for the store, Origin Moon and Freed + Mavis. I need some more ideas. I would prefer not to have my name in the title, for I think it...


Social Studies Help? Thanks!~ :3
Thanks Ms. Sue! I needed that for school, and that site really helped me.

If f(x)=cos^2x and g(x)=sin^2x, what is (f+g)(pi/15)

solve (-12)2, can anybody help with this answer.

URGENT Science question
Thanks guys, I also needed help on that.

social studies

Which of these are epics? A.Gilgamesh B.Beowulf C.The Odyssey D.All of the above E.I'm not sure.

Spanish III Part 2
Write the correct conjugation of the verb in the preterite tense. 1. abrir - yo 2. escribir - nosotros 3. hablar - tú 4. escuchar - vosotros 5. cantar - ella 6. bailar - ellos 7. contestar - yo 8. limpiar - nosotros 9. correr - tú 10. montar - vosotros 11. ...

Spanish III
Help me not fail my Spanish III class? Write the 'yo' form preterite of the following verbs. 1. comenzar 2. practicar 3. jugar 4. almorzar 5. tocar 6. buscar 7. llegar 8. pagar 9. cruzar 10. empezar Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb in the preterit ...

What changes in the Constitution did the Federalists of New England propose? Help?

This assignment is in my English class but its about MLK so I thought I'd put History and English. So this is REALLY long! I typed it all myself and all I need is someone to check my facts and to edit. I know it's long, so if you only want to read a paragraph that'...

world history
Can someone help me on this? What changes in the Constitution did the Federalists of New England propose?

Martin Luther King Junior
My sister is Andrea, I'm Cora. And This is for English. Not history. And my sister is in AP History, not me. And yeah I did go back to skim the speech. I really still don't know why he opposed the war except that he was for nonvolient acts.

Martin Luther King Junior
Can I have a quick summery of why he opposed the war? I don't want to have to read the whole speech. I need some good quotes from him. I'm suppose to "discuss and analyze the rhetoric and persuasive languages used by the king." What does that mean? What am I ...

I have to annotate the text of Martin Luther King Jr Letter from Birmginham Jail. Look for: •Appeals (ethos, pathos, logos) •Call to actions •Structure of text •Diction •Sentence structure •Any other rhetorical device employed by King How do I ...

Algebra II Funtion
Oh, okay. Sorry for the confusion! And thank you for the help.

Algebra II Funtion
f(x)=x-11 f(4) f(4)=4-11 f(4)=-7 This is my work for this function. Is it correct? And can you help me solve the next one? f(x) =9x3 - x2 + 2 ; f(2)

AP US History
Here is the question: How consistent were the republican principles applied by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison during their presidencies? How did their policies affect the Federalist Party during Jefferson's and Madison's administrations? Don't be mean please! I...

world history
Can someone help me on this? or give me a link that explains it to me? I have no idea what these things are saying... Read the following five document excerpts, and then write one well-organized paragraph summarizing the reasons many Americans felt pushed toward independence. ...

Two packing crates of masses m1 = 10.0 kg and m2 = 4.10 kg are connected by a light string that passes over a frictionless pulley as in the figure. The 4.10-kg crate lies on a smooth incline of angle 33.0°. (a) Find the acceleration of the 4.10-kg crate. (b) Find the ...

there is no width

the length of the paper is 12 feet then what is the approximate area of the paper

In order to solve this, you first have to find the displacement at time 0.35, so using the equation x(t) = Asin(wt-shift), and then by using F=-kx you are able to solve for the net force on the block at that time

Climate Change
I missed the movie "An Inconvenient Truth", and now I have to answer questions about it. Does anyone know what is said about the Kyoto Protocol in that movie? Thank y'all very much.

I need help with my assignment. You want to start a company, and are trying to decide between two different industries. You are doing your final research before you write your business plan. Industry A has 20 firms and a Concentration Ratio (CR) of 30% What is the name for ...

The Apollo 8 mission in 1968 included a circular orbit at an altitude of 111 km above the Moon’s surface. What was the period of this orbit? The Moon’s mass is Mm=7.35E22 kg and its radius is Rm= 1.74E6 m

physical science

A hot plate has a resistance of 50 Ω. If the current flowing through it is 2.4 A, then the potential difference across the device is:

Yeppers, but I was hoping to see if there might be any more responses from anyone who may not have been on earlier...the crowd on this site differs with the time of day, and the diverse crowd of people bring a whole pool of new answers which may be satisfactory for my purposes.

Hi! I was wondering if anyone might be willing to check my answers for these... I have a suspiscion they are wrong, but I don't have any correct answers to compare them against. If I got them wrong, would you mind giving a brief explanation? Thank you for your help! (x^2-1...

what are some random facts about our solar system (be spasifike,its for a project.)(a really big one)