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plane flies speed of 185km/hr @ 120deg. it changes speed to 32km/hr @165deg due north. Find the direction and course.

How would one go about simplifying that equation down to an answer? I'm stumped by it for some reason.

Math: permutation
Seven cards, each marked a letter can be arranged to spell NUMBERS. how many three letter code words can be formed with 2 consonants and one vowel? Thanks 😁

what are the values of the angle in the interval 0<the angle<360 that satisfy the equation tan beta- radical 3=o

A container having a volume of 1 m3 holds 90 mol of helium gas at 176 ◦ C. Boltzmann’s constant is 1.38 × 10 −23 J/K. Assuming the helium behaves like an ideal gas, what is the average kinetic energy per molecule? Answer in units of J

don't have any. complete the sentence with one word

Because the Framers of the Constitution believed that the leader of the nation should work together for the sake of the country, they did not approve of .................

Suppose P( A given B)= .6, P(at least one of the two events occurs)= .8, and P(exactly one of the two events occurs)=.6. Then P(A) is equal to? The answer is 2/3. Could someone please explain how to get it. Thanks so much!

An increasein governemtn expenditure in increasing GDP when it is financed by: a) rasing taxes b) slling governemtn bonds to the general public c) selling governemtn bonds to the central bank d) selling government bonds to the commercial banks e) both c and d The right answer ...

Two point charges, 4.0 µC and -2.0 µC, are placed 4.4 cm apart on the x axis, such that the -2.0 µC charge is at x = 0 and the 4.0 µC charge is at x = 4.4 cm. (a) At what point(s) along the x axis is the electric field zero? (If there is no point where ...

The electric field between the plates of a paper-separated (K = 3.75) capacitor is 9.21 104 V/m. The plates are 2.05 mm apart and the charge on each plate is 0.775 µC. Determine the capacitance of this capacitor.

A 2.20 µF capacitor (#1) is charged to 942 V and a 6.41 µF capacitor (#2) is charged to 657 V. These capacitors are then disconnected from their batteries. Next the positive plates are connected to each other and the negative plates are connected to each other. ...

105 meters find seconds to reach maximum height which is 1.53 s. Then find time it takes for object to drop 30.5 meters, 2.49 seconds. Add them together then multiply by initial x velocity and you get 105 meters.

Two triangles are similar, and the ratio of each pair of corresponding sides is 7:3. What is the ratio of the perimeters? What is the ratio of the areas?

6% APR

how long will it to earn $525 in interest if 3500. is invested at 65 apr?

52.68 mph