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  1. Math

    A freehold property has recently been let for $25,000 per year. Using the annual in arrears assumption and a capitalisation rate of 6.5%, what is the value? ( Answer: $384,615.38)
  2. Locus

    Find the locus of point P(x, y) that moves so that its perpendicular distance from the line 8x+6y-1=0 is always 5 units.
  3. Math

    Clip company produce different sizes of chocolate bars that are package in equilateral triangular prism here is the 100-g of chocolate bar Height:3.1cm Triangle side: 3.5cm Length: 21cm Calculate the surface area and volume
  4. Equation of planes

    Determine an equation for a plane parallel to, but not touching, the y-axis.n
  5. Vector

    vector PQ is parallel to vector v [-4, -6] and has initial point P(-7,5). Determine the coordinates of Q.
  6. Maths

    A box weighing 20N, resting on a ramp, is kept at equilibrium by a 4-N force at an angle of 20 to the ramp, together with a frictional force of 5N, parallel to the surface of the ramp. Determine the angle of elevation of the ramp.
  7. Math

    I gave 2/3 of my fish to John then 2/5 to Mary how many fish did I start with
  8. math

    52/4 - 4 /5/9=
  9. science

    what is the difference between xylem and phloem?
  10. science

    What is , a quarter after four in digital form.

    Anna has two aunts, Gertie and Samantha, and one uncle, Jimbo. Jimbo has a nephew on Anna's side of the family, Timothy, who has two children, John and Aubrey. Which of the following indicates the relationship between Timothy's daughter and Anna?
  12. mathematics, science, accounting

    Can a right-angled prism of clear ice be used for total internal reflection of right through 90degrees, bearing in mind that Ice has a critical angle of 48,8degrees?
  13. Math

    The sum of two numbers is 15. Three times the second number minus four times the first number equals 4. What are the missing variables? Please show your work.
  14. Math

    you could help her by counting with her and correcting her when she misses. PS. does your son need help with anything id be happy to help him.
  15. Science

    During a space shuttle landing, a parachute deploys from the back of the shuttle as it taxis down the runway. In addition to the speed brake, the parachute helps the shuttle come to a complete stop. How does the parachute help during this process? A. It increases the weight of...
  16. physics

    water runs into a house through a 5cm pipe.its pressure at entering the house is 1 times 10^5Pa.the faucent on the second floor 2,5cm above where the water enters the house has an inside diameter of 3cm.when the faucent is in use the flow velocity at the inlet pipe is 1,5m/s ,...
  17. Algebra

    A golden rectangle has sides of length 1 and x. When a square with side length 1 is removed from the golden rectangle, the remaining rectangle has the same proportions as the original. Solve for x.
  18. Algebra

    This is for a project for Beginning Algebra at Great Bridge Middle School 8th grade class. Here's the questions: The number of companies offering cell phone service has grown rapidly in recent years. The plans they offer vary greatly and it can be difficult to select the ...
  19. Math

    carl wants to plant a garden that is 1 1/2 yards long and has an area of 3 1/2 square yards. How wide should he make the garden? a. 3/7 yard b. 2 yards c. 2 1/2 yards d. 5 1/4 yards Help please.
  20. math

    Nokia school day last 7 hours and 20 minutes how many minutes does Nikki's school day last explain how you found the answer
  21. HSM/220

    Having trouble with Appendix C creating a budget using 1.6 million dollars
  22. MATH

    Al saves pennies . He agrees to give 1/3 of his pennies to Bev if she would give 1/3 of what she got from Al to Carl and if Carl in turn would give 1/3 of what he got from Bev to Danni. Bev, Carl and Danni agreed and recived 9 pennies. hOW MANY PENNIES DID aL INTINALLY HAVE?
  23. Math

  24. Physics

    3Mhz = 2db Attenuation in 1cm. What is attenuation of 6 MHz, 0.5 of same tissue? Again,(sorry, but thank you) I know the answer is 2 db, but I do not understand how? Can you explain?
  25. Physics

    Intensity of 4Mhz in 1.54mm = 2W/cm2 at 4cm intensity =? I know the answer is 0.32, but I do not understand why. Can you please explain? I did figure out that Attenuation= 8db. 4/2 x 4cm = 8db. Thank you in advance. I appreciate it!
  26. science

    You are running from a zombie with a velocity of 2.5 m / s. If you run for 1500 meters and have a mass of 61.4 kg, how much work have you done?
  27. Business math

    Calculate the cash discount and the net amount due for the following transaction. Amount of Invoice Terms of Sale Cash Discount Net Amount Due $12,660.00 2/10, n/45 $ $
  28. science

    Why did a portion of the tabletop get cold when Natasha placed her cold drink on the table? (1 point) The table’s molecules were vibrating more slowly in that area. The table’s molecules had spread further apart in that area. The table’s molecules had gained ...
  29. Science

    Felipe made a toy boat out of clay, but it kept sinking in water. He changed the boat's design by making it slightly wider than before. Why did Felipe's newly designed boat float on water? A. He decreased the density by increasing the volume. B. He decreased the ...
  30. Mucic

    which skill helps a musician sing or play exercises or musical passages accurately without repeated practice Music - Connie, Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 7:25pm PLEASE HELP Music - Connie, Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 7:48pm PLEASE HELP Ms.Sue Music - Connie, Thursday, ...
  31. Music

    A. Conducting B. Takidimi C. Sightsinging D. Diaphragmatic breathing Please help which one
  32. Music

  33. Music

  34. Music

    which skill helps a musician sing or play exercises or musical passages accurately without repeated practice
  35. math

    what is 1 fourth times 8
  36. music

  37. music

    Please anybody HELPPPPPPPPPPPP
  38. music

    Please help Steve
  39. music

    Please help Ms.Sue
  40. music

    sorry i mean 1 fourth four number 3
  41. psy 315

    using the 5 steps of hypothesis testing begining salary mean =17,016,09,sd7.870 and current salary mean= 34,419.5,7 sd=17,075 with n=474 of employees test statistics = 33.036,p<.05
  42. psy 315

    using the 5 steps of hypothesis testing begining salary mean =17, 016,09,sd7.870 and current salary mean= 34,419.57 sd=17,075 with n=474 of employees
  43. math

    The cruising speed of a Boeing 767 in still air is 530 mph. Suppose that a 767 is cruising directly east when it encounters an 80 mph wind blowing 40 degrees south of west. Sketch the vectors for the velocities of the airplane and the wind. Express both vectors in ordered pair...
  44. subject/verb agreement

    There is/are positive bowel sounds.
  45. chemistry

    Silicon carbide SiC
  46. Medical transcription

    It was penile warts!
  47. Medical transcription

    I am to figure out the wrong words without hearing any audio. I don't think the "word" is correct in this sentence but I don't know what to replace it with either. PROCEDURE: Excision of 0.5 cm penile words and circumcision.
  48. Medical transcription

    There is/are positive bowel sounds.
  49. Medical transcription

    Apostrophe placement.. He had 3 courses’ of chemo-radiation and was felt to be free of disease after completion of that treatment. He had moderate neutropenia and anemia afterward’s. He was referred for follow up radiation therapy and has been receiving this ...
  50. Medical transcription

    checking grammar Review of the sleep questionnaire indicates that the patient had a trend oximetry done 2 years ago and was placed on 9 cm of CPAP. The patient notes that he has not seen much change with the use of it. His father has a history of the same. He still continues ...
  51. math 4

    What about the work?
  52. Chemistry

    If lava can flow 1.5 km in 45 minutes, how do I figure how long it takes to go 5.0 km. It traveled 33 m per minute.
  53. organizational behavior

    Both philosophy and vision are somewhat hazy concepts
  54. Math

    A wheel made 123 revolutions per minute. How many minuted did it rotate?
  55. Chem

    If you need 2.74 moles of acetic acid how many liters of your vineger must you take
  56. Math 7

    What type of angle is angle x is clock is used to display the time of 7:15. Each minute represents 6 degrees A. Obtuse B. Acute C. Straight D. Right
  57. macroeconomics

    assume that American rice sells for 100.00 per bushel, japanese rice sells for 16,000 yen per bushel, and the exchange rate is 80 yen per 1 dollar. what would be your profit per bushel of rice, and how you can make a profit in this situation
  58. math

    is 4w-121w^3 factorable?
  59. Comp156

    I summited my paper and I am still not sure what I am doing wrong. What is biblograpgic text ?
  60. Math

    A ladder leans against a vertical wall and the top of the ladder is sliding down the wall at a constant rate of 1/2 ft/sec. At the moment when the top of the ladder is 16 feet above the ground, the bottom of the ladder is sliding away from the wall (horizontally) at the rate ...
  61. business

    What are the basic assumptions made in consumer theory and how do they affect managerial decision-making?
  62. Poetry/ENG 142/Ivy Bridge

    Well I think the poem has a good meaning and is a joy to read. To me the writer is trying to show his love for the monkey but also make a point that it's not the anaconda's or crocodile's fault that they want to eat the monkey they just need food and the monkey isn...
  63. Poetry/ENG 142/Ivy Bridge

    I'm trying to form an arguement based on the following poem does anyone have any ideas on how I could do that effectively? TO HELP THE MONKEY CROSS THE RIVER, which he must cross, by swimming, for fruit and nuts, to help him I sit, with my rifle, on a platform high in a ...
  64. Finance

    Sarah just won a $3,000,000.00 lottery. According to the lottery they will pay her a lump sum of $500,000.00 on October 1, 2012 and the balance in equal annual installments for 10 years. Assuming that you are the director of the lottery, how much must you have in the account ...
  65. math

    what is the prime factorization of 42.
  66. math

    list all the factors of 48
  67. math

  68. math

    what is the gcf of 32 and 50
  69. math

    what is the lcm of 24 and 48
  70. math

    there were 32 cookies and 48 carrots served,each cast memebers had the same number of whole cookies and the same number of whole carrots.nothing was left over .what was the most cast members that could have been at the party?
  71. math

    if one sign binks every 7 seconds and the other sign blinks every 9 seconds in how may seconds will they blink together again?
  72. math 116

    need help with the final
  73. statistics

    how do you design an experiment that uses a repeated measures design
  74. physics

    A sled is pushed by 12 monkeys with a constant force until it reaches a velocity of 18.9 m/s. All 12 monkeys stop pushing and the sled slides across a rough surface. From the time the monkeys stop pushing the box slides 12.3 meters before it comes to a stop. If the u of k of ...
  75. Pre- Calculus

    An antenna is located at the top of a building 1000 ft tall. From a point on the same horizontal plane as the base of the building, the angles of elevation from the top and the bottom of the antenna are 65.8 degrees and 62.6 degrees respectively. How tall is the antenna. Thanks
  76. grammar

    There is not a book. There are not books. There is no orange. There are no oranges. There is no any book. There are no any books. There is not any book. There are not any books. Could you check to see which of the eight sentences above are right or wrong? Could you explain how...
  77. Algebra 1

    REINY, Thank you for your answer and the answer is obviously correct when you go back and do the multiplying ......however , I do not just want the answer, I desperately wish to understand from start to finish how you got the answer. I am sorry if I seem stupid, really , but ...
  78. Algebra 1

    REINY, Thank you for your answer and the answer is obviously correct when you go back and do the multiplying ......however , I do not just want the answer, I desperately wish to understand from start to finish how you got the answer. I am sorry if I seem stupid, really , but ...
  79. Algebra 1

    solve if x=student price and y =adult price and 2y + 5x=77 and 2y + 7x=95 what are the price for admission for both adult and child
  80. math

    solve if x=student price and y =adult price and 2y + 5x=77 and 2y + 7x=95 what are the price for admission for both adult and child
  81. algebra

    Evaluate T(x)=x^5-3x^4+4x+7 to find the exact value of T(-2.5)
  82. american history

    I nee help revising my essay here it is This is what my general view on American History. Well let me tell you it’s a course that we all have to take in high school to graduate. In school we are confronted with American History, state History and general courses of the ...
  83. american history

    Ineed help revising my assignment
  84. algebra

    during one year the Mccarthys real estate bill included $527 misc services. Of this amount 18% went to the animal shelter fund. How much money did the animal shelter receive
  85. algebra

    solve -4p-10(2p-3)=22-7(1-2p)
  86. Algebra

    The length is 10 and the width is 24 w=1/3L+2+2W+2L=68
  87. algerbra

    7y=5x, for y
  88. algerbra

  89. Algerbra

  90. algerbra

    84=12(3y+1) a.The solution is y= b.The solution is all real numbers c.There is no solution answer is c
  91. algerbra

    84=12(3y+1) a.The solution is y= b.The solution is all real numbers c.There is no solution
  92. algerbra

    -x/7=1/26 the solution is x=___________
  93. algerbra 1

    5 Multiply 3.(-5.(-3).(-10)=
  94. algerbra 1

    7 -2+t=9 solution t=
  95. algerbra 1

    6 18/-2= or is it undefined
  96. algerbra 1

  97. algerbra 1

    6 18/-2= or is it undefined 7 -2+t=9 solution t= 8 Evaluate p/g for p=98 and g=7 p/g= 9 Tell which real number corresponds to the situation. During the game, a person wins 450 points. What is the corresponding numbe in this sentence? 10 Simplify [4-88(3-6)]=
  98. Algerbra 1

    1 15-4.10-14 2 9x-18=54 x= 3 Multiply 8/9(b-72) 4 Solve using the multiplication principle -10x=260 solution for x= 5 Multiply 3.(-5.(-3).(-10)=
  99. algerbra 1

    -2/3.[-4/5]= -6-7= A hospital parking lot charges $3.00 for the first hour or part thereof and $1.50 for each additional hour or part thereof. a weekly pass cost $33.00 and allows unlimited parking for 7 days. If each visit Johny makes to the hospital last three hours and a ...
  100. Algerbra 1

    . In your industrial oven, you bake two baking sheets with 12 scones each, two baking sheets with 20 cookies each, and one baking sheet with 2 scones and 10 cookies. a. Write an expression that illustrates the total cost of all baked goods in the scenario above using the ...
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